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  1. I'm really not a big breakfast person either,but know it's important to start my day with a little something anyway. I get up at 5:40 weekdays and have a small glass of juice. I get to work around 7:00 and then have to have two cups of green tea before I even think about putting something solid in my stomach. I usually have my cereal with skim between 8 and 8:30 and then some fruit around 10:30. I'm a little more flexible on the weekends because after his first cup of coffee, my guy is ready for an egg over easy on a toasted english muffin. (Either Saturday or Sunday, never both). The things we do for love. I'm still having a lot of fun finding new exercise routines on the exercise on demand channel, there is a great variety. My favorite is still "I want those abs" and by golly, I'm gonna get 'em back. Kathy Lee, try calling it brunch, it might taste better.
  2. julesberry

    Giants Win!

    You bet Jeff ! Saturday's game between the Packers and the Seahawks has to go down in history as the most fun game to watch ever. Those shocking first two minutes, the Pack coming back gangbusters and the snowballs !!!!!!!!!!! Ha! The Packers ARE going to the Super Bowl ! Go Pack !
  3. All concerned are in our thoughts and prayers.
  4. Stevie Ray Vaughan was featured on David Bowie's Let's Dance album. Bowie wanted Stevie Ray to tour with him but he was going out on the road with Double Trouble.
  5. Disagree with your definition of love in these contexts. Love can sometimes be exemplified by the toughest decisions. Motivations are always important to question in these situations.
  6. The trouble is we often think of, or value, human life as an abstraction, as a concept.In fact, I would say that to do so is a societal cornerstone in Western culture. But how often do we apply these beliefs in day to day situations? For example, how consistent is it with the notion of the sanctity of human life that we keep bed ridden vegetables alive, at all costs, even when they do not know who they even are, or they have no chance of recovery? Is this respectful of human life or even consistent with a notion of its sacredness? There are so many examples of this,but the point being is that we often treat human life as sancrosanct as an abstraction, but we often drop the ball in attempting to put it into practice. If we believed this truly, I believe the manner in which we treated each other, even on a daily basis, would be greatly affected. Existentialists, and others, would argue that only on an individual basis can we raise a human life to the level of sanctity through our own spiritual actions and selflessness. Few can accomplish this. But the life of a scoundrel is not sacred just from the fact of its' being human. No indeed, and perhaps in reality the life of the innocent cat, dog, or horse, is in reality far superior to the life of the human scoundrel. It is something to consider in the scheme of things.
  7. Kathy Lee, What about breakfast and dinner? It's so important to start your day out right. I used to just do cereal and skim at breakfast and still felt hungry. Now I do a apple or banana before lunch and it's made a huge difference. Usually a Lean Cuisine for lunch and then fish or chicken for dinner with green beans or brussel sprouts or a nice green salad with plenty of tomatoes and maybe avacado with basalmic vinegar dressing,yum. Maybe a small red potato. What do you think was your best benefit from the apple cider vinegar? So many questions but it's getting late for today.
  8. I'd love for James to save this poor girl.
  9. Thanks for the warning Muzz - I'll have to specify I don't want MAN abs !
  10. I'm up to the challenge! We just upgraded to digital cable and now have access to exercise on demand. I love it. Especially "I want those Abs" ouch, can I feel it. A tropical vacation may be in the wings, a good incentive. Not too bad, I already have in 2.5 hours in for the week. Where's the sweaty graemlin? Oh wait, I mean glowing graemlin?
  11. julesberry


    1) The Man Called Cash (Johnny Cash)- Steve Turner 2) Death in a Prairie House - Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Murders - William Drennan 3) Ronnie - The Autobiography - Ron Wood 4) Clapton The Autobiography - Eric Clapton 5) Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Me - Pattie Boyd I'd recommend them all except for #5.
  12. Go for it Danny - Quit smoking. We quit just over a year ago (12/26/06). Think of all the nice things you could buy with that money that's just going up in smoke. Like tickets to the next Raspberries concert! My resolution is to get rid of those pesky pounds I put on as a result of quitting though... :p
  13. "Less is More" is the first thing written on our chalkboard in the kitchen. We've made alot of trips to Goodwill lately with items we've cleaned out of closets. Our new rule is that when something new is brought into the house, something similar has to go.
  14. His heart has probably been affected by his lawyer tellng him how much cash he is likely to have to give peg leg in this settlement. Angioplasty and wallet-ectomy simulatneously.
  15. We tuned in of course as one of us is a hockey player! Very cool. Wish it would have been the Red Wings and the Sabres though.
  16. one more show at the Chicago HOB please...
  17. June, You're in our thoughts and prayers also. We also had tickets to the show but something even Bigger has come up that we have to attend. (I know it's hard to believe!) All I will say is I'm very proud of my Man!
  18. His passion for keeping this site an interesting and fun place to spend time, in his spare time. (What's that you say?)
  19. Kiwi offered alot of support when I quit smoking ELEVEN months ago. It's much appreciated. And chocolate fish of course.
  20. For his guidance and down under humor.
  21. 1) He's our resident pot stirrer and spices things up around here. 2) His great idea to start these threads right before Thanksgiving for us to express that we are all thankful for each other in one way or another. Brilliant!
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