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  1. Eric, I was browsing on Ron Dante's website on he mentions web links to some of his friends and your one of them. Where do you know each other from and have you ever done any sort of collaboration with Ron? I understand that your bombarded with questions from many who visit this site and don't have enough time to get to everyone's questions but would appreaciate it. All the best. John
  2. Eric, Just want to ask you if Paul Rogders was ever an influence on your vocals. If so which phase of his career did you admire the most and which of your songs do you think your vocals resembles his. John
  3. Glad that their are others who aware of TPOH. They just released a Canadian best of cd with 2 new songs. They've reformed for some upcoming shows. John
  4. One of my favorite and overlooked bands is the Canadian power pop group The Pursuit Of Happiness. The singer and leader of the band Moe Berg was influenced by The Raspberries. Any fans of power pop bands I highly recommend you check them out. The web page for the band is TPOH.net. John
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