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  1. It would be the Berries for me. I played that greatest hits album TO DEATH throughout the 80’s when all their albums had been deleted and there was no internet to try and find them. Those songs got me through some otherwise barren times musically and some difficult times personally.
  2. What a tragic loss. Such a talented man. He was such a massive part of Fountains of Wayne even though Chris was the lead singer. Eric said a while back on here about FOW that they made “smart music for smart people”. So many of their songs could and should have been massive hits (we’ve all heard that one before haven’t we?). Will be listening to FOW tonight. RIP Adam. You were truly an outstanding talent.
  3. Hi Bernie/everyone, Haven’t been around here for a while but I have been lurking from time to time to see what’s been going down, and hey, I even remembered my password! So happy that the message board has earned a reprieve. I can’t tell you what a revelation it was to me to find it and to be a part of the discussions and the excitement around the reunion; something I never thought I would see in a million years. Before then, Raspberries were just another defunct band that I’d loved and lost. We just got back from spending a few days seeing the new year in in Amsterdam. On New Year’s Eve my daughter and I went in to a secondhand record shop in the city and hey presto, in the “R” section I pulled out a pristine copy of the Starting Over album, replete with colour poster, which my original copy never had! Seemed like a good omen for a Brand New Year! Happy New Year everyone! Gary
  4. Bernie - I remember once you posted an audio link to a Raspberries gig in which they did a fantastic version of Little Queenie. I remember commenting on it at the time. I'd really love to hear it again if you could see your way clear?
  5. Hey Bernie. What happened to this release - has it been shelved? It is still mentioned on the News page of the site but doesn't seem to have happened. Or did I miss something? Gary
  6. ATTN is a stonkin' rockin' number. Mike's enormous drumming, Scott's melodic bass playing, almost like a second lead guitar at times, Wally' s stand out solo, Eric's peerless vocal and those horns stabs in just the right places. It's one of those tracks where the groove is so strong that it almost doesn't matter what the lyrics are. It's the overall sound that matters. I remember John Lennon saying once that this was what mattered to him most, the overall sound of a record. I think he was talking about "I Hear You Knokin'" by Dave Edmonds at the time and referring to it as the kind of sound that rang his bell so to speak. That's what ATTN does for me. Oh, and my wife loves the song too, it's her favourite Raspberries song! And as for the lyrics, Well ok, but I am sure we have had far more risqué stuff over the last 40 years that we can't now appreciate ATTN for the great rock song that it is.
  7. You Took Me All The Way has always been my fave track from the Geffen album. Very underrated in my opinion. A bit like All Through The Night which Eric has also expressed reservations over once or twice. ATTN should have been a big hit single.
  8. Rumoured they might be coming to Europe this year. I saw them in London in '79 and still have the tour programme. They didn't have a large repertoire because they only had 2 albums worth of material but they were brilliant. Still one of the best gigs I've been to. I remember they played about three encores and had to play a song called "Televison Politican" because they had rune out of material. That song has never made it on any subsequent release to date.
  9. I would like a copy of the Essential Wally Bryson album please. Oh what, there isn't one? Wally's place in Raspberries history will always be secure as a brilliant original guitar player and a real presence on stage......period.
  10. God Bernie, get that proper review in! BTW, have to say I love the cover - great choice of photo.
  11. The track listing for "The Essential" is up on Amazon.com!
  12. Eric, if you ever wondered to yourself whether you "still had it" then you needn't have. I know you were concerned that you you wanted to come up with something that "didn't, suck". Well "Brand New Year" is proof positive that you still "have it" in spades. I just played it to my family before our Christmas dinner and we are all humming it! Thank you so much for your Christmas gift. Your new album is going to be a massive success. Love and peace to all Gary
  13. Oh my! Eric sounds just like he did on the first solo album. Just love those high soaring vocals. Beautiful stuff. Thanks for posting just in time for Christmas Bernie. Seasons greetings everybody.
  14. The CD arrived from Amazon yesterday. Stand out track for me is "The Way You Look Tonight" The (ahem) band (aka Tom Sholz) really builds up the tension until at the very end, the release comes in the form of the last line just played on the piano with one voice on the top. Very effective. Couple more gripes though. Why does the last note of almost every track get cut short? Probably a phase Tom is going through. And those electronic drums………... It's a better effort than Corporate America, but nowhere near the first two albums. However, it's a new album from Boston, and we should be thankful for that.
  15. OK. So I've listened to the samples on the band's website and the full length "video" on You Tube of "Heaven on Earth" and the signs aren't good. Nearly every track has the same "chung chung chung chung chung chung" guitar motif running through it and the drum tracks have a similar depressing mechanised drum sound that Boston have been using since the "Third Stage" album. Worse than that, 4 of the album's 12 tracks (yes, that's one quarter) were on the "Corporate America" album, albeit they are given a light workover here: "I Had a Good Time", now renamed "Te Quiero Mia" "Someone" - albeit this was the best track on "Corporate America" and features Brad Delp's vocals "Didn't Mean to Fall in Love", and "You Gave Up on Love" Not bad for a total of 11 years' work Tom! And yet............................listen to "Heaven on Earth" more than a few times....................the keyboard lick in last track "The Way You Look Tonight"...................some of the harmomies and I'm gone. Some of the old Boston magic is still there
  16. At long long last. One of my all time favourite bands. I just pray it is an improvement on the last one "Corporate America". Shouldn't,be difficult. Tom Sholz says he has stayed close to the original sound from the first two albums. Here's hoping. What with this and the second instalment of the Fabs "Live at the BBC", available next month, it will be a good Christmas. I also just picked up Mark Lewisohn's new Beatles book " Tune In" all 1,000 pages of it. And then next March we look forward to Eric's new release. Happy days! Gary
  17. And here is the link to Adam Schlesinger's companion piece. http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/08/09/whats-the-story/?_r=1 Gary
  18. Chris Collingwood, lead singer and one of the two main songwriters with Fountains of Wayne along with Adam Schlesinger, has referenced Eric in his recent blog for the NY Times. Remember what Eric said about FOW a while back? "Smart music for smart people". Very interesting piece about songwriting influences and methods. Read on: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/08/16/the-warm-thrill-of-confusion/ Gary PS: If the link doesn't work, go to the FOW website and you'll find the link under the "News" section.
  19. Well what do you know - Tesco (the UK's biggest grocery chain) are running a Christmas TV advert for their food lines. The ad uses a few seconds of Eric signing Hungry Eyes; "Hungry Eyes, one look at you and I can't disguise" over some shots of its Christmas delicacies! K'ching for Mr C! Have a great Christmas everyone in EC Land!
  20. http://www.antimusic.com/news/12/August/..._Classics.shtml
  21. I didn't get to see the opening ceremony as I was on holiday with the family, but "Worst Olympics Opening Cermony EVER?". - really Bernie?? All the reports I've had on it since were that it was amazing. There was a lot of sceptism and cynism in the UK that the whole London Olympics would be a dreadful flop and that we couldn't pull it off. We British are like that you know and always worry too much about how others see us. However, the consensus seems to have been that this has been one of, if not the most succesful games ever. We are all feeling very proud of ourselves for once. And if you didn't like the opening ceremony, then what about the closer last night then? My favourite moment was when the whole stadium sang along to John's Imagine - quite moving. Some respect where respect is due please. Gary PS: The happy part about the NHS is that it's free you know! (yes alright I know we pay our taxes for it but I'd rather have the insurance of it always being there than the insurance premiums!).
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