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  1. Of BMG Music Service??? I thought they offered a great alternative to buying retail, and I have to admit that I hate to see them go. I've been a pretty good customer for around 20 years, though the purchases slid off the last couple. There's only so many times you can buy an artist's "Greatest Hits" package, only to get one or two "unreleased songs". Goin' Country work for me in the 90's for a short time when Grunge took over the airwaves, but after a while, I noticed how so many of the Country artists (usually after their first album) stopped writing their own material and the songs all seemed to come from a pool of song writers. But Country started to remind me of the movement in the 80's when established Rock Bands, usually at the push of their labels, started putting out albums of other writers songs (Heart, Cheap Trick, etc.). Every hit song ended up being tied to Diane Warren, Desmond Child, Holly Knight, and Michael Bolton. On the plus side though, it was Mary Chaplin Carpenter's liner notes that helped me find Peter Bonta of Artful Dodger, so I can't complain...
  2. Thanks Eric, this was an extremely interesting read. I had wondered how it came to be that some of bands I had contacted over the years who have had their albums reissued, never saw a dime from that. the answer was always the same, somehow, somewhere, accountants from the band's original releasing label say the band still ownes money from some album released almost 30 years ago that "didn't do well". As for CD sales being dead, how true! Even BMG Music Service (which handled BMG, SONYBMG, and SONY artists) is calling it quits in about a month. Even at an average cost of $5.99 per disc (including S/H charges), they couldn't get people to buy music. As for any band laying down money to put out a release... It's a crazy investment that'll never come close to breaking even. Even if you self-release it and get Wal-Mart to distribute it, I'll bet that within less than a month of its release you'll find a copy of it online to download for free in either the music blogs, peer-to-peer networks, file torrents, YOUTUBE, and/or file sharing services. As you mentioned, touring is probably the last money making frontier in the music industry. But even that seems to have fallen to the major corporations controling it, such as Clear Channle's Live Nation. Smaller venues can't compete with the advertising funds and radio station control of the big fish. I guessing that things will progress to the point of artists starting their own web sites, and either on a monthly fee or pay-per-view basis, you can access pre-recorded streaming concert footage.
  3. That's fantastic!!!! I'm glad I could help.
  4. Could be the Canadian Band, Fosterchild. They had a song called "I Need Somebody Tonight" on their 1977 S/T debut album that charted. Here's some links about it: http://www.canadianbands.com/Fosterchild.html http://www.canadianbands.com/Fosterchild_CDs.html Unfortunately, no audio clips of the song are on the net, but maybe with the artist and title, somebody can help you further.
  5. Anyone interested can read an online version of Goldmine's recent feature story by Pete Lindblad on the band. It's a bit of a bittersweet read, but it's great to have the magazine take notice of the band. Here's the link: http://www.goldminemag.com/article/The_cautionary_tale_of_Artful_Dodger/ There's also a PODCAST interview link with Gary Herrewig from the band on the page. And finally, a brief blog entry by Gary Cox on their days touring with for KISS. http://blog.goldminemag.com/forgottenboy/Artful+Dodger+Meets+KISS.aspx
  6. That's not being greedy at all! I provided American Beat Records with the label history (thanks to Hank LoConti's assistance). SONYBMG owns it now (they recently renewed it in 2005), which is different than the Columbia material which is SONY (hard to believe it's all down to two big labels these days). They said they would look into it, since they really were not aware of the release. I think it will happen as long as the other AD reissues do as well as the first. I'm looking forward to the "Babes On Broadway" reissue. I don't think it will be a track level remaster though. It would have been cool to bring out Steven Tyler's vocals on "Alright". They are so buried you can't hear them. Funny, of all the songs on the YOUTUBE channel, "Mistake" from "BOB" has gotten the most plays - hopefully that's a good indicator. If I hear anything on "Rave On", I'll pass it along!
  7. For anyone interested, Goldmine Magazine is featuring an interview with Artful Dodger in an upcoming issue (slated for August 29th). They recently posted a Podcast interview with guitarist/songwriter Gary Herrewig at: http://www.goldmineradio.com/podcasting/..._contenders.mp3 Also, a teaser of the article is posted on Goldmine's page at: http://blog.goldminemag.com/forgottenboy/Artful+Dodger+What+Might+Have+Been.aspx Check it out if you're interested. Oh yeah, American Beat Records is in the process of releasing reissues for Artful Dodger's debut and "Babes On Broadway". And if you're bored, feel free to give this a listen as many times as you can: http://www.wmvx.com/cc-common/artist_submission/player.html?art=162062&gateway=exiting
  8. I saw them back in the '90s and it wasn't performed. I didn't quite know why, but figured it may have been due to the production on the song or something. I never knew how upset they were about that era in their recording career until I read the info in the box set.
