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  1. We used to have a minor league team in New Haven for ages. I used to love going to games. Unfortunately the mayor here isn't a sports fan and he had the arena torn down. Now all we have is Yale hockey (BLECH!!!)
  2. Angioplasties are pretty routine these days.
  3. I have pretty eccentric tastes so there have been quite a few "duds" over the years. It wasn't for Christmas but one year for my birthday I got a popcorn maker. I eat maybe a handful of popcorn every two years. I remember opening it saying "what ever it is somebody put it in a popcorn maker box". And there was the time I got a sweatshirt. Later I found out it came from the women's department at the J.C. Penny outlet. Needless to say I was not keeping that one.
  4. Well I'll be dateless again this year. So I'm probably heading to one of my watering holes then over to my friend Kev's. Kev lives right across the street from me so there's no need to worry about me drinking and driving.
  5. Hopefully someone will put a in a good word with Santa for me!
  6. I'm setting the VCR for it now. Dang, I need a DVD recorder! Is this going to be released on DVD?
  7. Kathy you still need to get picked up young lady!
  8. Christmas never bothered me. New Year's on the other hand... Keep your chin up Tunes man.
  9. I got myself a new Hamer Standard a few weeks ago.
  10. Head on over to Newhaventheatercompany.com and click the FunnyStages link. I think they're posted over there too.
  11. hey everyone! There's some new photos of me from the improv show last week on Facebook.com. Head on over and check them out. FunnyStages Facebook Group
  12. There's nothing really "new" this year Bessie. Alot of the stuff from last year is more affordable though.
  13. I do that too. Unfortunately I get "I dunno" a lot.
  14. Bessie, always go for what's in his obvious fields of interest. It sounds a little simple but it usually works well. My brother (not Lew Bundles, another one) is a huge 007 fan. So I usually get him something along those lines. Do a little poking around and pick up on little clues. And often times you don't have to spend a lot of money either. One of the best gifts I got one year was a Hot Wheels Red Baron car. I still have it somewhere. Another thing is guys love gadgets and electronics! It makes us feel like a spy! With that said there's a few pitfalls you should avoid. First is being hell bent on something that you like. Why is that? Because you can go into what I call "DEE-nial". When you say to someone else "oh no, he'll love it I'm sure" that's a red flag. Secondly, things that smell. I've always hated getting aftershave and such as a gift and most men do as well. I don't know why and can't explain. Part of it is it makes me sick. I'm not kidding. Food is usually good but only if it's something he really enjoys. I once got a five pound box of M&M's. I said "does a root canal come with it?". Lastly, don't use the holidays to try and change someone. The last thing someone needs to be reminded of this time of year is that he/she needs to lose a few pounds or doesn't have a very good wardrobe. If there's more I'll put them up here. Good luck!
  15. You know, I would say why exactly I don't like George W. Bush but I don't have the energy and EC.com doesn't have the bandwidth.
  16. Because she thinks I'm a "superhero".
  17. I've been playing for a long time and I think this is a very cool idea. I don't like the whole criticism by that one guy about how tuning will be a "lost skill". Tuning a guitar is a royal pain in the rear end!! The "skill" of tuning was rendered obsolete when the guitar tuner was invented by Korg.
  18. Alot of people have been asking me just who Captain Harlock is. The character is the focal point of an entire "universe" created Leji Matsumoto, who is a legend in the world of anime. In the film Arcadia of My Youth (which tells Harlock's back story) Earth has been conquered by an alien race known as Illumidas and Harlock has been exiled to the Sea of Stars. He's amassed a crew of over forty, mostly misfits who have no other place but have found one with Harlock and his ship, The Arcadia and his best friend Tochiro. The ship the Arcadia in itself is a character as it is "alive" and later is the vessel that contains Tochiro's spirit within the ship's systems. What appealed most about the character is there's a great nobility to him. To him ALL life has value, no matter how big or small that life may be. He firmly believes in what he fights for and he lives, as he puts it, in ultimate freedom. When someone becomes part of his crew he doesn't swear allegiance to Harlock, he swears allegiance to himself and what he believes in. To me that's the overall message, it's what you believe in that matters the most. For more info here's a link to the Wikipedia entry; Captain Harlock Info Page This is the opening title sequence from the most recent series Endless Odyssey/Outside Lengend. Endless Oddyssey/Outside Legend Opening This is also the official Japanese site for the Endless Odyssey series. The page is in Japanese but there's a great opening flash movie. Endless Oddyssey Japanese Page And last but not least, a great fan page The Voice of Free Arcadia. The Voice of Free Arcadia
  19. Got my copy of Help! today!
  20. He's being paid through a generous grant courtesy of the Moderators Defense Fund and Public Television. This message has been brought to you by the letter Q.
  21. The original one hit wonder; Pachelbel - Canon in D.
  22. YO ADRIENNE!!!! I love that joke! Happy birthday!
  23. You know I'm pretty ticked off that this is the last season for Scrubs. It's probably one of the better programs on television. What is NBC going to do, broadcast ANOTHER reality game show? I'm really sick of so-called "reality" television. It's not reality. A super model, Navy SEAL, and a gay guy don't eat bugs on an island every day. Here's an idea; tell me a STORY! I guess that's why I love 24. Because there's a STORYLINE. Well at least I've still got South Park.
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