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  1. I picked up on the incident with Eric Carmen over the weekend, and only yesterday made it here to see what the reaction to it would be. I have two thoughts to contribute... First, and speaking only for myself, I do not know Eric Carmen. I don't know anything about his private life. I don't know how much he drinks or how often he does it, just to spotlight the one thing being discussed here. My point is, and again, I'm speaking only from my own perspective, I'm in no position to be speculating on whether or not the man " needs help " or " has a problem " or anything else about his life or how he conducts it. Really, all I know about Eric Carmen is that he has created some great music that I enjoy, and it does not need to go any farther than that for me. That brings me to my next point, which I realize might ruffle some feathers, but I think needs to be said. I've always thought the idea of making an entertainer one's " hero " an interesting one. Even more, I've thought the same of people who profess " love " for an entertainer without knowing them ( which is different than meeting them, by the way ). I do get the concept of deeply enjoying what entertainers create or do, but to take it further than that, making it personal, when one does not know the person, seems a bit off to me. I've always found it amusing when assumptions are made about someone based on their music, or a role they have played in a movie or on television. I know people who dislike certain people because they portray bad people on television, just to throw one example out there. How does that make sense ? There are many people who entertain who I admire for their talent, and who create and perform works that I enjoy. The vast majority of them I don't know personally, and it just doesn't seem rational to develop feelings for someone I don't know. As I read through this thread, I saw post after post addressing Eric Carmen as if they knew him personally, know what his life is like, know what his problems are, and know what he needs to do. I don't want to be mean - spirited here, but I do want to be real..I'd bet the vast majority here do not know Eric Carmen personally, and to address him as many here have is, in my opinion, presumptuous. I will allow that most who have done this in this thread have their hearts in the right place, and I'm not saying they are wrong to care, but really, some perspective, please. I wish all the best for Eric Carmen. The man has created some great music, and is a great entertainer. I'm not going to take it any further than that, though.
  2. Reading through this, I see a common thread, that being nearly everyone grateful for the Raspberries have come back to gift us with their great music in a live setting. After that, there are the " they could sing the phone book " people, and those who could do without the covers for originals in their place. I think that everyone has their points, and that the band will do exactly what they want to do. As for myself, I'd rather hear some choice originals ( " Crusin' Music " and " Starting Over " to name two ), instead of the covers. I have always thought covers were the refuge of a band with a shortage of quality original material. That's not the case with the Raspberries.
  3. I wrote this for another message board I'm on... I'm too lazy to write another one for this one, so here it is... Being an old fart as I am, it's not very often I'm excited as I was yesterday as I was driving to take in the Raspberries show I was attending later that night. I've been a 'Berries fan since their heyday in the early seventies, and the chance to experience the reunited band in all of their glory was something to look forward to. Leaving San Diego in mid - afternoon, the drive took a not fun three hours to complete, with a stop at the internationally known restaurant Bad To The Bone included. On arriving at the venue, a place called the Grove ( more about that later ), I noticed that the parking lot was practically empty, this an hour an a half before the show. After checking things out, I left to get some refreshments, returning about an hour later. There were more vehicles and people wandering around, but not a lot. It was a bit troubling to see that. Soon enough, it was time for the show. With everyone in the house, there were only a couple hundred folks there. That had to be disappointing for everyone concerned. Happily, the band played as if there were two thousand people there. I won't trouble with a set list. To say they simply killed would about cover it. From Jim Bonfanti's rock solid drumming to Dave Smalley's inventive bass playing, to Wally Bryson's guitar playing, to Eric Carmen's frontman act and singing, they performed a great hour and a half set that was completely satisfying. They played all of the songs a fan would expect them to, plus a couple of smart covers, plus Carmen's " All By Myself ". The band was loose, as one would expect from a group that plays live concerts infrequently, but they were not sloppy or unprofessional. There were some amusing moments. Carmen, after the first song, sang out " Hello San Diego ! ". He also skipped a song, misreading the setlist posted on the stage floor, upon which Bryson quipped that Carmen should have brought his specs from backstage. That led to much joking about their being the " Elderberries ". Bryson and Carmen started a song only to find out they were playing two different songs. There was the exchange between Carmen and Bryson when Carmen sat down at the piano to play " All By Myself ". Carmen remarked that the song could have been a Raspberries song if they had been nicer to each other back when. Bryson remarked that it WAS a Raspberries song when Carmen wrote it. Maybe the most funny exchange came when Carmen remarked that they couldn't hear each other speaking with the in ear monitors they were using. Bryson remarked that they would have useful " thirty years ago ". All in all, a great show, worth the time, money and trouble. I do want to add that the venue was first class all the way. When it became clear the house would not be full, they moved everyone who had purchased tickets for " Tier Four " to " Tier Three ", essentially upgrading everyone. It made the show much more intimate, almost as if it were in a club. Also, the sound was impeccable, a combination of the venue and the soundman ( who Eric introduced along with the roadie / guitar tech for the band. That was classy. )
  4. Well, I'm not going to chastise you, but I would disagree with you over the topic being " a dead horse ". Until the LE sets are in the hands of the people who ordered them, I'd say the topic is in play, wouldn't you ?
