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  1. A quick search reveals just who the Royal Trux are... and it's NOT PRETTY!! They are listed as "Rock/Experimental". Well it's safe to say that the experiment FAILED miserably!
  2. It just sounds to me he came in with an agenda. As many music critics do. Often times they will tear down someone to make a name for themselves. "I was the one who gave So and So a bad review!! How cool am I?!?!". It comes across as having a lack of objectivity because you're letting your personal agenda get in the way and you're not doing your job. Which is to give an unbiased review of the material. This is a hatchet job from the get go. Any music fan worth his salt will view this as the ramblings of an idiot, signifying nothing.
  3. Unfortunately as a condition of my enrollment in the Federal Witness Protection Program I am not unable to comment on the validity of the events of the 11th of August until my trial.
  4. I encountered a freak meteor shower on the way but my crew navigated us successfully through it. I had a great time everyone!!
  5. Someone right now out there is saying "my god BIGFOOT IS LOOSE!!".
  6. Amazon has a bunch of blindfolded chimps working for them. I got my copy today and the case was obviously crushed and cracked! Needless to day I am PISSED!!!
  7. I tried to get a copy at FYE here but unfortunatley Lew Bundles beat me to it! So I ordered it on Amazon.
  8. I ordered mine on Amazon.com. One of the merchants that I had ordered from "sold" the one copy he had and gave me a refund. We'll see how this works the second time around.
  9. It's time for my car to go. I don't know if anyone has tried car shopping lately but most everything these days costs an arm and a leg. And the stuff that doesn't has a ton of miles on it. Is it me? Or is the auto industry in serious need of retooling?
  10. I'd like to thank everyone for their recommendations. I decided to go with the Spider III from Line 6. So far I'm really digging it. It's cut out on me once or twice in the couple of days I've owned it but upon further investigation I chalked it up to a loose instrument cable. Keep on rockin' everyone.
  11. You'd be surprised what you can accomplish when speed limits are meaningless!
  12. I bought a pair of sneaks today. When did this become an ordeal? I must have gone to 3 different stores and it took me well over an hour and a half to find a pair that didn't make me want to wretch! You know who I blame? NIKE!! When they figured out how to get people to pay over $100 for sneakers everything went to hell!! This concludes today's rant. As you were!
  13. One thing I've noticed is that most of the guys I know locally are either heavy metal or hardcore punk "musicians". So anything I say other than "Marshall" they look down their nose at.
  14. Hey, no love for Diana Rigg? Diana Rigg
  15. Apparently Laney is still around. Laney Amps Thanks for all the recommendations guys. I'm still considering a Vox. The Valvetronix are a bit on the pricey side. The AC 30 would actually be cheaper. Vox makes a few other amps that I've seen that look interesting. There's a new XL series that I haven't seen anywhere else. I'm interested in seeing what that can do. The Line 6 Spider III 120 is looking good too. It has a very broad range of sounds. The Bogner amps seem cool however for my purposes I think it's a bit of an overkill. Would be cool to have something nobody else does though. Anyway, I haven't decided yet. So if anyone else has anymore input it's always welcomed!
  16. MusiciansFriend.com has MP3 samples of the Line 6 Spider. They sound cool. Very broad range of sounds you can get out it. I imagine it sounds much different with different guitars. I even found this demo video of the Spider II Line 6 Spider II Demo Video
  17. Okay, my Lab Series L5 has just about had it. Or I've just about had it with it. So for those who are musically inclined what amps do you play through and what would you recomend. Fenders are a little too clean for my liking. I'd love to get a VOX AC-30 but they are EXPENSIVE. So what else is out there that I might like?
  18. Considering my status as Lew Bundles brother I must abstain from voting.
  19. Now that's just wrong. Just because you can have kids at 60 doesn't mean you should.
  20. If you check your sunday fliers you will see that Best Buy has season 1 of the Odd Couple television series on sale for $27.99! Man I gotta pick this one up!
  21. Something that this article didn't mention is that as of late there has been a shift in consumer tastes. And that shift has been to, and no matter how much they want to deny it, video games. It used to be that a teenager would lock himself in a room and play record after record and while away the days after school or during the summer. Now, you can probably find that same teenager online playing SOCOM with his friends. It's immediate and it's interactive. You don't get that with a static media like recorded music. Another thing is that formats and other media have gotten better and music has stayed relatively the same, save for the MP3 format, and even that hasn't changed in the last five or six years. Video games have gotten better. Compare Metal Gear Solid from 1998 to it's PS3 counterpart that will be released this fall. Movies at home have gotten better. DVD releases are full of extra content and often feature two discs and now with Blu Ray hi def movies are going to be the standard. The compact disc remains unchanged since the 1980's. And while prices of games and movies go down fairly quickly, CD prices have gone up! But I've said over and over to my friends who follow music that the real villain in all this are the record labels. Why? Because they became so short sighted that they made themselves obsolete by signing countless one hit wonder after another. I remember artists like Cheap Trick who you'd buy every album by when they were released. And I've continued to do so for over 25 years. Now there's no one I can point to and say the same for. I'm in my 30's, I'm not going to buy a Hillary Duff CD or a Backstreet Boys album. I've been shut out of the market. And that's what they're realizing too late. Lew Bundles had an original copy of Rubber Soul and on the back there was a statment that read; "The recording you hold in your hands represents the state of the art in sound reproduction. It can not become obsolete". Oh the irony...
  22. Last night on the Colbert Report Stephen read a letter from Marvel Comics editor in cheif Joe Quesada. It turns out that in Cap's will he had bequeived (sp?) his most valuable asset, his shield, to the one man he deemed worth enough to carry it, Stephen Colbert!! Check it out here! That's if the video actually plays for you! Stephen Colbert dons Cap\'s Shield!
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