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  1. Just saw it on youtube . SPECTACULAR!!!!! Worthwhile after Bruce turning it down numerous times in the past.
  2. Thanks for your take on the Sweet Tour. I was very hesitant in posting that because I didn't want to disrespect you on your message board. Another section in Steve's book he mentions how 2 years later in 78 when Sweet supported Bob Seger it occured again much to Sweet's annoyance with Bob Seger's grand piano being tuned during their sound check." It was reminiscent of Eric (All By Himself) Cardboard" was Steve's words. Sweet did go on to say in the 70's that Queen copied them.
  3. If you want to know Eric here it is straight from the book. "When the tour started we were being supported by a young singer named Eric Carmen who had a song on the charts called All by myself. It was at # 1 at the time and he had the attitude to go along with it. He insisted on bringing a grand piano with him on the tour. This was a major pain in the rear end. As anyone will tell you, every time a piano is moved , it needs retuning . We had to listen to a blind piano tuner ply his trade at every sound check. It drove us nuts. We ended up calling him Eric Cardboard because he was so stiff. He didn't end up doing the whole tour. I think he pissed Ed (Sweet's manager) off and we decided to part ways."
  4. For Sweet's version of the tour with Eric turn to page 156 of Steve Priest's autobiography "Are You Ready Steve?" It involves piano's and soundchecks.
  5. Thanks Anna. Unfortunately the flash of the camera made my eyes close which is always the case with me. Any suggestions how to prevent this? Please!
  6. I have a cat to let out of the bag. There is this one venue that I think would be perfect for a berries show . They'd definately pull in a good crowd and still be handsomely paid for the gig because alot of artists of their genre have played here. Then again Eric is always concerned about issues like the sound system so I'm not sure how he would feel performing in a place with the sound of slot machines being noticably heard in the backround (hint!, hint!). Anyway in the begining of the year I tried to push for a gig at this location. First I e-mailed a couple of people who know and are associated with the band . I pitched the idea to them and all I got was a response of dead silence. Then I tried the venue. It was go talk to this person. Talk to this person then it was go talk to that person and then it was go talk this person that's all I got kept getting. It just wasn't going anywhere.
  7. Would be good if performed at a soundcheck at a Berries show. Love that acoustic guitar solo by Mr Bryson.
  8. It was unforgetable for me and everyone else. Glad I traveled from NYC to Cleveland despite the garbage I had to go through commuting to and from Cleveland. First I miss a connecting flight to Cleveland then came the greyhound bus ride from hell while going back home. First the bus breaks down somewhere in PA leaving us stranded for 8 hours until we finally got a replacement and then we get stranded in another PA location for 5 hours because the drivers time limit had expired which led to a 5 hour wait for a new driver. On a positive note I still got home safe and the bus company refunded me the full fare to make up for the inconvenience. Ahh how difficult it can be to be a Raspberries fan sometimes.
  9. What are they desperate? Besides I can't stand the NYY!!!
  10. Unlike past GNR releases this one doesn't have a parental advisory sticker on it and the F bomb was dropped only once. True is a Jeckyll and Hyde type person. Either the guy disappears totally from the public eye or usually reappears with controversy. He is a Raspberries fan and it was mentioed in a GNR cover story in Rolling Ston in 1988.
  11. I think you must be confused with Izzy because he's the only one of the old band that Axl is on good terms with. According to Slash's autobiography he contemplated attending one of Axl's GNR show until management caught wind of it and forbidend him from attending.
  12. The day has finally arrived that Guns N Roses first studio cd of new original music since 1991 has hit the store racks at Best Buy only. A wiser and better choice than Walmart. The most longly anticipated rock studio record since Boston's Third Stage. What finally brought this cd to fruition after it originally was said by Axl Rose in 1993 that it would come out in 1996 !?! I guess you can point to it by Axl being a total perfectionist which caused other past members to drift away from the project due to being impatient and Axl being totally in control. Another reason is the market for this type of band and music is now perfect with Metallica and AC/DC both releasing highly successful new cd's. Was it worth the long wait? With a record that reportedly costed 10 million to make you know it's not going to a dud. However if you're expecting Appetite For Destruction 2 forget it. It's a totally different world here. It's like that era of the band was like in a another life to some degree. A couple songs sound like classic GNR rockers but others have them charting new waters especially some songs with strings and orchestration involved. Everyone who was involved is credited even those left the band. Maybe Axl could have given a wriiten essay about the long history of the making of this record. Time will tell now if Chinese Democracy will be another Dark Side Of The Moon.
  13. I orinally thought it was going to be a solo acoustic cd.
  14. Happy Birthday to a dear great friend!
  15. I did like the Dolls comeback album but at the same time view their reformation as being as the Stones with Mick and Ronnie or Aerosmith with Tyler and Whitford.
  16. I went to last night's show here in NYC. I applaud them very much for still sticking around and for being one of the greats BUT with the ticket price they were charging I think we're entitled to a little more than a 1:40 show and a good quality opening act with some notoriety. Where were song's like Who Made Who and Money Talks? How about a couple rarities instead we get fed those usual standards that are sometimes tiresome hearing repeatingly. The show was very LOUD!
  17. I think that one of the reasons why Plant didn't want to pursue it even some might disagree with me is because due to vocal limitations. He can't sing some of that material like he used to. He is 60.
  18. Rage Against The Machine's take on The ghost Of Tom Joad. It's more interesting when someone does something with the song than trying to be Bruce.
  19. Happy Birthday Gina ! Hope to see you again at another possible future fan gathering.
  20. Agree with you. Had the same experience with obtaining the walmart version of the Kiss - Kissology DVD.
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