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  1. How about a show at Mohegan Sun Casino's Wolf Den in CT.
  2. With no disrespect to Mr Carmen I do see in certain publications "All By Myself" gets mentioned as one of the worst songs. The book "The worst rock n roll records of all time" by Jimmy Gutterman and Owen O'Donnell lists it at #21. Sorry, Eric. Though I got no problem with your best known song. John
  3. Lew I was informed at 1 30 pm. I got there at 1130 am. John
  4. I just back from there. I was shut out . I was like 350 on line. John
  5. Karen Valentine on Room 222 and Catherine Bach on The Dukes Of Hazzard
  6. Thanks for your participation in this forum Eric. John
  7. I just want to go on record to indicate that when I saw Laurence Juber at the Beatle fest convention in 1996, he spoke of the recording sessions he worked on and he did say that he played on the "Dirty Dancing " soundtrack and "Make me lose control". He did appeared to be disgruntled of the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack not giving any musician credits on the album. John
  8. Laurence Juber played on the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack but wasn't credited on the album and he also played acoustic guitar on "Make me lose control" John
  9. Mr Carmen, If you have any time, I'd appreciate it if you could please share of your experience of what it was like working with these 2 brilliant guitarists. Any interesting stories? John
  10. Since Eric sang "Play On" with the reunited Raspberries live. Do you think he should sing Scott's other 2 songs "Cry" and "Rose Colored Glasses" if the Raspberries ever resume with live shows. Be nice if Mr Carmen could answer this. John
  11. I'd rather see the real ELO not a bogus incarnation. Jeff Lynne is ELO.
  12. I was really turned off when ELO'S first tour in 20 years was cancelled in 2001 due to lack of ticket sales. Never got to see ELO live.
  13. Lucky you Harry! Would have loved to have seened that show. Love 60's bubblegum. John
  14. He did mention once on his show about going to see them at the NYC show and being better than ever.
  15. Kiss alive 1 and Sweet- Live at the Rainbow. John
  16. To anyone who is a fan of Rick Springfield even though I'm not. Just trying to be a good citizen. Anyway the cartoon series that he did in the 70's "Mission Magic" is set for release on DVD on May 8. The whole complete series. John
  17. What was the very first record you bought? My first was The Partridge Family's "Up to Date" LP when I was 6. John
  18. A couple songs of Ian that were covered by other artists that turned out to be big hits were "Ships" by Barry Manilow and " Once Bitten, Twice Shy" by Great White. The Monkees recorded a great rendition of his song "Every Step of the Way".John
  19. I saw Ian live in 89 with the great Mick Ronson. His You're never alone with a schizophrnic album is in my opinion a must own. Ian is scheduled to be on Rockline soon. John
  20. Thanks for the info. Great band. I'll check out the new cd. John
  21. I've been a long time fan of the 1st album by 70's 1 hit wonders Looking Glass. The music is somewhat reminiscent of early Doobie Brothers. I hear that the singer/guitarist Elliot Lurie has put together an all new version of Looking Glass and is playing live shows. Has anyone seened them or have any info on this supposed new incarnation? Elliot has been working in the movie soundtracks industry for the last 20 years. The original bass player after Looking Glass went on to join the group Starz and is deceased. The others fell off the face of the earth. Would like to know about this alleged new incanartion. John
  22. About time someone started a thread here of the King Of All Media. I always wanted to but had a feeling that I'd be crucified by others. Love both Stern and O & A. Listen to them both religously everyday. John
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