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  1. I have the Sunset Strip DVD. Guess I didn't hear them.....Need to dig deeper I guess. I was told this particular 'Greatest Hits' was never officially released. I remember seeing the artwork on a cd. It must have been another promo copy or something. This advanced Cd I got just has a plain purple cover with all the songs listed....and the Capitol logo at the bottom.
  2. I know this is probably "old News" to most of you...but I picked up a really cool Advance CD copy of RASPBERIES GREATEST HITS from 2000,and it has four previousl unreleased cuts. I remember when the legit release came out, but then was pulled for whatever reason. The demos are really cool!! there are demos for I SAW THE LIGHT and COME AROUND AND SEE ME. Then two unreleased songs called PLEASE LET ME COME BACK HOME, and OH TONIGHT. Eric REALLY sounds like McCartney on both of those! I was really lucky to come across this. It was at Amoeba Records in Hollywood....probably the world's greatest record store! Does anyone else have this??? Just curious.
  3. After three days of posting, I hope Eric has checked out the boards and realizes how much we all care for him and his health. I'm sure our support helps him a little.....maybe a lot. I don't post on here as regularly as I'd like to, but when I heard the news I jumped on here immediately!! It's nice to have a community to share these feelings and our universal support. I'm sure Eric will be fine. Hopefully, he'll post on here soon when he feels up to it. Nice to read everyone's take on things. The one thing we ALL have in common is love of Eric's music and concern for his well being. As I said, I'm sure it's comforting for him to know that.
  4. I know a lot of you know about Brian's new album, THAT LUCKY OLD SUN. I think it's probaby his best solo album ever!!! As some of you may know, I did some animation and visuals for his live performance in England last year during the spoken narratives. As it turns out, Capitol will be releasing a DVD of Brian's live performance at Capitol Records along with the visuals I did!! I'm excited the general public will get a chance to see and hear Brian's live TLOS show. I think the visuals work pretty well, and am really proud to have been a part of this great project. The DVD will be released in January. I'm going to Brian's show at the Hollywood Bowl this Saturday and will be able to go to the sound check as well as be backstage to visit with him and the band. If you haven't picked up the new album....please do so! You will not be disappointed. Thanks! Rick Farmiloe (Raspberry Rick)
  5. I have a question....why would the cops release the video, which is evidence to the TMZ celebrity rag website??? Why are the mugshots also on TMZ?? Isn't this stuff supposed to be confidential? We sure live in a gossipy, trashy society.
  6. Eric I want to add my voice of support for you at this time. Not sure if this is a sure sign of alcoholism or just a drinking problem.....but do your best to get some help before it becomes more serious and you or someone gets seriously hurt. My father was an alcoholic for the last 18 years of his life. It's a very tough fight....but know you have the prayers and support of all of us. You have a LOT of people on your side, so fight the good fight. We have faith you can beat this. All my best to you and your family, Rick Farmiloe (Raspberry Rick)
  7. Happy New Year to you, Eric....and the rest of my Raspberries-buddies from all over! Hope 2008 is a great one for everyone and that the Raspberries will continue to be very active on the music front. This is such a friendly and informative site. Keep up the great work, Bernie. Thanks!!!
  8. Darlene, You'll have to ask his wife, I refuse to get that personal with him.
  9. Wow! I missed this thread for a few days....NINE pages! Everyone has valid points I guess....but let's keep things in perspective.....I remember how thrilled I was in 1991 when I hear the Raspberries would play some dates with The Knack. I was all poised to buy tickets for the Greek Theater here in L.A. I couldn't believe I'd finally get to see one of my favorite bands after all these years!! Then.....*poof*...it vanished, no tour, no shows....nothing. Fast forward to 2005 and The Raspberries decide to FINALLY tour again! 'The Dream' finally came true...and they were BETTER than we could EVER imagine!!! From this point on, whatever they do is gravy, frankly. They owe nobody ANYTHING! They are four great guys who decided to once again share their magic with us. I for one, am very grateful for that. I'll see them, buy their records, etc. just as long or as often as they want to put themselves out there...period! I'm in no mood to nitpick setlists, duration of shows, less than sellout attendance,etc. I just feel fortunate that one of the most enduring and influential rock bands of the last 35 years are still willing to share their magic with us. I ask for nothing more.
  10. That's cool. Tom Kenny is a good friend of mine and my girlfriend. Some of you know I'm an animator and have worked with Tom on a few things...I see him ALL the time at the best shows...He's a HUGE Brian Wilson fan and he and Andy Paley (one of Brian's co-songwriters) have written many tunes for cartoon shows. I ran into Tom and his wife in line before the M&G and we chatted awhile. He's a very big Raspberries fan and we ran into each other at the 2005 gig. He's a really terrific guy!!
