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  1. What I heard was that some middle eastern oil sheik had a larger retainer wall built as well as a reshaping of the curve on the boulevard, as he was not much of a Nick Lowe fan, and, hence, did NOT 'love the sound of breaking glass.'...
  2. You wouldn't happen to remember what year & model that Jag sedan was, would you? I'm a big fan of the 1960's jag sedans. If you watch the show 'Mad Men' season 5 episodes 10 & 11, shot in what is supposed to be a Jaguar 'dealership', the 'honey beige' Mark 2 sedan in the front of the room is mine... What a fun gig that was....
  3. Anyone who lives in Southern California or who has visited & spent some time here would know that every street & intersection in "Dead Man's Curve" does, in fact, exist, any many local tales abound of young fools who followed the lyrics of the song and raced & wrecked many a car there.
  4. Wendy Thanks again for a fabulous time to brighten up the drive home from San Diego. Please thank Gary again for the incredible heart pounding experience of driving that brand spanking new 'Vette and Susan for those scruptuous cupcakes. I can think of only one other method to pleasurably increase the heart rate.. We should definitely make this a tradition...
  5. I knew they sould sound good, I just didn't expect them to sound THIS good.......what a treat...

    Car Accident!

    I guess that was Ira Jr.'s version of 'singing the blues'....

    Car Accident!

    Ira You take a photo of what's left of that car & keep it in your wallet. Any time you feel that stress and/or exhaustion are taking their toll, just step back, pull out the photo, and remember how you dodged a bullet on the morning of March 9th. One 'sick' day off is better than no more days on or off. Good things are happenning for you at this point in your life, and we certainly all want you to be around to enjoy them...
  8. Actually, ABM works very well with Little Anthony's vocal style. Great performance.

    Dating At 50+

    My earlier post was not meant to insinuate that after so many years in a previous marriage/relationship that families were made and familial relationships cultivated. My point was that many folks , in this long process, unfortunately, lose their own sense of identity and other interests in the years which go by. Yes, by all means, these ties are important, BUT, when that's all that is spoken about, and there is no 'passion' nor 'spark' to the individual beyond that, it's disappointing.
  10. CURLEW

    Dating At 50+

    Since Ira quoted me at the beginning of his post, it's only right that I get to chime in with a few choice words of my own. Since he's been out there dating, I've heard all the details about his potential candidates as he wended his way through the various online singles sites. What's really so discouraging is that most of these women (at least the ones Ira has met) sound as though they got married young, created a sense of identity wrapped solely around the the parameter of being a 'reproductive couple' , and now, whether by divorce or widowhood, are absolutely clueless about what to do to feel good now. I guarantee all of you that NONE of these women were listening to the Raspberries all those years ago. Songs like 'Tonight' or 'I wanna Be With you' or 'Ecstacy' would sound incalculably alien to all of these women. And therein lies the bulk of the problem.... I think Ira should subject his potential dating partners to a rock'n'roll appreciation proficiency exam right from the start. It would save him a lot of time and effort....
  11. CURLEW

    Autumn Weekend!!

    What a great voice Del had....so sad he took his own life...autumn here in Southern California is just like summer in Southern California except the days are shorter & the nights get longer...
  12. Perhaps my character will be introduced in the "Five Fingers Discount" episode....
  13. Great photos...I'm looking forward to meeting the group at the music festival mid-September....
  14. Yes...I remember that video got tons of airplay in 1979 when "Cruel to Be Kind" rose in the charts...
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