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  1. I've always enjoyed Lewis Black's take on the Super Bowl half time show. Lewis Black - Super Bowl Redux Lewis Black Super Bowl Half Time Part 2
  2. Ugh, I'm starting to feel that one. I wake up and get out of bed then say "OW!! That never hurt before!!!". Bill Engvall said you know when you're getting older when you see a commercial that you used to laugh at, then you see it again and say "hmn...".
  3. If Dave Winfield is Mr. May does that make A-Rod Mr. March?
  4. I really don't think it's unfair of me to say that Bruce Springsteen's music has just never resonated with me. Vocally, I always thought he sounded "strained" and much of the music sounds as if it's droning. And I've never bought into this whole "working man's hero" image. Yeah, I'm sure lots of Teamsters live in Malibu. I feel the same way about Bono, who preaches "responsibility" and bad mouths me for not caring about African debt relief and for not giving my five bucks to his charities, then he goes out and buys himself a Maserati Quattroporte (Richard Hammond on Top Gear let that little gem slip) and private jets. As if he's saying "It's not about my money it's about YOUR money. Now pay no attention to the $130,000 Italian made sports car behind me". It seems that activism doesn't pay as well as being a rock star. But I digress... Lew does have a point. Born In The USA is heralded as a patriotic anthem, when in reality it's about a young man who's life starts out bad, then he goes to Vietnam and it gets a whole lot worse. It goes to show you that many people really don't pay attention to the lyrics. And those lyrics have a significantly lesser impact on me than something like "Let the Bad Times Roll" by Paul Westerberg or "Voices" by Cheap Trick. Eric, even your song "Let's Pretend" for that matter and this is in no way a suck up. Why? Because they are written from a more personal point of view. I've never been a Vietnam vet or a factory worker, so I don't know what it's like to experience coming back from a war or having the mill close down. But I have been a starry eyed kid in love with the girl of my dreams who never seems to find the right words to say when she's right in front me (some say I still am that starry eye kid). To me that's more relatable than the all the well meaning "ode to the working man" songs. Even when I perform stand up the more personal the material is the funnier it tends to be. Which is why I do a lot of material on dating. We're all inherently bad at it, and you know the old saying; it's funny because it's true. I really don't have an ending for this so I'll leave it here.
  5. At least with the Mafia you know up front they're crooks.
  6. Whenever I see Bruce Springsteen my finger always seems to be drawn to the remote.... CLICK!
  7. Thank you everyone. I really would like to thank all of you for the warm wishes. I had a really good birthday, I only wish I could have spent it amongst such good people as the EC.com family. In the words of Stan Lee... EXCELSIOR!!
  8. To have my own HBO comedy special!
  9. Something inside me says that car is now forever defiled!
  10. I call New Haven, CT the "Asshole of New England". I've been saying for a while that I think Des Moinnes has better internet access. If it weren't for the Giants and Yankees I'd probably lose my mind.
  11. Update; I just got my new copy of Being There by Wilco. The packaging is so poorly put together that as soon as I removed the disc from the sleeve it was scratched!!!
  12. I remember that song was a huge hit. Soon after just about every "hair band" had to prove they too could play acoustic. Someone please purge this one from my memory!
  13. You know, I'm really ticked off by the growing trend of labels packaging CD's now in these so-called "digipaks" (or "eco-paks", whatever they are calling them these days). Here's the thing, a lot of people are claiming "well we're saving the environment by using biodegradable packaging". I say that's a complete and utter load. How are you "saving the environment" by chopping down trees to make paper? Jeff Tweedy of Wilco was on 120 Minutes years ago and said that their record "Being There" was packaged that way (probably the first digipak) to save money. How fitting since I recently had to replace Wilco's "Being There" because the discs got so scratched up from taking them in and out of that flimsy paper sleeve they were unplayable. I'll have to put them in jewel cases anyway. Secondly, they're extremely FRAGILE. Discs have been crushed, mangled and mutilated before I even unwrap them. Live on the Sunset Strip was crushed and DOA from Amazon. The other thing is that I wouldn't mind so much if they were cutting you a break. However it seems the record companies are charging the same price and you're getting LESS product. I really don't have an ending here. I will say though that this is NOT an improvement. Like Foamy the Squirrel said, and they wonder why nobody is buying CD's anymore. Nobody is buying them because they took all the fun out of buying them! Don't make me go back to vinyl!!
  14. Never been a Johnny Cash fan. All the aging punks around here all claim they are, but I doubt they actually own any of his records.
  15. Probably my favorite clip of George Harrison. Here he is with Paul Simon on SNL from November 20th, 1976. George Harrison and Paul Simon. SNL, Nov. 20th, 1976.
  16. I'm one of those people who doesn't like giving cash as a gift. I always pick up on clues and keep in mind what people's likes and dislikes are.
  17. I never liked "old country" and I don't like "new country" much for that matter. The bar I used to hang out was full of guys with Johnny Cash haircuts (note: If you're punk over 30 for some reason you are required to get a Johnny Cash haircut) and they would swear up and down they're his biggest fan. As a guy raised on the British Invasion I honestly can't find a thing I like about country music.
  18. I called Mohegan Sun and this show has been canceled.
  19. Yeah I am, it just goes either unappreciated or is met with complete and utter apathy. Comedian Tracy Smith said once that when she was younger and a guy would send her flowers she'd think "Pussy! Mama's boy! I want a man who's gonna treat me like trash!". Many women grew out of that however not the Generation X'ers (for want of a better term). I always look at them and say "You're over thirty and the guy you're dating rides a skateboard as his MAIN MODE OF TRANSPORTATION!! Unless you're Tony Hawk it's time to buy a bike". That's what I'm up against here. Check this out... Tracy Smith on dating past 30.
  20. You know, I'm absolutely convinced that women my age are not only uninterested in romance, they killed it outright!
  21. I'm glad to see someone buck the current digital music trend. Personally, I absolutely DESPISE iTunes. I have many friends that are what I call "neuveau minimalists" who always say to me about CD's and vinyl gathering dust "you don't need all that clutter". You know somemthing, what's the big deal about buying a CD? If you get tired of it you sell it. Try selling a downloaded file. Everyone remembers the first album they bought, nobody remembers the first song they downloaded.
  22. I'm afraid my offer of a round of Subway sandwiches just wasn't enough to sway them.
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