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  1. Very kind words LC. It is amazing the tipsy, analytical insight I have while drinking wine in front of the computer...LOL. ( as evidenced from some of my fantasy baseball moves....and mistakenly using my password "Angelina" as my screen name rather than my usual Jfglistens on this site! In all seriousness. Like everyone else....I anxiously awaited (what seemed like forever) ec's follow-up album. Once "BATC" was in hand...I was completely blown away by the creative departure. Musically, lyrically and emotionally...…"Boats" remains one of my favorite albums EVER! The album still resonates to me as a man now as it did when I was 17.
  2. Thank you Bernie for your years of hard work driven by passion and love for Eric and his music. You, and the site, have been responsible for so many friendships, laughter, tears and joy brought about by the unifying, magical thread that is Eric and his musical genius. It was/is so awesome that all the ec.com members were not alone. You brought us all together to a "safe haven"...a home if you will. I cherish the friends I have made from all corners of the globe through this site. Even Cartmill! I am humbled to be a part of such a wonderful place. Booyah Indeed!
  3. Hang tough Diane....sending positive vibes northward!
  4. Happy Birthday to gentleman G-Man (Feech)...hope you enjoyed your special day!!!
  5. as I mentioned on FB...."what an icky business"....thanks for the insight EC!
  6. Agreed, Desired, and Signed John Francis Graham
  7. Hi Harry........I'll be out of the country from 7/10 thru 7/19 ...otherwise the Booyahs could CERTAINLY coordinate work schedules and be in the NJ/Philly area for your shindig! thanks, One Crazy Guy ;P
  8. Happy-Belated ec.com Birthday Reid, although I got ya' on FB! Hope you enjoyed your special day!
  9. Happy Birthday Kirk.....enjoy yourself today!!!!
  10. I'd tell them I'm a felon...but then they'd want me to vote twice !
  11. Thank Goodness Darlene.............I know it's been very difficult this past week!
  12. Dave..my brother's office in Princeton has power now.....his home a mile away was powered up early this AM. As some of you know I have offices in NJ. Bernie in Sayreville might have power since one of my therapists lives there and now has power, although my office less than a mile away from there does not. Here's hoping Bernie is not on THAT grid and he gets power soon.
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