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  1. In the new issue of Roling Stone with the long over due Kiss cover story Paul Stanley mentions Raspberries along with Small Faces, and Big Star as one of his top favorite bands.
  2. Since we had a live Raspberries cd 4 years ago how about a future live Eric Carmen solo cd ? If he ever pursues any future live solo gigs it be great if they'd be recorded for a live cd. A live cd tracing his solo work with a few Raspberries songs. I'd prefer the Raspberries songs reinvented with a different arrangement than him with a band trying to be and sound like the Raspberries but that's my opinion. I think it be a great idea since he never had a live cd.
  3. Back from Cleveland . I wish that those of who didn't make it were there would have Been nice to see you. You know who are. It was a rare occasion to hear some of these live. Another part of me being rewarded for a long Raspberries fan dedication. Hopefully one day I'll get to hear EC sing I can hardly believe your mine and Starting over live.
  4. Sorry I forgot you Wendy because it was so brief that it slipped my mind.
  5. I'm still in Cleveland and I must say that it was well worth the trip. A rare occasion to hear some of these songs live. "Hands on you" gave me chills. Tim, Marvin, and Steve it was a pleasure to meet up and chat with you all.
  6. Let me know if there is a pre or after show get together. Making the trip from NYC for the show.
  7. If you check out the recent That Metal Show from 2 weeks ago with Stephan Pearcy of Ratt as guest Eddie is sporting a Raspberries T Shirt.
  8. Have a delightful Birthday Darlene ! It's a shame that I only met you once at WAB"s 2007.
  9. 10 Albums that changed Eddie Trunk’s life Eddie Trunk eats, sleeps and breathes hard rock and heavy metal. He knows stuff about groups that even the members don’t know, or at best, have forgotten. Thankfully, Eddie uses his superpowers for good, not evil, as host of VH1’s “That Metal Show,” Sirius/XM’s “Eddie Trunk Live” and the syndicated “Eddie Trunk Rocks” on New York’s Q104.3 FM. His new book is “Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal,” which, trust us, really is an essential volume you need to add to your music library. Here’s a look at the music that changed Eddie Trunk’s life. 1. Raspberries, “Go All The Way” — “Go All The Way” was the first time I ever heard distorted electric guitar and power chords. I was a kid in my parents’ back seat, and it came through the AM radio, and my hair stood up. Raspberries were the first real rock I ever heard, and I was consumed instantly. 2. KISS, “Destroyer” — The first real heavy rock I heard and the band that really started it all for me as a crazed fan. This was my first Kiss album. I remember dropping the needle, hearing “Detroit Rock City” and starring at the cover of the album. I was 12 and Kiss changed my life and set me on a path of rock obsession I’m still on! 3. UFO, “Strangers in The Night” — One of the greatest live album of all time and one of my favorite albums ever. Tragically underrated melodic hard rock by one of my all-time favorite bands. This is them at their peak. 4. Aerosmith, “Toys in the Attic” — I actually like “Rocks” better, but “Toys” was my first, and after KISS, Aerosmith became my next big obsession. 5. Billy Squier, “Don’t Say No” — The first album I ever cued up on a college station while still in high school. Billy is a tremendous talent, and this is one of his greatest albums. 6. Metallica, “Kill ’Em All” — The first real thrash I ever heard. I was in my first year of metal radio and Jonny Z drove to my studio and asked me to play this when nobody else would. I did, had no idea what I was hearing, but knew it was a game changer. 7. Judas Priest, “British Steel” — Classic British metal at its finest from one of the gods of the genre. 8. Ace Frehley, “Frehley’s Comet” — The first artist I ever had a hand in signing to a label and working in the studio with. Nine years after my first show ever (KISS @ MSG), I had signed the band’s lead guitarist to his first solo deal and was in the studio with him. 9. Black Sabbath, “Heaven & Hell” — The Dio Sabbath was my introduction to the band, then I went back and discovered the other stuff, but this album is amazing, and Dio was a god. 10. Van Halen, “Van Halen” — I remember getting this album from a record club. I knew I was hearing something that was going to change everything instantly. —Goldmine, September 18, 2011
  10. Any fans of Slade ? Who saw them Live ? Anybody see the movie Flame that they did in the 70's ? They must have a been loud and exciting live act back in the day. It's a shame Noddy Holder hung it up awhile ago after the same lineup was together for 20 years. Their original version of Cum on Feel the Noize to me was far superior than Quiet Riot's. I guess they were one of the first band's to use those mispelled song titles though I could be wrong.
  11. Thanks Pat I had a splendid time too with you and Gina. Always love coming back to the windy city,
  12. What night are you going to be at the fest? Gina (Berriesbabe)called me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to go, but I haven't heard from her since, so we didn't confirm anything. I can;t go Saturday, as I'm taking my girls to American Idol, but might try for one of the other days, still checking on things. I'm going Friday and Sunday, I did talk to Gina a few weeks ago about getting together but I haven't heard back from her.
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