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  1. Petty plays Summerfest in Milwaukee July 5th with special guest Steve Winwood. Tickets go on sale Saturday also. I don't know if we should get tickets or not. On the news last night they said snow was predicted.
  2. My grandmother worked at Gimbels. Most Saturdays when she was working my Mom would round all 5 of us kids up and we'd go visit with Grandma and then go to the lunch counter there. It was great. They served the best grilled hot dogs on a toasted bun. Yum ! Zayres and Grants are the only ones that ring a bell here, but a faint one at that.
  3. I click on this often. This afternoon I picked up my Mom and we went to lunch and then to a new resale boutique where all proceeds benefit one of our local Humane Societies. What another great idea. I animals !
  4. Julie, You and your Mom are in my prayers that all is well. I lost my Dad 15 years ago, he was only 67. My Mom will be 77 this year and is still working helping the elderly at an assisted living facility. We keep telling her to cut down her hours but she is still working 30 hours a week. She's a Rock !! I picked her up at noon today and we went out for lunch and then did a little shopping. No incidents but after 3 hours she said "I'm ready to go home!" Love her to pieces, she's my idol. GO MOM !
  5. Best Birthday Wishes, Raspberrywolf ! Glad to hear you are on the mend.
  6. We bought a Glen Campbell Greatest Hits CD over the Holidays. Great Stuff for sure. Along with Johnny Cash At Folsum Prison, another classic.
  7. 1) Calvin and Hobbes 2) The Far Side 3) Pearls before Swine Same as Bernies. I've posted a few Pearls before Swine on my fridge cuz they totally crack me up.
  8. ec.com a.k.a. - The Angel Network
  9. Tom Brady spotted with a walking cast. Real or Fake?
  10. Who cares? The Packers aren't playing. :p
  11. Thanks Gene ! Great photos !
  12. julesberry


    Anna R, I'd highly recommend Loving Frank - A novel, I finished it yesterday afternoon. It's a real page turner, well written. It paints Mamah in a totally different light from other books I've read about Frank Lloyd Wright.
  13. julesberry


    Just started reading - Loving Frank : A Novel - Nancy Horan Fictional account of a true story, The affair of Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Borthwick Cheney.
  14. When you get so excited about a new Raspberries concert announcement that you buy tickets even though you know that your schedule won't allow you to go. We're thankful we were able to make it to 3 shows anyway.
  15. Best Belated Birthday Wishes, JannyGurr !
  16. Best Belated Birthday Wishes, Kumiko ! Just making it last longer !
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