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  1. I could go on about my self made Raspberries T-shirts but there are some things that are better left unsaid on message boards.
  2. The Pete Best of Rush, though Alex Lifeson has indicated that he left the band without regrets.
  3. John P


    An overview of the 5 recorded versions of the Joe South song "Hush". The original Deep Purple Rod Evans vocal was by far the biggest hit and best rendition of the tune. Yes I know of the current car commercial that features "Hush". 20 years later DP rerecorded "Hush" with Ian Gillan's vocal. It was good to have DP rerecorded one of their biggest hits with their definative vocalist but it lacks the bite of 68's "Hush" especially without Jon Lord's spectacular organ solo. Joe South's original was fine and the 2nd best version. Billy Joe Royal was the 1st cover version and the one that inspired DP to record their interpretation of "Hush". A so so version in which to me sounded like as if the vocals were speeded up on tape. Lastly 90's alternative band Kula Shaker did a descent take on the tune that comes to capturing the original DP version.
  4. Kiss Three Dog Night The Chambers Brothers The Grass Roots Anyone know if they appeared on the same bill with Dr. Hook and the medicine show?
  5. My heart goes out to you.
  6. Wolfie doesn't look like a band member but more like a contest winner. Eddie/David? Where's the long hair?
  7. There are a couple of nice photos of Danny's grave on findagrave.com. Wish I knew how to include the link here. Learning all the time.
  8. Saw 3 shows and had a blast. I do question the backing vocals and whether they were getting any offstage help. Harmonies were too perfect to be true.
  9. Happy Belated Birthday Annie ! At the new years eve show in Cleveland I was unfamilar with everyone in attendence there but there was one person who stuck out in my mind. You and the "Raspberries still rock" T-Shirt.
  10. My all time favorite band and it fills me with delight that I have an opportunity to hear a band playing some of all time favorites live after 15 years when I got to experience Andy's Sweet. I got to hear about the Eric/Sweet tour from both sides and niether of the 2 had no love for each other.
  11. Happy Birthday Muzza! Good meeting you at WAB's last summer.
  12. Happy Birthday Paul! Enjoy your cake!
  13. And last summer "Crusin Music" was played at Shea.
  14. I wonder if Stevie's Underground Garage Show will air with a new show on sunday night or if the weekly show was taped prior to Danny's passing?
  15. I got to witness history 4 weeks ago at Bruce's Indianapolis show where Danny sat in for 4 songs in a disappointingly in terms of attendance E Street show (10,000 people in a 18,000 seater for a E Street show?). Ironically Bruce Proclaimed at the show that Danny will be back but it turned out to be his swan song. Does this mean that Charlie Giordano is a permanent E Street member? Danny did very some very beautiful organ playing especailly in the rarely played in concerts songs like "Fade Away" and "Wreck on the highway". Almost every great band always seems to have a death.
  16. Anything by Marilyn Manson
  17. Having a ball listening to this especially since it originally aired in 84 when I became a Raspberriesaholic.
  18. Aw! You stole my thunder! I was going to do this thread also adding that they were going to perform on Howard Stern with a rocked out version of "Never gonna fall in love again".
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