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    Citi Field

    For the Baseball Fans of this board I got a taste yesterday of the Mets brand new ballpark in its first public opening. I was there for only for an hour and a half due to other commitments which I had to leave for. Took a walk and surveyed the new place. It's very similiar to Jacobs Field in Cleveland and Citizens Bank Park in Philly. Was a strange feeling to be in a new house and with Shea gone after attending games there for 34 years. Just wish there was a retractable roof in the new ballpark. Besides that no complaints.
  2. Didn't have the guts to ask him for a photo though he did pose with some of the others for photos. Gave him the current cd to sign because most artists appreciate if you present them with their new release. Did shake his hand also. Yesterday was a different story. Bruce arrived around 4:30 pm and this time it was around 3 times the crowd compared to monday . This time Bruce did around 25 people but didn't get to me. Still it was very gracious for him not to totally ignore the fans especially waiting in the bitter cold weather.
  3. I was there for both nights and even got to briefly meet Bruce. Did the ticket drop line for both nights . Monday was a piece of cake for getting a ticket however last night it appeared I wasn't going to get one but fortunarely got one 5 minutes after the show started. Now my meetimg with Bruce. I lined up at the barricades with about 20 people at entrance of Convention Hall on Monday. I did see the other E Streeters enter the building and Nils was the only one who stopped and signed. Roy quickly ran for the entrance. Max ("I gotta go but I'll come out later") Yeah right! This made me think that no way was Bruce going to spare us some time upon his arrival. I WAS WRONG! The first thing he did as he got out of the automoblie around 2pm on monday was sign for us waiting. Me being the second person he greeted.
  4. Cheap Trick are one of my all time favorites and I salute them for still sticking with it however I think that they were never able to capture the rawness of their live sound in the studio. Witness Budokan those live recordings sure outshine the studio ones especially the ones from In Color and Black and White.
  5. Always liked the show she was on "Hello, Larry" even though it was panned by critics.
  6. Peace, Baby, Peace! I only put this for us to attack these 2 bozos and their viewpoint. P-L-E-A-S-E don't throw punches at me. One pert in the McCartney segment that gets me rolling when they said "notice we didn't mention Linda or her one finger synthesizer lines."
  7. Here is a passage from the book "The Worst Rock N Roll Records Of All Time" by Jimmy Guterman and Owen O'Donnel which came out in 1991. 'All By Myself" ranks at #21.I don't know if this was ever posted on this board before. For the record I did not post this as a knock on EC and his signature song. It's the journalists who I want us to take a stab at for being a bunch of morons. Paul McCartney is ranked in the book at #4 as the worst Rock N Roller!?! They claim that one of the reasons they wrote this book was to earn back the money they wasted on Queen records. So go figure. Here is the ABM passage and let's sock it to em. "When he was with the Raspberries, Eric Carmen succeeded in writing and recording pop songs at a time when very few bands outside of the Kasenetz-Katz bubble-gum music operation were. Songs like Go All the Way and Overnight Sensation(Hit Record) sounded terrific over the radio , but Carmen's songs always seemed one shade brighter than 1-2-3 Red Light and Yummy, Yummy. Yummy. You had the feeling that if they had been recorded by by someone else, these songs would have been indistinguishable from those of the 1910 Fruitgum Company. This point was proven when second-genration bubble-gum star Shaun Cassidy recorded Carmen's That's Rock and Roll. The result may have been a hit record but it was cetainly not rock and roll. After the Raspberries broke up in 1974, Carmen attempted to move away from singing songs for teenagers and break into the burgeoning field of adult contemporary. This was music for people who grew up with rock and roll , considered it their music, but couldn't relate to the hit songs they were hearing on the radio. Because those people would rather have died than run the risk of sounding like their parents ( How can you listen to that crap? was a standard refrain they grew up with), whole new market shares sprung up consisting of people looking for a more tonal music that they could listen to without feeling totally out of touch wit the contemporary scene. Carmen's first solo single , All By Myself wasn't Rachmaninoff (who originated its main riff) but it sure comes close to being bubble-gum for adults. It had at least a tenuous connection with the more ballad-oriented side of soft rock, and it was drenched inself-pity. In the mid-seventies that added up to money (Go ask Clive Davis.) When I was young/I never needed anyone/and making love was just for fun/ those days are gone. The first four lines of the song tell us everything we need to know about the narrator , but unfortunately Carmen keeps singing. He feels so intensely sorry for himself that there's no reason for us to bother: he has it wrapped up. We want either to slap his face or to offer him some prozac. We don't, however, want to offer him strings and a subclassical piano solo, but that's what our sad singer uses to accentuate his pain. As if that's not enough, Carmen hammers home All By Myself with bombastic drum parts that slam against the brain. These dramatic snare shots had a lasting presence: they set the pattern for Carmen's future labelmates, fellow self-pity specialists Air Supply. The pop audience must have assumed Carmen got all his crying out of his system with All By Myself: he didn't have another top ten single until 1987, when he coasted on the success of the film Dirty Dancing with Hungry Eyes a song title more appropriate for the title of a bad horror film . Last time we saw him he was on the Dirty Dancing tour, wading between professional dry humpers."
