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  1. I can probably count the times I've eaten out at restaurants on one hand and I don't think I've been out to dinner in over two years . And all I could remember about that was saying "how can you put mushrooms on a steak!?!?!". When you've been single as long as I have been going out to eat is kind of sad and pathetic. I'm not sitting at table alone. Like I said, I just go right back to jeans and t-shirts. Eric's outfit was alright but I don't picture myself in anything remotely like that.
  2. Maybe they wear them to see golf or tennis. Personally, I don't think I've seen anyone wear that to a baseball or football game. As for concerts, what concerts? I don't remember anyone dressed like that in the 30 plus times I've seen Cheap Trick. Billy Joel maybe? Dates? Those were always hard to come by for me. I hate for you to think I'm being difficult but again, this is unknown territory for me. And again, I don't see anyone I know wear this kind of stuff so it's not going to look "normal" to me.
  3. You know, it might be easier for me to just quit the group at this point.
  4. If I do that I'll probably come home with a new amp or a Playstation 3. It's no secret to anyone that knows me that I HATE buying clothing. Nothing fits and I keep going back to what I know. Jeans and t-shirts. The biggest problem I've always had is that I have no where to wear any of it. Was I really supposed to get all dressed up to go and see Cheap Trick? A bit of a waste I think. And right now I don't have a wife or girlfriend to help me with any of this.
  5. The nicest piece of clothing I own is a Ramones t-shirt.
  6. Again, even though you've explained it I STILL have no idea what it means. I'm very visually oriented so if I see something I'll have a better idea. Give me an example.
  7. Okay, as some of you know I'm in an improv comedy group (go to New Haven Theater Company\'s Website and click on "Funny Stages" Link For More Info ). Anyway, they said for the next show to wear "business casual". What exactly does that mean? Nobody gives me a straight answer and it's driving me up a wall. You have to remember that I have absolutley no fashion sense what so ever. The most expensive item of clothing I own is my New York Giant jersey. So can somebody out there in the EricCarmen.com family help me out with this one?
  8. Things you wish they still made? For I wish Gibson still made guitars for under a grand! And add that I wish Logitech still made stuff that actually WORKS!!!
  9. I still remember vinyl and 45's. Even though I don't go to the record stores much I go to record shows quite a bit. There's something to be said about going from store to store on a saturday afternoon and combing the bargain racks.
  10. Eric, I was wondering who do you listen to these days? Are there any artists out there who's work you really enjoy?
  11. Might I add that Lucas Film's Industrial Light and Magic is doing the special effects for Iron Man! SUH-WEET!! Unfortunately there's no trailer at the moment and the official movie site is a bit on the sparse side. And Bernie, I had no idea you worked for Marvel. When my English teachers used to ask me what would my goal would be as a writer I'd say "I want to work for Marvel Comics!". Let's just say they didn't appreciate that as much as I did.
  12. Being the big nerd I am here's one of the first images from the new Iron Man movie. Tony Stark will be played by Robert Downey Jr. The movie will be written and directed by Jon Favreau. Iron Man!
  13. Hey everyone. I mentioned comedian Stephen Lynch to a few of you. Well here he is! Be warned; this is for "mature audiences". Stephen Lynch - Special Ed
  14. Play On was one of those songs that always got left off of EVERY "Best of..." compilation. I remember getting the "Very Best Of The Raspberries" CD (Zap! label) that someone had brought back from the U.K. for me and the first thing I said was "Hey, where's Play On?". It was always a standout track. I'm glad to see you guys include it in the set list.
  15. I just got home from work and my package was waiting for me. HUZZAH!!
  16. Shipping was actually free with the in store purchase.
  17. I have just returned from Circuit City. There's was no extra greasing to be had and no more drives were in stock. So I had to go with the standard getting my money back.
  18. The utter buffoonery of electronics store workers never ceases to amaze me. Monday I bought what I thought was an EXTERNAL DVD burner. I even asked "This is external right?". And the guy ringing me up said "Oh yeah, it's external alright". Well it arrives today and guess what? It's internal! Now that wouldn't be such a big deal but here's the rub; my computer is still under warranty from Dell (and I haven't got the time or the energy to go into how those douchebags piss me off!). If I install it now I pretty much void my warranty. But my warranty expires in October. My choices are; Return and let them know what a bunch of idiots they are. Keep it and wait out the warranty. Or say "Dell be damned!" and go nuts with a screw driver. You know, this wouldn't have happened if I checked the right box on the Dell website to begin with.
  19. No but Scooter Libby and Karl Rove will be quite upset when I write my tell all book; WAB'S; Through the eyes of the Captain!
  20. I only ordered mine a scant few days ago. So I'll be waiting for a little bit I imagine.
  21. You bring up a good point Jay. When a band or artist's career gets cut short they become lionized, some times unnecessarily so. As for Badfinger, I thought some of their Warner Bros. material was quite good. Wish You Were Here was one of their better albums. And Rockford is probably one of the better Cheap Trick albums to come along in ages. Nowhere near what they were in the late 70's but it's impossible to recapture that kind of energy anymore.
  22. Critics are those guys that you knew in high school who hated anything that was popular and they truly believed that made them cool. I knew guys like that. The Dead Heads, Hippies, "Doomers" or as they are known now, Goth Kids. I knew one for ages I used to go back and forth with her when she used to break my stones about Cheap Trick. "They're so commercial" she used to say. So I had some fun with her one time. This is around the time her favorite band, The Cure who I don't understand how anyone can like but that's just me, had sold out Giants Stadium. I told her "What sells is commercial right?". She agreed. I then reminded her that the Cure sells more records than Cheap Trick so THEY are more commercial. She didn't take too kindly to my theory. Unfortunately these people have a pulpit from which they can preach their misguided gospel. And I don't think anyone really pays them any mind. Royal Trux records aren't exactly flying off the shelves.
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