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  1. Giro ! Happy B-Day and keep playing that guitar !
  2. In the new issue of Backstreets magazine #88 in the letters department there are titles of Raspberries songs used as indicators to letters that were written by fans in regards to the last issue of Backstreets #87 which we all know had a article on the Berries written by Marvin. Here are the songs titles used :Last Dance, Hit Record, I'm a rocker, Onernight Sensation, I can remember, I wanna be with you, and Nobody Knows. That's 7 titles.
  3. God bless you all. I'll remember you all on your day and that's a promise.
  4. Happy B-Day! To bad I didn't meet you when I was in Chicago last September.
  5. To those who have access to Sirius/XM radio I will be on the E Street Radio channel on tuesday April 6 at 10 AM eastern time on the fan DJ segment I'm The Boss. I'll be playing my top 5 songs and sharing my memorable experiences as a Bruce Springsteen fan.
  6. I did e mail Eddie and he said wasn't sure.
  7. Eddie Trunk is currently writing a book. We'll see if Raspberries get mentioned in it maybe not because their not a metal band.
  8. That's my mama Hilarious house of frightenstein Room 222 Different strokes One day at a time Chico and the man The gong show Make me laugh In living color VH1 Behind the music
  9. Happy Birthday to the mouth that roars. I'm glad that we got to cross paths and hang out outside of EC/Raspberries events. Lets see if your nemesis Panasoniq sends his regards. You two are EC.com version of King Kong vs Godzilla.
  10. Happy Birthday Tim ! Glad you got diverse musical taste just like me.
  11. Happy B-Day 2 U Diane !! With many more to come. I pray and wish for nothing but the best for you.
  12. Superb photos of my favorite Kiss alumni. His new cd blows away Kiss's new one.
  13. Happy B Day Marv ! Too bad you coudn't spent it like I did back in April at a Bruce show.
  14. Happy Belated B Day to the guy whose name I couldn't get right . First it was Ernie, then it was Aaron, and then TA DA ! Harry !
  15. Happy B-Day 2 U Darlene! Hope to meet up with you again in the future.
  16. A very delightful Happy Birthday 2 U MS D !
  17. Happy Six-0 to you Mr Marathan Man !
  18. Breakfast with the Beatles on the Underground Garage channel are playing Beatleesque artists on todays show which included a twofer of Raspberries. Nobody Knows and Play On was played. Chris Carter the host talked briefly about the Berries. For those who missed it the program will be repeated tonight at 12 am (eastern time).
  19. If anyone is interested join the Just David fan club . I've been with it for 15 years and had alot of great experiences . We were given invitations to attend tapings of this new show. For info contact Barbara Pazmino her email address is bpazmino@att.net. It's not expensive at all and it's not one of those fan clubs that profiteers off the artists name.
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