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  1. His middle name must be Brittanica.
  2. Ditto, except it's the Red Wings for us ! Go Wings!
  3. She's got a great sense of humor !
  4. Read his post on "Why we Love Dianed" Nuff said.
  5. Everyone should have a friend like Diane. Funny, compassionate, Strong ! And she has the best jokes on this site to boot. I can tell from her pictures that she's the life of the party. Be careful what you wish for Diane, we just might make it to Cleveland ! It would be my pleasure.
  6. Gina always posts positive messages and surely has done her part to promote the Raspberries. We also have never met, but it's easy to see she's the picture of sweetness.
  7. Marlene always has something nice to say. We've never met but you can tell from her pictures and posts that she's all things sweet and good.
  8. I just started reading it. Good so far. I also read Pattie Boyd's book - can't say I thought much of the book. Or Pattie for that matter.
  9. Great shirts. Mens sizes are pretty standard. Womens however are not. Could you give us sizing information? Merci !
  10. Chris, It's funny, I thought of you when this show was announced and was hoping you would find a way to attend. Have a great time, maybe we'll see you there. Never say Never !
  11. Ha. Reid check your spelling. It reminds me of a property listing we came across. " Bring your hores and toys ". Hee Hee.
  12. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. Special prayers for your horse Reid. We'd be sick if ours were in any danger.
  13. Clicked. I think I may do a little Holiday shopping there too.
  14. Priceline is great. We made airline reservations to visit my boyfriend's family over Thanksgiving and the cost is $250.00 less than the best deal at Expedia. It pays to shop around! Not to mention we dig Bill !
  15. 7/8 Maybe it's because my birthday sometimes falls on Columbus Day. Or maybe I'm a really good guesser. :p
  16. Happy Thanksgiving ! Where's the turkey graemlin? :p
  17. Crouton - I'm suddenly hungry for a Caesar Salad.
  18. I'm a Brewer's fan. It's a shame that they will be remembered this year for blowing it when they've had their best season in years. I applaud them for coming as close as they did. Watch out next year ! :p
  19. Best Wishes for a Lifetime of Happiness !
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