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  1. We visited NYC twice in 2005 and loved it, loved it, loved it. Never felt frightened walking around. But there was that weird-o pretending to be practicing yoga in Central Park that kept trying to attract my attention to his "junk" hanging out of his short shorts. The timing doesn't work out for us for this show, we can only pray this is only the first of more to come.
  2. From writers.net : Really and truthfully as my dad would say, I am a diamond in the ruff. I grew up moving from house to house; mom to mom all my life. Never really had any friends for the long term, mostly I have just been a loner. My writing, drawing, and reading have always been my company, so it is only natural that I make them a long term part of my life. Through all the pain and hard times in my life I have managed to keep a cool head for the most part, and that is something I am very proud of myself for. When others would have folded I would always play the cards I was delt and win, loose or draw it's all in your mind how the outcome can be taken. I hope that in the near future, I'm talking about like tommorow, that I will be discovered. I have viciously been sending out queries and sample chapters, sometimes even whole books. I would say in the last three months I have sent out 23 peices of various, what I like to call "agent bait" and only two companies, God bless their hearts, have replied. Both of them friendly rejections because of demographics or whatever, but neither one of them saying my work was under parr, just praises of my writing and a rejection. I'm just ready. I pour my heart and soul into my work, and I can't say that I won't be happy if someone does decide to rep me, but that lucky person will be the one who has gained something special. A writer with limitless ideas, talent, and skill. Either way it goes I'll get to where I need to be in due time, so look for me. Justin Farrar of Lion Writing Ind justinfarrar@hotmail.com Thank you for your time and God Bless You All. Published writer: No Freelance: Yes This guy has issues.
  3. We received our LE this past weekend. #12/300 ! We haven't had a chance to watch the whole DVD yet, but what we have seen is absolutely DY-NO-MITE!
  4. "Julesberry, what time are you and Jerry getting here? We can't start the naked twister game without you two!"
  5. Al, Thanks for following through. We look forward to getting it, whenever we get it.
  6. Great pics ! I remember some faces from last years pictures, it's fun to try to figure out who the others are.
  7. Still waiting here, we ordered the LE on 12/14/06.
  8. Look ! It's MJ and Julesberry.....
  9. As a frequent Amazon customer (including 2 deluxe LoSS)orders, I just received an e-mail informing me that the Live on Sunset Strip (Deluxe Version) by The Raspberries is now available on Amazon.com. Complete with this wonderful review. Now if only our LE would arrive !!
  10. I'm worried. Still waiting for ours.
  11. Be thankful you got yours. We're still waiting.
  12. Still waiting in Pewaukee........
  13. "The secret of health for both the mind and the body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future or anticipate troubles, but live in the present moment both wisely and earnestly." Buddha
  14. Yeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwww! I'll bet ours is on the front porch!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Where are you located these days Paulie? Just trying to gauge if Wisconsin would be within the 2 day range also !
  16. Muzza and Marilyn, Have a great time while you are here. So sorry our paths will not cross with this visit. Next time perhaps.
  17. Dunn Bros. our local coffee shop and our after work/weekend internet access, and Waukesha County Technical College.
  18. Kathy, we'll let you use that line. It sounds like we've had a carbon copy of your weather and our forecast for Saturday is pleasant also. Wish we could have made it for WAB, but it just wasn't in the cards (budget ) this year. We'll just have to make due with the LE . Woo Hoo ! Looking forward to hearing the highlights. Take lots of pictures.
  19. I'm also po'd that LC is drinking expensive milk, Diane is eating expensive ice cream, and that Johnny Cash is dead. Don't get me started about no Raspberries gig announcements.
  20. We were in Franklin, TN over the weekend, it was 102 degrees. Funny, it seemed warmer here in Wisconsin on Monday at about 92 degrees. It's not the heat.....it's the humidity.
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