  5. To hollies65 : I guess I should have said that interactions LIKE this one define this board. I'm on other boards as well, and I agree this one is pretty mild, comparitively speaking. Also, to lay the blame for the fiasco the distribution of the retail sets at the feet of the " giant retailers ", doesn't cut it. The band, their management, and their record company were caught with their pants down on this, and there is no sugar coating that. To dianed : If the situation is " no big deal " to you, that's fine. You have a good way of looking at the situation, and if that gets you through, more power to you. However, more than one person here has expressed their disappoinment, in ways ranging from outright anger to resignation. I understand Trindy's feelings. I wouldn't be happy either if I had plunked down the money for this pricey set, only to see the retail pieces get into people's hands before I got my LE. People think differently, obviously, and this topic shows that in neon color.
  6. I'm a newbie in the extreme here, and as someone so well put it, I don't have a dog in the " Trindy vs seemingly everyone else " fight, but I do have a few thoughts on the matter. I find it interesting that even some of the most ardent defenders of the band and the situation actually share Trindy's feelings, but are more forgiving. They are willing to wait for the LE, or " make do " by going out and buying the commercial releases. A more cynical mind might find that move a bit calculating on the part of the band and record company, but I'll leave that to be debated later, or not. As for Trindy, she of course has the privilege of making her feelings known here, and as has been pointed out, her detractors also have the right to respond to her posts in whatever manner they choose. However, that interaction defines this board, and those involved might want to give that a ponder. As for my opinion, if I had ordered the LE, only to see the general public be able to experience the release before I had the chance to, I would not have been happy with that. I doubt I would have risen to Trindy's level of unhappiness, but I would not have defended the band or their way of operating, either. Frankly, the handling of the LE, and the fiasco that was the distribution of the retail pieces says to me that the band, management and Rykodisc do not fully have their act together. If the band sees itself as an entity going forward, they are going to have to get the business part of the organization more in order.
  7. Wow. After reading this thread, I feel lucky to have found my copy of the Deluxe Version at the Sam Goody's in the mall across the street from my office building. Not to rub it in, but it took all of ten minutes for me to walk over there and get my copy. My sympathies to those who could not find a copy today. Evidently, and being obvious, those who make the decisions about who and where to stock the release misjudged the market for it. Hopefully, this will be rectified soon.
  8. I reported this elsewhere, but I bought my copy of the Deluxe edition at the Downtown Sam Goody's here in San Diego. There were several copies in stock under " Raspberries ".
  9. Congratulations to the guys for a job well done, and a thank you for what amounts to a gift for those of us who have been fans of the band from the beginning. Reunions of vintage rock bands like this one frequently fall short of the expectations attached to them, but not this time. Listening to the CD convinces that this is a not just a seventies band with a few hits to flog, but a band with a future, if they choose to pursue it.
  10. I don't post here often, but today is a special day. I just bought my Deluxe version at Sam Goody's in downtown San Diego. They had five copies in stock under " Raspberries ". I played a couple of tracks when I got back to the office, and it sounds great. I'm excited to listen to the whole show, and watch the DVD.
  11. Well, I'm out of the loop as usual. I'll have to call 4th and B to see about a refund. There's no way I can make the show in LA due to work issues and all. To those going, have a great time !
  12. A great set list. Is this setlist similar to the other shows they've played ? " Overnight Sensation " is a great tune. I'm looking forward to seeing this one done live. Question : Has anyone heard whether Scott McCarl will be a part of the SoCal shows ?
  13. I'm going to the San Diego show.... Thanks to all for your thoughts here. Reading this, I'm even more excited to see this great band. Only question I have is, where is a set list ? Someone please post one, or tell me where it is here !
  14. Mellie - Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The short answer to your question is to plan these activities separately. The San Diego Trolley has a leg that drops off at the US / Mex border at TJ. I'm not sure a " trolley tour " is that great an idea, since the trolley doesn't go to the tourist traps that out of towners like to visit when they're here. Also not sure about a "shoreline " cruise. You can plan a bay cruise for sure, but not sure there is a cruise that surveys the San Diego coast. If you'd like, I can suggest a couple of websites that might help you plan your visit. Let me know on that one.
  15. I'm new here.... Thought I'd register so that I can let those interested know I'll be at the San Diego show. I bought my ticket at the box office the day they went on sale, and it looks like I will be in the front row. I'm a fan of the band dating from the seventies. I clearly remember watching them on " Rock Concert " back then. Since I'm from San Diego, I'm able to give you out of town fans any advice you may want or need about San Diego. Please don't hesitate to contact me. I've read some of the posts and stories on the show the band puts on, and it sounds as if I'm in for a treat. If anyone would like to add to that, I'd love to hear from you !
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