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  1. As my comedic idol Lewis Black would say... Um, no! Here's a question? Have you ever heard some what today's "generation" is listening to? Do you really want to hear another record that sounds like Lincoln Park? Next topic!
  2. Maybe this is contributing to global warming?
  3. Due to scheduling conflicts I have been informed that Lew Bundles has one VIP ticket available for Saturday for a face value transaction or trade for a Sunday VIP. So email Lew or me if you'd like to get a hold of it.
  4. Well I'm of the Rick Neilson mindset when it comes to guitars. I'm not a big specs guy but if it feels right I'll play it.
  5. I never really understood the whole appeal of the signature models. I mean yeah they "signed" it (I hate to sound cruel but Jimi hasn't signed anything in years if you know what I mean), but it's really the same guitar that comes off the assembly line as countless others.
  6. I keep saying that there shouldn't be a rock n' roll hall of fame at all. There are still going to be alot of acts that aren't going to get in though they should be. Someone that comes to mind is right off the bat is Marc Bolan. He pretty much started the glam rock movement in the U.K. Yet he most likely won't be inducted. It's become a farce over the years.
  7. Hey Bessie. It seems that most female artists these days are of the country persuasion. There are a few here and there that aren't. Check out Anne McCue and Feist (she's in the iPod Nano commercials).
  8. Crouton... after an extensive visit with Mr. Bundles I've gathered enough material for about two paragraphs. Looks like Kiwi was right, this is going to be a short book!
  9. Crouton... I'm already in negotiations to write the unauthorized tell all biography that delves deeply into the man behind Bundles administration. Bundles: From Rome to Sayerville.
  10. Hey everyone. The comedy group I'm a part of This Just In!! has recieved more local press. This time in New Haven's little "Zine" (run by an evil corporate newspaper ironically enough) Play Magazine. You can check it out here... This Just In Play Magazine Article.
  11. First Ave. 7th St. Entry - Minneapolis, MN. I got off the plane, my friend Pete picked me up and this is the first place we went. I saw The Magnolias there. It was a tiny place adjacent to the big room at First Avenue (from the movie Purple Rain). They had a great sound system there.
  12. I love the Flying V. Easy to play and they have a surprisingly meaty sound like most Gibsons. Didn't Wally also used to play a walnut brown Flying V in addition to the black one? I seem to remember seeing with one in a photograph somewhere.
  13. If Matt the fashionista is running it then yeah probably.
  14. Hey everyone. The comedy group that I'm a member of got a write up in the Waterbury Republican American!! You can check it out here... Waterbury Republican American write up on This Just In!!
  15. He hired Diebold to oversee the voting.
  16. If photos of me got out on the net AT&T stock would plummet.
  17. Congratulations Dave and Annie.
  18. Here it is! In the right place! Iron Man Trailer!! Coming May 2nd, 2008!!!
  19. I've found that punks often preach non-conformity and they are the biggest conformists of all.
  20. I imagine that's somewhere down the line. Personally I'd like to see the television specials "James Paul McCartney" and "Back to the Egg" released on DVD.
  21. One of the guys who runs the improv group (Matt) is a bit "fashionista" if you will. When the other guy, T. Paul, is running a show it's much looser. Last time out I wore a black t-shirt and jeans. When Matt's in charge we have to goose step right in line. I don't understand what the difference is myself. All he's doing is making it harder on people in the group.
  22. I don't understand. Is it really that bad that I have no clue about this kind of thing?
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