  9. I don't believe Cheap Trick plays "The Flame" in concert. In their box set they mention about that era of their recording career and the push for commercially friendly material. I think only a couple of songs on "Lap Of Luxury" were written by them. Heart's better "rockin'" half went to form Alias in the late 80's. Too bad for Toronto that their label pulled "What About Love" from "Get It On Credit" a couple years before Heart used it. Not a very smart decision since the song became a comeback single for Heart. For Journey, it's great that they have a singer, but I wonder if he'll fill Steve's shoes in contributing to the songwriting. John is a great songwriter, but the new album's material is not as strong as the songs on "Trial By Fire". On Steve's solo stuff, I thought "Street Talk" was good, especially "Strung Out".
  10. I don't know if this info helps or not, but at the 2006 Taste Of Cleveland Show, Steve Brigida mentioned to me that the drummer sitting in on Beau Coup's set was Mike McBride. Steve talked with him for a short time. From what I understand, Steve and Mike would converse quite often back in the day. All I can say is that the he played really well, especially the jazz number, "Linus & Lucy", with keyboard player Dennis Lewin.
  11. This item sometimes pops up on Ebay and unfortunately people buy it, and get burned by the horrible quality of it. The "Live In Cleveland" was a 1976 show broadcast on WMMS, and "It's Over" is chopped, plus the broadcast mixing has lots of hiss in it. The Agora owns a superb copy of that recording from the board and not the broadcast recorded on a home stereo. Fortunately, American Beat will be releasing the debut and "Babes On Broadway" in the very near future. Most likely late summer. They are also going to see if they can do something with "Rave On". Goldmine Magazine gave the reissue of "Honor Among Thieves" high marks, which was fantastic. Also, Artful Dodger is on Clear Channel's Unsigned Artist On-Demand Site, here's the link: http://www.wmvx.com/cc-common/artist_submission/player.html?art=162062 And they are also in the Gretsch 125th Anniversary contest at: www.gretsch125th.com Listening and voting starts June 15th and runs through July 16th. Any support would be appreciated!
  12. Phil's two solo projects from the early '80s, "Phil Seymour" and "Phil Seymour 2" are both very good, several songs are Dwight Twilley's songs and one is a Tom Petty song called "Surrender". "Precious To Me" is a pretty good idea of the material/sound on the albums. He never shared the same level of success that Dwight Twilley managed as a solo artist in the '80s.
  13. Thanks hollies65! Another link is: http://www.youtube.com/user/artfuldodgersite That's the main channel and you can pick and choose at your leisure... Artful Dodger's recording career started in 1975 and ended around 1981. Three releases were on Columbia records, one on Ariola/Arista. They were managed by Krebs, same as Aerosmith. Their sound is compared to Rod Stewart/The Faces. Some comparisons were made to the Raspberries, some say the Rolling Stones, depends on who is talking about them. "Think Think" and "Come Close To Me" kind of have a Raspberries sound to it. They had scattered popularity, but Ohio was probably their best market due to the efforts of the Columbia Records promoter in the area. Their most popular songs were "Wayside", "It's Over", "Think Think", "Remember", "She's Just My Baby", "A Girl (La La La)" and "Scream" (their highest charting, though nothing cracked the Top 40). Most critics like the debut best, but their final album "Rave On" is also favored by some critics for the quality/variety of song styles on it.
  14. First, glad you could make the Artful Dodger show, and I'm also glad you thought the show was great! The guys in Artful Dodger were really psych'd about doing the show and practiced several times a week for the last few months to make it the best possible reunion show to date. I think it showed with how tight they played. On the picture, Gary Cox gave me a box at dinner Friday, and there were several KISS pics he took from a show that AD opened for them back in 75/76. In the very bottom of the box, was this flipped over Polaroid shot. I looked up at Gary and asked what it was (he had this devilish grin on his face) and said "You know who that is??". He then told me the whole story behind the picture. I had told Gary about the Raspberries new disc and loaned him mine to listen to. The next day at soundcheck, Gary Cox told me that they sat around all night listening to it, everyone commenting on how great it sounded, and of course, reminiscing of "the good old days". Gary Herrewig asked if I had been to any of the Raspberries' reunion shows - How they were, and if I knew if they were going to do any more shows. Unfortunately, I have only been to The Choir show, and only Eric Carmen and company can answer the second part of that question. They said to give them a "heads up" if the Raspberries do another reunion show. The day after the show, I scanned it in for our site, but thought I'd send a copy on to Bernie (because he's such a great guy!) to do with as he pleased - along with the story. Bernie posted it here, and thankfully edited the story (I tend to ramble on a bit, like an ol' Chrysler...) So there you have the whole story... Thanks for posting it, Bernie, and thanks for the great editing job! BTW - American Beat Records informs that the reissue of Artful Dodger's debut and "Babes On Broadway" are very close to release. They are also going to look into "Rave On".