  11. Brian's wife, Melinda had a wonderful party for Brian out here at the Hotel Bel Air in Beverly Hills. It was really a great time. I was sitting at at table with Jerry Schilling, of Elvis "Memphis Mafia" fame. Such a GREAT guy!! Also sitting with us was Matthew Beckley, son of Gerry Beckley of AMERICA. Legendary LA disc jockey, scene maker Rodney Bingemheimer, producer Mark Linnett, daughter Carnie Wilson, Van Dyke Parks....and many more were in attendence. After dinner Brian and his band performed for about 40 minutes. A truly memorable night celebrating this amazing artist and his accomplishments.
  12. I was only on the floor.....didn't really check out upstairs. You might be right about not being 'close' to sold out...but it was pretty full. Still a great time!
  13. ....Oh, and I forgot to add....afterwards I got to hang with my pals from Brian Wilson's band, Darian and Nelson (part of the Wondermints). Great time!!!!
  14. I posted my thoughts on the COURAGE thread, but I'll talk about the Meet and Greet. First of all, the place was PACKED for the show! Sorry there were only about 200 at the Grove, but the HOB was practically sold out. For the M&G, there was about 30, 40 people. My girlfriend and I hung with another board member and were the first group to see the band. They were in a little sitting room upstairs. We were taken 5 at a time. Eric was sitting on what looked like a throne. I said, "Eric, you look like a king on his throne." He said, "Yes. I'll I need is a sceptor." I stuck out my hand and he said, "I know you. I remember you." I had a zebra print shirt on that he kept commenting on. "I Love that! Where'd you get that!!? This guy dresses better than us!" He also kidded me about my "too young" girlfriend. He said, "I remember you guys...and you oughta be ashamed of yourself!" He said, "You're young enough to be my granddaughter!" All the guys were SO nice!!! they signed stuff and took pictures. It was a lot more informal than last time when we were in an assembly line to get pictures taken with them. As we were leaving and thanked them, Eric said something like "I want to find that shirt...you gotta find one for me."...and then something about staying one step ahead of the law. "YOu know, in some states it's illegal to have a girlfriend that young!" He was such a crackup. We got a great shot of us with the band...and when we left we were just beaming!! The show was amazing!!!! And I loved rubbing elbows with fellow board members. there WERE the technical problems and delays....but the band played amazingly well...maybe better than last time. After the last song, Eric thanked the crowd for being so patient, then said, "Now, we're going back to our hotel and kill ourselves!" I felt bad for him....but I hope the and the band realize the crowd was in heaven from the first note to the end, regardless of the looseness of the show. I can't wait to see them again when they come back out. RASPBERRIES RULE FOREVER!!!
  15. Let me add my voice to those who were at the show, and LOVED it despite the tech snafus. Eric was really getting frustrated sitting at the piano, kept shaking his head after the tech guys would try to adjust his earphone monitor. The other bandmembers were having the same problems apparently...but Wally especially was in the "let's just play' mode. the thing was to US they sounded amazing!!! Maybe "NEW" technology has gone a bit too far and it's time to 'analog' things again. The floor monitors I guess didn't work too much better, but the band just carried on bravely, apologizing....which wasn't necessary. I WAS disappointed Eric did't revisit I CAN REMEMBER after the break....but they did it last time out, so we've seen it live. It was a real treat to hear ALL BY MYSELF live....and my girlfriend and I were right in front of him about 10 feet away. It was the LONG album version, which was fantastic!! they did the old Choir hit too!! I loved the whole night! I felt so bad for Eric...he's a perfectionist. But they REALLY were amazing. The onstage patter between Eric and Wally was a real treat because it was so loose. They really are Ying Yang to each other. Wally did a great Sam Kinison during the technical scramble. Great show!! I'll post my thoughts about the Meet and Greet on a separate post. FANTASTIC NIGHT!!!! Raspberries Still Rock better than anyone!!!!
  16. Looking forward to seeing the band tonight...and all of you LA area fans. I'm wearing a zebra print shirt, so come by and say hi. I'm going to the M&G beforehand. I was also told it was at 8pm, but someone from the band told my girlfriend it would be at 7:30....I caught the band on KLOS-FM this morning on the Mark and Brian Show. Eric and Wally were funny. Love to hear Eric's take on record execs!! Wally sang lead on an in studio version of NO REPLY....sounded just like Lennon!! So cool! See you all tonight! Raspberries Forever!
