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  1. No they never did. The closest is Who Made Who. Tecnically that isn't a GH album.
  2. Yes they never used keyboards. Malcolm said in one interview we don't like to expand, we just want to always be just guitar, bass, and drums. The only other instrument that appeared on any of their records was (!?!) bagpipes on It's a long way to the top (if you want to rock and roll).
  3. I knew afterwards that you were going get me with that one.
  4. I didn't know he previously dealt with fan mail.
  5. AC/DC for me is the only band to continue with a new singer and not stink. The only band that never recorded a ballad.
  6. Just to make something positive out of this, with Eric's name in the media perhaps it means of a possibility of a increase in record sales of his solo/Raspberries catalog.
  7. They say that things always comes in 3's well cross your fingers and pray that their WON'T be a third time.
  8. Good song ! Sunny Days is one of ultimate beach songs.
  9. Jim said that if it ever came down to a final show that it would be Cleveland well did last December's show go under the banner " The Final Concert" . NO ! It didn't. 2008 is a off year like 2006 was.
  10. If I could experience 5 more shows and hear about 5 previously unperformed songs I'll die a happy man. Then an end wouldn't bother me.
  11. Happy Birthday Darlene! It was nice meeting you last year at WAB's and sorry I missed out on you at the Highline Ballroom.
  12. Marvin I said this wasn't about wierd concert bills.
  13. Jimmy Page played lead guitar on Tom Jones "It's not unusual".
  14. Here is a list of some of the most unusual collaborations in music if that's what you could call it. 1. Neil Young and Rick James - They were once in a band together called The Myna Birds. No recordings were made. 2. Alice Cooper and Liza Minelli - She sang backing vocals on Alice's "Teenage Lament 74". 3. Rob Zombie and Lionel Richie - Richie did backing vocals on Rob's rendition of "Brick House". 4. Phil Collins and Black Sabbath - Played drums for Black Sabbath for only one song and gig. "Paranoid" for the 2002 anniversary concert for the Queen of England. 5. David Bowie and Bing Crosby - Who can't forget their version of "Little Drummer Boy". A perenial favorite. 6. Billy Joel and Twisted Sister - Played piano on TS's "Be Cruel to your School". Dee Snider asked Billy if he felt awkward playing on a heavy metal record. His response "I was playing heavy metal when you were still in your diapers". 7. Pat Boone and Slash - Slash played guitar on Pat's godawful cd of heavy metal covers. 8. Gene Simmons and Donna Summer - She sang backing vocals on Gene's solo album. And there you have it. Any others? For the record this is not about weird concert bills (Jimi Hendrix and The Monkees) so let there not be any confusion with that.
  15. It's about time ! Now when will all those unreleased PF songs that appeared on the shows ever see the light of day on cd plus the songs that appeared in alternate versions.
  16. Happy Birthday Marlene! Hope we cross paths again this year. Wish there were more people like you.
  17. He looked like Jimi Hendrix when he was on The Electric Company.
  18. Happy B Day Joe ! Hope to see you again sometime this year.
  19. Happy Birthday Mel ! Hope to see you again some time this year.
  20. I already did a thread on this 2 years ago here . I'll say it again the only way to make a statement is by simply not going !!! Tours do cancelled through lack of ticket sales. Let me see Mccartney in 89 costed me $35, $2002-$250.00, Aerosmith in the 80's under $20, 2007 -#170.00 , Cream 2005- $350.00 (?!!?), Concert for NYC 2001- $500.00 (!!!!!???!). This all at face value. Maybe it's better to stick with Youtube and the bootlegs sold at your local flea market.
  21. Why not now when we have stable weather! Most of us who commuted to Cleveland last December went through so much S**t to and from Cleveland.
  22. Happy Birthday Susana ! Hope to see you again at another show.
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