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  1. WOW!! Thank you all for your responses - blown away again! Still getting the hang of all this and not sure how to answer individual replies, so in summary: Mymooladi - I do have Eric's latest album - again I found out through this site - the non US version is called "I Was Born To Love You" and I think it's missing one track - a cover version? After such a long gap it's better than I ever expected and I think something of a return to form, although I would have preferred more upbeat numbers. Maybe the next Raspberries album will put this right?! Craig - I have all the Raz albums (including 2 greatest hits compilations) and all of Eric's solo albums on vinyl except for the latest one which is on CD . The first Raz album is sans the scratch and sniff sticker though I'm afraid! Ron - a thousand thanks - my e mail is on the way - and if I can do anything in return just let me know! Popcorn Double Feature - There must be thousands of us Brits with the same mission? I'm willing and able to join the crusade for a UK gig. Everbody else - thanks so much for your interest and support - I look forward to being "on the board" now. And finally Bernie - sounds like Julia has got herself some backup here now!
  2. Being a fan of Eric and the Raspberries since 1975, getting information on both in the UK has never been easy to come by. So with the advent of the Web, finding this site has been a revelation to me and I hope you will permit me a moment with my first post to unburden myself of years of frustration, and a few thoughts. I first came across Raspberries when I borrowed the Starting Over album from a friend in '74. I remember the album didn't do much for me at the time as glam and prog rock were very much the order of the day, but the song that made an impression on me was "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine". Eric then had a hit here with "All By Myself" and I remember thinking what a distinctive voice he had. I bought his first album and it blew me away. It was just SO good — one of those albums where the content and production just never sagged for a moment, and it remains a favourite to this day. After this, the "Boats" album was initially a slight disappointment to me as I was expecting a continuation of the upbeat style of the first album. Instead was a more Elton Johnish sound with Mike McBride's powerhouse drum sound replaced by Nigel Olssen's then fashionable behind the beat style. Eric's voice was different too, but I quickly fell in love with the album. Even now, everyone I play the title track to loves it and asks me for a copy of the album! I belatedly put two and two together and realised that Eric had fronted Raspberries and this led me back to thinking about that Starting Over album again. I just had to have it! Thus began a ten year quest for the original albums. Progress was tantalisingly slow as all the Raz albums had been deleted by then, and not being a big act in the UK, used copies were almost impossible to track down. I managed to get the "Raspberries Greatest" album — the one with the four "horny singles" all segued into a medley on side 1. That REALLY blew me away! I could not believe the dynamics of those records and that they had existed for so long without me knowing about them! Big Star? Badfinger? Do me a favour!! I eventually managed to collect the original four albums on vinyl, as well as all of Eric's solo albums. Eric's solo output was so sporadic that I didn't know if he retired or what, and after the silence following the Geffen album I assumed that was the last I would hear from him. So to today, and finding this web site has been like coming out of a long tunnel into the vast sunlit uplands. I had never seen the Rab 4 on TV. Alerted to its existence through the site, I got hold of a copy of the 70's TV Rareties DVD and was delighted to see the guys in action at last, and overjoyed to see that they ROCKED!! The reunion is indeed wonderful news and I am taking in all the reports and pictures voraciously. BUT...the tunnel of darkness looms again! VH1 Classic here has a different program schedule to the one in the States and the chances of them showing "Hangin' with the Raspberries" here are about zero (I have e mailed them a request though!). So if any kind soul could send me a copy on DVD I would be eternally grateful, and of course see you right for your expenses! Finally, can anyone tell me if the guys ever toured the UK? More to the point, would they ever consider playing a reunion date in London???
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