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  1. Anyone judged a heretic by the catholic church historically should wear it as a badge of honor.

    They branded alot of wonderful people as heretics over the years, folks like Gallileo for instance.

    My goodness, have they named all the recent preists accused of atrocities against children as heretics? Ofcourse not, they tried to cover their butts and pay everyone off. " Catholicism For Dummies?," did Mel Gibson write that one?

    The Chair of Peter???, might as well be the coffee table of Paul. (Paul McCartney that is, much more joyful than the church any day. )

    Any Christian church who thinks they are " the way" are ingnorant and devisive and arrogant. Wonderful attributes for any church and certainly not in line with Christ's teachings, who by the way was a heretic in his own time in case that point is lost on anyone.

    We are lost if we do not begin respecting the religions of others and understanding that we all seek the same God.

    Mel Gibson sucks. Case closed.

  2. AD HOC was never the same after Steve "The Caribou" McDermott was arrested for bringing that

    moose in panty hose across the Minnesota state border. Coming off the success of their huge concept album, "There are Martians in Manitoba,"

    it was a shame McDermott had to go to prison for 18 months. Even Marvs great bass playing couldnt rescue the band then. I think its wonderful their pay now goes to charity and I guess donating that money to the Toronto Maple Leafs actually does classify as giving to a charity.

    AD HOC is supposed to be touring the States again after McDermott, and the moose, get out of jail in Minnesota. Supposedly the tour will be sponsored by Molson but band demands to have 154 cases of brew on hand, and two mooses, for each gig have raised some eyebrows.


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