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  1. My heart bleeds for you - it's the equivalent of $8 a gallon here in the UK!
  2. I am shocked by all this, by that video - that Eric is involved so publicly. I live in a country which is s**t hot on drunk driving - you just can't do it and expect to get away with it anymore. What we don't know is why this happened and what the circumstances were and no amount of surmising will change that. Eric was very lucky that he only hit a hydrant. No doubt he will be feeling very embarrased and there will be issues that will flow from it I'm sure. What I do know is that we have been spoiled by being able to participate to such a wonderful degree in Eric's life by this website and maybe it has been a reality check to find out that Eric, after all, is human and has his faults like we all do. What I do know too is that no matter what happens, Eric's music will always be a part of me and I thank him for that precious gift. So I say let's give the man some space and judge him if we must by how he decides to respond to this. Gary
  3. Fender Strat (Mexican)Light Blue with Maple Neck Epiphone 335 Dot Cherry Red Ric 330/12 Fireglo Tanglewood Violin Bass (Hofner copy) Simon & Patrick SP6 Cedar Acoustic Yamaha APX3 Electro Acoustic Marshall 100W Valveltronic Amp Vox AC5 Practice Amp Sundry Yukele's and Yuke banjo ....and currently looking to add a Gretsch to the collection.
  4. At the time of the split in 1974, I remember one journo writing something along the lines of "Sadly they decided not to go on and make the truly great album that the promise shown on the Starting Over album suggested they were capable of." What a gift that would be. (although IMHO the SO album IS truly GREAT!).
  5. New to the Gretsch line up for 2008 is the G5122 Electromatic, hollow bodied double cutaway electric guitar, complete with Bigsby tremolo. It looks very much like the Country Gent used by George Harrison c.1963 and comes in either black or walnut finish. And the best bit is it sells for £499 (about $950)! VERY tempting! There are a few guitar players around this board, has anyone tried out a G5122 yet? Gary
  6. ....and then in Toronto:- MLS All Stars (including David Beckham)3 West Ham 2
  7. So far so good: Crew 1 West Ham 3
  8. Wonderful album. The single they should have released from it though is "All Through The Night". That song still kicks a**e! IMHO
  9. Hey, my team West Ham United (aka "The Hammers" or "The Irons" )of the English Premier (Soccer) League have arranged a pre-season friendly match against Columbus Crew of the MLS on July 20th at the Crew Stadium. West Ham finished 10th in the league last season but had an appalling catalogue of injuries to key players. However, everyone is fit now and so we are looking to for a much higher finish this coming season. The squad includes Jonathan Spector who is a US international defender/midfielder. Gary
  10. Anyone know what his son Tal is up to these days?
  11. You catch ‘em young Eric! The other evening my five year old daughter was sitting having her tea. At the same time I happened to be playing “I Can Remember†on the stereo from the first Raspberries album. I went out of the room for a few moments and when I cam back in, was shocked to see her sitting there crying with floods of tears rolling down her face. I asked her what was the matter and she said that the music was making her feel very sad. This was during the quite piano interlude at the point where the strings come in. I told her that a “happy part†of the song was coming up and after a reassuring cuddle she was fine. It just goes to show the power that a beautifully constructed piece of music with shades of light and dark can have. I think she might turn out to be musical! Her favourite is “Let’s Pretend†and she is busy learning and singing along to all the words! Gary
  12. Wim, it's just a pity England failed so miserably to qualify, but I'm backing your boys all the way! By the way, what team do you support? I'm a Hammers fan. Perhaps we should post a poll on the board to judge the degree of appreciation for the round ball game?
  13. Actually the more I think about this, I'm slightly irked by the the promotional blurb from Gibson in which Joan says "This is my guitar......I got it in 1977...." and then bangs on about how they managed to make it to her original specification. Er, I don't think so. It's a pity that old Joan could not acknowledge where "her" signature guitar actually came from in the first place. But then I don't suppose "The Joan Jett signature Melody Maker, to an original design by Eric Carmen" would have fitted on the headstock would it? And as I understand they are only making 400 of them, maybe this one on eBay may be slightly closer to the original? 1961 GIBSON MELODY MAKER
  14. Aaagh! Almost......, but not quite! I'm with you all the way Bernie!
  15. Granted he's written some great songs (mainly for other people) but I've never liked his voice. He does that downturn thing at the end of each line which drives me crazy. In fact, I'd go so far as to turn off the radio when he comes on!
  16. I happened to be up in North West London the other day when it dawned on me that I could only be a stone's throw from St John's Wood, where Abbey Road studios is located. So before heading back home, I decided to take a slight detour and walk down to Abbey Road to see if I could find it. It's a very strange thing, but after some initial trouble locating it, I turned a corner and there I stood looking at the Beatles Abbey Road album cover brought to life in front of me, zebra crossing and all. It looks almost EXACTLY like it did on the cover (sans VW Beetle, police van, and Fab Four etc of course). The studio entrance has hardly changed - the wall outside is covered in graffiti tributes written by fans which I stayed and read for quite a while. For a lifelong Beatle fan, I found it quite moving (ridiculous I know). One of those things done at a moment's notice but I'm so glad I did! Gary
  17. Nothing on my list either. Hey Marv, Julia, Kiwi, welcome to the Firewall of the Commonwealth!
  18. Simply spellbinding! Thanks so much for posting this. Eric in his absolute prime.
  19. It's catchy as HELL - I guarantee that after the first two plays you'll be humming the tunes for weeks to come!
  20. If you want to read the Judge's decision in all its glory, you can download a .pdf version of it on the BBC News site - all 58 pages of it! (Good grief) http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7302736.stm
  21. The Outlaws are still going then? Wow. Their song "Green Grass and High Tides" is an absolute classic up there with Lynrd Skynrd's "Freebird" in my book. Are there many/any original members?
  22. Anyone here heard the new album yet? I've read some good reviews so far.
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