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    Chris, When you are ready to insert the heart, click on the "instant graemlins" that appears to the left of the message box, and Wallah ! there is your heart.
  2. Yes....AND..........Wooly Bully.........Ha!
  3. Wow. Bruce and the E Street Band played for 3 1/2 hours Saturday night. What a show, one song blended into the next song, these guys didn't take a break! Pure energy. We saw Joan Jett with Eric's guitar earlier in the day. What a great day of fun it was.
  4. Looking forward to seeing The Boss on Saturday, but not looking forward to the big crowds. It's great people watching for sure.
  5. We met Dave's brother Mike and his wife Mary at the Saturday New York show. They didn't have meet and greet tickets so we sweet talked the doorman into letting them attend. Dave didn't know they were going to be at the show so it was really great to see the surprise on Dave's face when he saw his brother. Great people! The next morning we were walking back to our hotel after breakfast and we saw Wally having a smoke outside of his hotel. We hemmed and hawed about whether or not we should approach him and decided to go for it. Believe me Jerry was in heaven, he had a great conversation with Wally and we told him how much we enjoyed the show the night before. After that we went to the 6th Avenue flea market and ran into none other than Dave and Kim and Mike and Mary, hugs all around! It was just magical for sure! They are all a great bunch of guys.
  6. I couldn't get 11 for the life of me. It just looks like it would be something naughty. 3 B M ( S H T R ) Ha !
  7. 12. 32 is the temperature in degrees farenheit at which water freezes 6. 13 Stripes in the United States Flag
  8. 2. 7 Wonders of the World 3. 12 Signs of the Zodiac 7. 18 Holes on a Golf Course
  9. Why in the world would she have stayed married to him?
  10. Yesterday was a great Sunday. Slept in until about 8:00. (Very rarely do we make it past 6:30 on a weekend!) Made my sweetheart coffee and breakfast. Took the Milwaukee Journal and New York Times outside and read and soaked up some sun. Did a little gardening. Tagged along when Jerry went to ride Poco, gave the horses some carrots (from our garden),then ran a couple of errands. Relaxed back at home in the yard with a glass of wine and listened to the Brewers on the radio. Made bruschetta to go along with the cabbage soup Jerry made the day before. It was heaven for sure !
  11. Boy, I'd love to get my hands on a pair of those Winter Classic tickets !
  12. Very pretty. My Rory was a Maine Coon and very handsome. I was going to ask the same thing Kirk.
  13. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way..
  14. Sorry to hear about Nikki. I had to put my Rory down a few years ago, he had cancer. The nice thing about it was the vet came to my house so he would be relaxed and not all stressed in his final minutes as he did not like car rides. I hope you decide to visit your local humane society and adopt a new kitty when you feel up to it. Prayers for you Margaret and for Nikki.
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