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  1. Went last night and going again tonight. What a SHOW !! with a specail guest appearance by Billy Joel.
  2. Him and the Eagles are the 2 you can point fingers at for starting the high concert ticket prices.
  3. What can you say ? Drag isn't it ? My first exposure to Michael's music was through the Jackson 5 cartoon show and I prefered the music from that phase of his career than his 80's solo stuff simply because it was from a glorious era in music. Out of those 3 70's teen idol David Cassidy was the one who always meant more to me musically. Michael was able to reinvent himself and move on to a larger than life figure meanwhile David just had enough of super fame that he decided to throw it out the window.
  4. Happy B Day ! 2 U A R ! Hope me meet up again.
  5. I did well myself too . 32nd row and center for the first night.
  6. Attention American Express card holders you have first crack at tix tomorrow 6/12. Tix prices range from $50.00 to $275.
  7. Sir Paul will be the inaugural concert at Citi Field on July 17 and 18. My hometown of Queens !! Tix go on sale on June 15. Don't know of the prices yet. He was the first and last at Shea. Now fittingly he's the first in the new digs.
  8. Anyone in the NY, NJ, or New England area hope you could come on down to the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville,CT for the Sweet show on Saturday May 16 that I'll be there for. This is a very rare occasion to here Sweet music played live. The show is free. It's been 15 years since Andy's Scott Sweet toured on American soil (16 years since I saw them, 14 years since I've been to a gathering of Sweet fans), so this is a rarity. Good place that I always craved for a Raspberries show but it was never meant to be.
  9. Jay, I feel for you and at the same time you made me feel better about myself in terms of my problems being smaller in comparison to others. Love to you and Lisa.
  10. Love the movie The End.
  11. Have a good New Zealand style B Day !
  12. Jay, my friend I'm so terribly sorry . My heart goes out to you and your family. Hate seeing this happen to good people like you.
  13. Spending my B Day with Bruce in Hartford tomorrow night.
  14. Free homemade Raspberries T Shirt for everyone in this thread Hahahahahaha!!!!!!
  15. Have a splendid and delightful B Day!
  16. Happy B Day 2 U Annie ! Hope to see you again some time soon. It's been far too long.
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