  17. Hi Everyone! REALLY looking forward to the 'Berries triumphant return to the Sunset Strip this Friday!! I have tix to the Meet and Greet. Anyone know what time it is supposed to happen??? I hope to see a lot of you there. I'm going to try and find a raspberry tuxedo shirt so I'll be raspberry-ish. Great times ahead!!!
  18. Hi Lee Thanks for your nice comments. Nice to see you on BOTH boards! Now you know my 'true' identity! As far as I know Brian has the Australia tour scheduled for January, and nothing has been confirmed beyond that....at this date. I'm sure with the success of these new shows Brian will schedule something for the US, and possibly Canada....but nothing is confirmed yet. As for a CD, there is talk about one, but nothing has been finalized yet. I'd be surprised if there wasn't one at some point. Such BEAUTIFUL new music as this really needs to be recorded. Thanks again for your nice words! -Rick
  19. It's been a long, hard road, but the film I did for Brian Wilson's new work, THAT LUCKY OLD SUN had it's premiere in London on Monday night. It was probably the hardest thing I've ever done....long nights, no sleep, and much stress as we sped toward the deadline. It was especially rough the last couple of days as we had to make last minute changes, and then make 24 copies on DVD in different versions and formats....MANY MANY technical problems!! But...the final product came out pretty good, and what is MOST important, Brian and Melinda really liked it!!!! It consists of new hand drawn animation, film clips, old L.A. postcards, cut out animation, stills, etc. We put the most effort and time in the Wilson brothers montage sequence which plays on the screen without Van Dyke Parks narration, only a live version of the beautiful, 'CAN'T WAIT TOO LONG' from the SMiLE era. The reviews from the shows are coming in, and they have ALL been very positive!!! Apparently, the montage sequence is a real highlight....which makes me VERY happy! I've gotten messages from people on the BrianWilson.com site concerning the visuals, and everyone seems to like them! So.....after all is said and done....it was worth it! I got to work with my musical hero (well...I have many...including ERIC!) I am hoping to tweak the film when they return from the tour in England and add some more animation in time for the Australian tour. Anyway, I've blabbed long enough. Thank you all on this board for your support and encouragement!! Really appreciate the nice words. I really hope some of you will be able to see the show if Brian tours with THAT LUCKY OLD SUN here in the States. I think he will. Thanks again!!
  20. I am a HUGE Jerry Lewis fan. He's a friggin' genius!!!!! The guy is 81 years old and still working his ass off for kids less unfortunate. He'll probably never get his full due, but he knows the public loves him. Gary did serve in Vietman and came out a different person. Jerry is very conservative and I believe thought Gary should serve just as men did in WW1,2, Korea, etc.....but when Gary returned home, he was a wreck!! Jerry said afterwards if he had it to do all over again, he'd ship Gary to Canada. It DID create a rift between them for a few years, but now they are as close as ever. I think any very driven person has troubled relationships with their kids....and Jerry is no different. What he has given the world in the form of entertainment and tireless dedication to his cause is unprecidented. Appreciate him or not, you have to admire his perserverance. I'll always love the guy!!!
  21. Great story!!!! but I say, "MOVE." You have a great story you can always tell people, but YOUR life dictates moving on to bigger and better things. Never live your life in someone else's shadow. It's an AMAZING coincidence you live where Eric used to live!! Ultra-Cool....but get a place that you'll be comfortable in and you can afford. Best of luck to you!!!!
  22. Having heard things songs NUMEROUS times, by doing a film for his narrative pieces, I can tell you this is the BEST collection of Brian's tunes in MANY years! I went to rehearsals the other day to show my rough cut and sat through the entire set. I mentioned to his wife, Melinda this was the best stuff I've heard from Brian since his first solo album in 1988. She agreed, but admitted she actually liked these new songs even better!! I really hope these new songs will appear on a new album, so you can really appreciate the full effect of the great arrangements and vocals. This band is magic live!!! I will report on the experience of making this film for him tomorrow.....I am TOO exahausted right now to properly expand on the experience. They are all on their way to England as I write this. I know the lucky folks in London will be VERY pleased with his new works!
  23. Oh yeah. I heard they were putting up that site. That's pretty cool. I can draw the Simpsons in my sleep now! When I get some time, I'll do my own version of the Raspberries in the Simpson world.
  24. Bernie, We did ship out a lot of the animation to Korea to the studio The Simpsons tv show uses. We basically did all the main 'posing' of the characters here, then to Korea to finish up. It's the way TV shows are done. I'm mostly involved with feature animation, which is NOT sent overseas, but animated here. I used to animated for Disney (still do, actually) and we did all the animation (hand drawn) here. AnniekNY, Didn't see the 'Simpsons' version of the group.....where can I find it. Thanks for your words of encouragement!
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