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  1. At the end of the book David refers to Ken as a friend who helped him edit the book!?! No name,nothing. Maybe in reprints Ken's name will emerge. I guess it may have been a ego thing with David. It's all me,me,me with him. John
  2. I only glanced at interesting parts of the book and what I seened did strike me with great interest. If you like Ken's other books you'll this one. Some parts were taken from his 1994 book others were new additions. John
  3. I've gotten and flipped through David Cassidy's new autobiography "Could it be forever" which he collaborated with Ken Sharp. Oddly enough if I'm not mistakened Ken's name is never acknowledged in the book. Anyway I do like it better than David's 1994 book because it focuses more on David's music which usually never gets touched upon in publications. In David's 1st book he chronicled of how Susan Dey tried coming on to him with him rejecting her. That aspect was edited out in the new book but he goes into more details of parts of his life like his brief friendship with John Lennon. Fans of David I highly recommend it. John
  4. The 1st album is the one I would have if I was stranded on a desert Island and one of the albums I could never get tired of listening to. I thought his passing was a joke at first. Terrible loss. John
  5. Chicago (the band) without a doubt. Just look at their credentials. The original band is the one that should be inthe HOF.John
  6. What's next Kiss touring with Gene's son as Ace Frehley. John
  7. A decade ago I read a article in Entertainment Weekly chronicling recording artists whose careers and outputs of hits fizzled after releasing a Greatest Hits Volume 1 cd Here are some that come to mind: 1. Van Halen-Best Of Volume 1 2. Bachman Turner Overdrive - Best of BTO (So Far) 3. Bryan Adams- So far so good 4. Hall + Oates-Rock and Soul, Pt 1: Greatest Hits 5.Earth, Wind, and Fire- Best of Vol 1 (I know there's a Vol 2 but only a few bona fide hits are on that one) and there are others which I can't think off the top of my head, any body please chip in and add in your 2 cents. Is this some sort of a jinx with Volume 1!?!? John
  8. Now here is a issue I would like to share with everyone. Concert Tickets which are at obscene prices. It's scalper prices at face value. While I don't want to come across as a real downer it's just that I'm old school. To see someone who is a member of the R+R Hall Of Fame these days will cost you between $150 to $350 while in the good old days under $20. Who's to blame? It all started in 1984 with that Jacksons Victory tour with $35 tix which was controversial at the time. Most artists when get asked this they'll reply "Well that's what everyone charges". Scalpers I think should take the blame. The industry is fed up with good seats being sold for huge $$$$ that they want to join in with them. Most people I know of won't pay. Others I've come across will scalp on the night of show and purchase off someone who'll chop the price out of desperation. If it's someone I'm a huge fan of I'll pay. Anyone in between, forget it. I got a 2 word solution to it all. Don't go. Tours and shows can get cancelled due to lack of ticket sales. An empty house should give them something to think about. I rest my case. John
  9. Has any one heard of these 2 songs of Eric that have been covered ? "Overnight Sensation" by Cherie Currie formely of The Runaways and "Sleep with me" by John Schneider of The Dukes Of Hazzards. Are they worth seeking out for ? I know that the John Schneider one was changed to "Stay With Me". Since these 2 are pretty obscure recordings I doubt Eric must have made not very much off the royalties from these 2 covers. John
  10. I met Stewky a couple of months ago at a convention in NJ and he told me that his version of the Nazz is currently recording a new cd. I also asked abouthis experiences playing with Rick Neilsen. John
  11. One of the greats. Should have had another 10 years. Eddie Murphy's imitations of him were a riot in his standup shows. John
  12. 1.Utopia-Deface the music 2.Kiss-Unmasked 3.Nazz-best of the Nazz 4.Bram Tchaikovsky-Strange man, Changed man 5.The Pursuit Of Happiness-Love Junk 6.Fountains of Wayne-First album 7.Cheap Trick-Next position please 8.Motors-Approved by 9.Stone temple pilots-Tiny music 10.Matthew Sweet-100 percent fun
  13. Well Paul did appear to be relaxed and in a somewhat somber mood. You had to be very brief with him. Those who were not were escorted out by security. Did take pictures and video footage, unfortunately a photo with Paul was not allowed. Did hear that 200 people on line were turned away at the door so I would assume 300 made it in. Shaking his hand and chatting with him was sureal. Anybody else go? John
  14. I went yesterday to the Mccartney instore at Virgin Megastore in NYC. Camped out over night from 7pm sunday to finally meeting Paul at 1:45 pm monday. Plenty of caffeine consumption for me to keep me going. In my 30 second moment with Paul, he did say that he is planning a Wings/solo video dvd collection of all his music videos. John
  15. Thanks for the info, will try to make it.John
  16. For those who don't know there is a new Heavy Metal Beatles tribute cd titled "Butchering the Beatles". John
  17. Bram Tchaikovsky and The Pursuit Of Happiness
  18. Infinite thanks to Bernie and Kathy. My debut at WOB was a blast. Would luv!!! to attend the next one. This was my 2nd backyard barbecue were one member of one of my all time favorites band was present. First Steve Priest of Sweet in LA and now Jim in NJ. I've come a long way since the days in the 80's when I felt like the only Raspberries fan. Splendid time yesterday. Nice meeting you all. John
  19. If there is a band that jann Wenner don't care about they usually don't get inducted. John
  20. Please reschedule for a saturday or a sunday night date. John
  21. I'm waiting for the day that the whole Archies catalog to be released in remastered cd. Ron claims that he's trying to obtain the rights to the whole master catalog. Thanks Eric for replying. John
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