  8. This thought just came to me about "No Hard Feelings". Todd Rundgren's "Couldn't I Just Tell You" has a part in the song that goes "Let me ouuut!" and so does "No Hard Feelings". I know that song by Todd inspired Eric to write "I Wanna Be With You".
  9. The song was passed over to the Babys and they reworked it. The Sweet recording resurfaced many years later on the demos and outtaked cd Platinum Rare.
  10. Bet some of you never knew this "Back on my feet again" by the Babys was originally recorded by Sweet. It was called "Yesterdays Hero" and the lyrics were different. They hated the recording and threw it into the bins.
  11. Thanks for the Level Headed T Shirt Pawl(Panasonicq) which I bought from you 14 years ago. Still keep it in good health and treasure it.
  12. Just found out that Steve's Sweet is playing at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT on May 16. I'm DEFINATELY there and hope anyone from this board can be there. Great place and the show is FREE!!! Let me know. Good way to fill in the void with the lack of any Raspberries show. Eric played there on the Ringo tour at the arena. The Sweet show is at another division of the casino.
  13. Sweetlife was good. Everything was a good song and the ballad Airheads sounded very much like ELO. Jeff Brown did a good job on vocals.
  14. Discophony was great. CATR started off with Brian still in the band and a few of the demos from that lp features Brian on vocals. It appeared on the demos and outtakes cd Platinum Rare.
  15. Level Headed was my least favorite. Though love the B side of Oxygen Cover Girl.
  16. Ask me anything of Sweet because I'm a SWEETAHOLIC. Steve Priest and Andy Scott did talk about working together but those 2 simply don't see eye to eye. Steve disagrees on Andy's choices of musicians and Steve wanted a band of the musicians that he wanted. Oddly enough Steve did say years ago that he would never go out with a band of his own under the moniker Sweet and even criticized Andy for not going under a another name like the Andy Scott Band.
  17. In case no one knows the american version of Desolation Boulevard was somewhat of a compilation lp. It compiled from the 2 overseas studio lps Sweet Fanny Adams and Desolation Boulevard. 5 and 3 tracks respectively. Blitz originally came out in 73 and was a add on. So was I Wanna Be Committed which I think was a B side. The overseas DB featured the original version of Fox On The Run which was a totally different version than the one we're all familiar with. It was a straight ahead rocker and without the synths.
  18. In reference to Eric's stating that Sweet's live show in 1976 was on tape. I have a audio that I just finished listening to Sweet live at Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee,WI on March 11,1976. Give Us A Wink tour. I don't know if Eric supported them at this venue and it's up to him to clarrify it. He is partially correct to some degree about the tape thing. Intros, keyboards, and parts of the drum solo were definately on tape. At that tour they didn't have a sideman. Other than that it's all live and a stellar performance. Lucky you Eric if you were there to witness it. Especially a incarnation of the band that cannot be brought back to life again. Setlist: 1. Ballroom Blitz 2. Yesterdays Rain 3. Rock and Roll Disgrace 4. Restless 5. Cockroach 6. Healer 7. AC/DC 8. Burn On The Flame 9. Keep It In 10. Man With The Golden Arm (Drum Solo) 11. Lies In Your Eyes 12. The Sixteens 13. Action 14. Set Me Free 15. Fox On The Run
  19. Whatever happened to Frankie Previtte? Must be living comfortably on those Dirty Dancing residuals.
  20. Correction the author's name is Phil Moss. Sorry I'm near sighted.
  21. Here is a Sweet biography that mentions Eric. From the book No Strings Attached by Pil Moss " On this american tour, Sweet were topping the bill at a series of 5000 seaters, which they managed to fill most of the time, they were being supported by Eric Carmen, former member of the Raspberries. He was a classic pop performer, young and good looking, the band had offered Status Quo the support slot but they had quietly declined the offer".
  22. For me Sweet and Raspberries are the two greatest bands of all time. No one else comes in between those two in my opinion. Both Eric and Steve are both great individuals. Unlike other glam rock bands. Sweet were virtuoso musicians. Lets face it the muscianship in the other glam bands wre not not quite top notch. Sweet were the exception. Sweet Fanny Adams is the GREATEST Sweet album in my word and criminally was never released in America. The live and underated cd Live At The Rainbow is worth checking out. The live sound of the cd outshines the studio renditions with a whole lot of rawness to it. Sweet were Poison and Motley Crue before Poison + Motley Crue only with better musicianship. Ahead of their time indeed.
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