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  1. A huge shout out to Kathy who turned me on to David Grahame. Great Beatlesque power pop. Check him out at DavidGrahame.com
  2. I let Lew Bundles borrow my copy of Let It Be, not it's vanished into the mists of time. By the way, the reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.
  3. Hey Eric, I have a question about one of the guitars you used back in the 70's. On the Side 3 picture sleeve you are pictured with what looks like a black Gibson Melody Maker with the dual humbuckers. Being a guitar player myself naturally I wanted to try and find one. I looked high and low and found lots of tobacco sunburst and red but no black. Also the Melody Makers I found had the single lace pickups. Was this guitar a custom job? Also how did Joan Jett wind up with your white Melody Maker?
  4. You can search under "Cheap Trick" and it will usually come up on the third page. You can also search for "Robin Zander" and you will find it that way too. Or if you'd like you can go over to my Myspace page at; www.myspace.com/arcadiaofmyyouth
  5. Spin has been an absolute joke for years. I've seen Cheap Trick in thier prime and they would outplay any of these guys on thier worst day. Spin reminds me of one of those guys you talk to that thinks the world began in 1982 and nothing before that has any relevance.
  6. I've been posting alot of stuff from YouTube.com on my Myspace profile. There's a great video of Voices from Japan and an absolutley stellar version of Time Will Let You Know that Robin Zander sang with his daughter at thier 25 anniversary show. The latter also appears on the Silver DVD.
  7. Hey gang. I know I've been away from here for quite a while. Sorry for my absence. Anyway, Cheap Trick's new album (yes I still call them "albums", CD is the format) Rockford is pretty darn good!! I've been listening to it for the last couple of days and it's probably one of thier best records in years. Check out "All Those Years". And if any of you are on Myspace you can check me out at Myspace at Myspace.com/arcadiaofmyyouth. Talk to you soon!
  8. Jon Stewart of the Daily Show once describe Joe Lieberman as a candidate for people who don't think President Bush is "jewish enough". The problem here is this; Lieberman says that the outlook on our endevour is "positive" and optimistic. I don't agree. People claim that the press isn't reporting the positive things that are going on in Iraq like building schools and rebuilding thier economy. But that's not the reason that the administration said we needed to topple Hussien. We weren't supposed to be going there to establish a bulwark of democracy. We were there because we were told that Iraq posessed weapons of mass destruction. VX nerve gas? Non-existant. The alleged acquistion of Yellow Cake Uranium from Niger? That was proven by ABC news to be not true and the documents were found to be fraudulent. Now am I supposed to believe our intent was to "spread freedom"? You don't change the rationale for war because it's convenient. Secondly, I'm highly skeptical that the president has a plan. I really do think that this administration went to war with no clear cut strategy to win the peace. We needed at least 350,000 troops on the ground to maintain order. We have only about 140,000. And now they are fighting a guerrila war against an unseen enemy. One of the biggest mistakes was disbanding the standing army in Iraq. Now we have to train and build a police force from the ground up. Meanwhile Kim Jong Ill HAS acquired nuclear weapons. And Iran is in the process of acquiring them. If this is the truth as Joe Lieberman sees it then it's time he gets some new glasses. Iraq is a mess. The administration has bungled the job there. Now the entire region is teetering on the brink if civil war. Joe Lieberman could have stood up and said that this was wrong but he fell into line with the rest of the Neocons rather than have Donald Rumsfeld question his patriotism.
  9. I was fortunate enough to listen to Howard's last broadcast today on terrestrial radio. It was a great moment. I remember all the times listening to Howard on WNBC and later on WCCC in Hartford and I really can't believe that this day has come to pass. He's always been a trailblazer and now he gets to pioneer a new medium. He truley is the last of a dying breed.
  10. If anyone hasn't seen it there were 3 seasons of a Spawn animated series on HBO a few years back. They are available on DVD. They're excellent.
  11. Living in the shadow of Lew Bundles wasn't easy. I really hated being a teenager. I didn't fit in with any particular crowd. I wasn't good enough when I played baseball to hang around with the jocks. I really didn't like the "smart kids". I wasn't depressed enough to be a Goth. And there was this strange sect of guys who all looked like rockstars but couldn't play a note.
  12. There were two Captain America movies actually. One that was released straight to video in 1990 and another back in the 70's that was supposed to be a pilot for a television series. The Hulk wasn't bad. It wasn't great either. I think alot of people were expecting a guy in green paint to be running around instead of a CGI Hulk. This Hulk was closer to the comic than the television series. I didn't think Spawn was that good. But that's just me. My top comic book movies are; 1. Spider-Man 2 2. X-Men 3. Batman 4. Batman Begins 5. Superman Incidentily, filming has started on X-Men 3. The film is being directed by Brett Ratner and stars, of all people, Kelsey Grammer (yes, Dr. Fraser Crane) as Hank "Beast" McCoy. The trailer is already up at Quicktime.com. Unfortunately the only photo of Kelsey Grammer as Beast is a Flash picture and I can't post it. But here's the link, Enjoy.... X-Men 3 Beast Photo
  13. Hey everyone. I just wanted to turn you guys on to a new band called The A.V. Club. They are a power pop trio and happen to be friends of mine. They have an album coming out in Febuary. Check out the song Degrees of Grey by them. Killer!! Go to www.AVClubmusic.com
  14. I recently read the Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum. I tried reading Without Remorse by Tom Clancy and it was unbearabley tedious. It had so many specs and tehno-babble that it just dragged it down.
  15. I'm more worried about New Year's Eve. Last year I rang in the new year at this bar I hang out. They passed out cheap champagne in little plastic cups. I turned to my friend Amanda and said "you know, I'd be lying if I told you this is the way I thought I'd be spending New Years Eve".
  16. I'm a huge anime fan so you might not have heard of these. Some of my current favorites are; Cowboy Bebop Lupin the 3rd The Daily Show Most Extreme Elimination Challenge
  17. I also got it. It was pretty rude to say the least.
  18. If you look on the back of Sgt. Rutter's you'll notice that Lew Bundles is leaning slightly to the left. Much like a dying Yetti.
  19. Not only is there a Turkish Superman but there's also a Turkish Exorcist and a Turkish Star Wars!! Check out this profile from IMDB.com IMDB Turkish Superman In Japan there used to actually be a Spider-Man television series. Except is was signifcantly different than the American version. Spidey got his powers from a power bracelet that came from an alien planet given to him by his dying father. He lived on a flying fortress called the "Marveler". And he grew to a size of 50ft to battle giant, Godzilla like monsters! Check out this page! Too cool!! Japanese Spider-Man
  20. One movie I've been wanting to see for a while is the Turkish version of Superman. It's supposed to be really REALLY bad. Which is why I want to see it.
  21. I'm actually Lew Bundles younger brother. A couple of you have met me at the House Of Blues, Atlantic City.
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