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  1. It's 37 with heavy rain/thunderstorms here today.

    In recent years we've been slow coming into Spring, but then again our Autumns have stayed warmer longer, a plus for sure.

    To deal with this never ending Winter, we spent the weekend going to garden centers picking up our vegetable and herb seeds, wildflower seeds and twine and stakes to plot out additional garden space. We'll be ready when it gets here. And boy oh boy are we ready ! :p

  2. Heather Mills hoping to star in George Harrison film

    32 Hours,9 minutes Ago

    London, Mar 23 (ANI): Heather Mills has now set her sights on Hollywood - and is hoping to star in Martin Scorsese's documentary on late Beatle George Harrison.

    The 40-year-old former model said she is one of the last people to visit Harrison prior to his death from cancer in November 2001.

    A source said that Mills was willing to meet the legendary Oscar-winning director to discuss her memories of the late Beatle.

    "Heather went with Paul to visit George on his deathbed," the Daily Express quoted the source, as saying.

    "She is interested in Scorsese's plans and feels she can offer a different and objective perspective.

    "She's willing to meet him. She thinks the film is a good idea. Heather is more appreciated in the US than in this country. Her view will be greatly appreciated," the source added.

    The movie will cover Harrison's time in The Beatles, his solo career, his devotion to Eastern mysticism and his film production company, Handmade Films, which made The Long Good Friday, Withnail And I and Monty Python's Life Of Brian.

    Scorsese has not yet commented on Mills's offer.

    "We have access to the entire archive and it will be more about his personal life," Scorsese said.

    I can't see Heather adding any value to this documentary IMO.

  3. I walk/jog every work day on my lunch break. Thursday night I have a pilates class. Saturday and Sunday I alternate between different exercise videos for approx. 1 hour 15 minutes each. Yet it's not enough, I'm not losing the weight I gained when we quit smoking 15 months ago. But I'll keep at it anyway. I didn't put it on overnight, it won't come off overnight ! At a size 8 now it's not really unhealthy but I miss my size 4's.

  4. "What was his wife doing there next to him?"

    Is she planning on running for public office? She may be following Hillary's lead. My guess is that when Hillary loses her run for the Presidency, her and Bill will be divorced within 6 months.

    Yes, Spitzer is certainly a pig. How do these guys think they'll get away with stuff like this? I really feel bad for his wife and 3 teenage daughters.

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