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  1. We're going to see the legendary Les Paul tomorrow night at the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee. Nothing could top that!
  2. Sherry, You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
  3. Best Birthday Wishes, Pat ! You share your Birthday with my Mom
  4. Mukwonago is about 18 miles from Pewaukee, WI. They have been watching the dam on Phantom Lake since last Tuesday when it became clogged from bog vegetation. From what I understand the water level has since dropped. Mellie, your situation sounds worse than ours as we don't have rushing waters, just creeping water levels. We have alot of carp that have landed in our yard and we have alot of turtles sunning themselves on the pier that is still intact. All we can really do now is pray for a dry stretch of weather. I pray for the Boy Scouts and the farmers.
  5. He'll be missed for sure. A great guy.
  6. Happy Anniversary, Kathy Lee and John ! Many More
  7. We had about 5 inches of water in our basement the night of June 7th and spent about 3 hours sweeping it out the basement door since we did not have a sump pump. First thing Sunday morning we went and bought a sump pump and dehumidifier. 2 hours later we had another severe thunderstorm and we had to use the sump pump to keep up with the water rushing in. Luckily we don't keep much in the basement and our washer and dryer are fine. We have a pond in our backyard that is fed from Pewaukee Lake, some people may have seen that flooding on the news as the helicopters have been in our backyard for the last week. About 20 feet of our yard is under water and one pier is underwater and the other has a couple of sections that are floating away. The beach about an 1/8 of a mile down the street has been wiped out and there the Lake continues to overflow into the street. My heart goes out to the farmers who have lost their crops and to the people who had to be evacuated from their homes and lost valuable or sentimental items from this flooding. We consider ourselves lucky after seeing the devastation others are encountering. And we thank God that it is finally supposed to be dry weather, at least until the end of this week.
  8. Thanks for sharing this story Pat !
  9. Wow. Talk about intense !!!!!!!!!!! Go Wings !
  10. Nga mihi nui, Happy Birthday, Marilyn !
  11. Our hearts go out to the both of you and your families. We'll keep you in our prayers.
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