  15. Hmmm, Ira, I don't know if that's a real good idea to have him entertain at a kid's party, especially if you've ever seen "The Tubes Video" (1981) which was a collection of videos for the "Completion Backwards Principle" plus "Mondo Bondage" and "White Punks On Dope" - very, make that, extremely risque (at least R if not X rated). Great band! Good to hear that Prairie Prince is back with them! One of my favorite tunes is "Out Of The Business" which uses the melody of "Talk To Ya Later"...
  16. Here's the details... Artful Dodger at the Cleveland Agora. May 3rd, 2008 at 8:00 pm, doors open at 7:00 pm. Tickets are all General Admission, and are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. You can get tickets via TicketMaster or from the Agora's box office (and skip all the TicketMaster fees.....)
  17. Just wanted to let anyone who is interested know that there is a show in the works scheduled for early May 2008 at the Cleveland Agora. Bill is taking requests over at the site if anyone is interested.
  18. Lucky for me that I have boys who don't seem as much into music as computers - LOL! Though my first grader bounces around for Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me" and lately he's getting into the live version of "I Wanna Be With You". So hopefully this will keep him busy until Hannah and HSM disappear (fingers crossed very tightly). I was also shocked to learn that a fifth grader in my other son's class is doing a biography project on one of the Beatles. Maybe there's hope for future generations. Speaking of the Rasperries' live disc (I hope you don't mind me going off thread here), as I mentioned to Bernie - it's an AMAZINGLY GREAT disc, and the first "new" music that I've purchased and can listen to the ENTIRE album (trust me, a major accomplishment...). The mixing and sound is fantastic! A big THANKS to all who were involved in making it possible!
  19. AJ

    The Hooters?

    The Hooters recently performed a reunion show in Philly back in late November 2007 with another Philly based band, The A's. I heard that both bands were really good. There's a few blogs online where you can catch reviews of the shows.
  20. The first album I ever owned that had the Raspberries on it was a double album of various artists entitled "Bubblegum Super Hits" - the song was "I Wanna Be With You". Regardless of how it's classified, it's a great tune! I think that the classification is most likely a result of being only familar with the more often played hits and not the bulk of the band's material (as mentioned above). Surely "Tonight", "Ecstacy", and "Overnight Sensation" couldn't be considered Bubblegum!
  21. Although now I'm ashamed that I must have watched professional wrestling as a kid....
  22. I have an Instrumental Question. I'm trying to remember the name of a seventies instrumental. It opens with an acoustic guitar (almost Spanish sounding), but then later in the piece drums and a horn section come in and the song picks up pace (yeah, not much help, huh). Orchestrations sounds something like: DUM-DUM-DUM, TA-DA-DUM-DUM-DUM. Some local Cleveland TV station used it back then, possibly for sports broadcasting or professional wrestling. I'm pretty sure it was popular enough to have charted. Any help is appreciated, though I know that's not much to go on. Thanks!
  23. AJ

    One Hit Wonders

    I don't know if this is limiting it to "Top 40" or "Top 100", but some one-hitters mentioned here did have other tunes that charted. Some have been already been corrected through out this thread. Pilot - "Just A Smile" and "January" charted in the top 100 - Members of Pilot were part of The Alan Parsons Project. Jigsaw - "Love Fire" #30 Edward Bear - "Close Your Eyes" #37 Tommy Tutone - "Angel Say No" #38 Looking Glass - "Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne" #33 Katrina and the Waves - "Do You Want Cryin'" and "That's The Way" charted. Men Without Hats - "Pop Goes The World" #20 Rip Chords - "Three Window Coupe" #28 Fortunes - "You've Got Your Troubles" #7 "Here It Comes Again" #27 Jay Ferguson "Shakedown Cruise" #31 Paper Lace - "Billy Don't Be A Hero" (original version) Gilbert O'Sullivan - "Clair" #2, "Out Of The Question" #17, "Get Down" #7 "Ooh Baby" #25 Warrant - "Down Boys" #27 "Heaven" #2 "Sometimes She Cries" #20 "I Saw Red" #10 Steel Breeze - "Dreamin' Is Easy" #30 Kajagoogoo - "Too Shy" true, but the lead singer went solo as Limahl and charted with "Never Ending Story" "Smoke From A Distant Fire" by the Sanford-Townsend Band - They're a one-hitter, but the entire album is full of great tunes. Recently it was reissued on CD.
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