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  1. Not Lame has also had what - THREE - floods this year and had to move the office recently? I am absolutely amazed at what Bruce has accomplished. It's probably a good thing the books didn't show up until after the move. Sorting through all of the computer records for pre-order data while you're moving to save as much of the goods from being water-damaged while you assess the damages cannot be easy. Hopefully, his move unpacking has gone better than mine. Three weeks and I've emptied 15 boxes. (In case the boss is watching: tech support is working on my work computer. I can't do anything right now.)
  2. Well, you know what I think??? I think these shows would be selling a heck of a lot more tickets if every one of the fans would start picking up the phone and calling the radio stations to request the songs from the new CD and get them playing in their local markets. When the stations start getting enough requests, they're going to start getting more airplay and new people will hear about them. If they shut you down once, wait a couple of days and call again! Get your friends to call. (Get the message???) The great thing about the internet is that you don't have to live in the city where the station broadcasts from to be able to listen to 90% of what's on the air. You don't even have to be in the same country - most of the stations have online requests and mail forms that can be used. If you aren't calling the radio stations and talking up the band, then don't blame the band for not being able to sell tickets. They're doing their part by booking shows and showing up to play. As for the setlist - I love the covers. I can listen to the CD's any day of the week and even though the energy of the Raspberries performing their own songs live brings on the magic, the covers are a bonus that I can't get at home. If anyone in the band is paying attention - I would LOVE to hear "Locomotion" live again. If there was anything added for the Cleveland show - that would be the GREATEST!!!
  3. As far as regulars on longer running series go, I agree with Lucy and Carol Burnett as funniest. I also think Phyliss Diller is hilarious - although she was more of an irregular guest on shows. They all have great timing for delivering what is scripted, and their quick wit and comic nature shines in interviews. Christina Applegate is currently one of the funniest women on t.v. and will probably revered as that 30 years from now.
  4. Kiwi - The best way I can describe it is like an Italian version of rolled burgundy steak. I had it one time at a restaurant in Anchorage and they used thinly sliced veal, filled with a mushroom breaded stuffing, rolled up, and marinated in wine. I think it was baked. It was served with a side of fetticcini alfredo. Some people use beef, skip the marinade, and serve it immersed in marinara sauce.
  5. mmmmmmm......bracciole - pass it on down this way. Please???
  6. Reid - my heart goes out to you and everyone else in California right now. I remember the Kenai and Big Lake fires in Alaska and the devastation is heartbreaking. I hope you find your horse well, your personal losses minimal, and relief from the smoke. Be safe.
  7. Oh, no, noo. I was too homely to be in pictures back then. In the early '70's I had a penpal named Darlene (Dee) Rose, who lived around Cleveland - possibly in Parma. I bought the Ohio pics from her for the cost of re-prints. In the color photos with the Monte Carlo, the girl in pigtails is Darla Lumley and the girl in the white dress is her aunt, both from Springfield, MO. They met the band as they were leaving the Holiday Inn in Springfield on 10/14/73. I lost contact with Dee and Darla when I moved to the Chicago area in 1975. They were huge Raspberries fans. The dark-haired guy in the 3rd and 4th shots on the next to last row is John Trevartha and the blond in the 4th shot of the last row is Opie O'Brian, the mellotron player. Some of you noticed Opie in the video extras of the LIVE Special Edition DVD. My FAVORITE is the 4th pic on the 5th row. Jim looks elated - makes me smile Bernie - Thank you for working your magic on these pictures!!! I'm glad you all can enjoy them.
  8. I'm confused. I thought the first show in Cleveland (unadvertised) sold out in only four minutes, and wasn't the New Years Eve 2004 show in Cleveland also sold out? That's not shabby at all. I suppose Eric can probably say why there was no advertising, if he wants to. I'm guessing they didn't have an advertising budget and/or advertising wasn't included in the venue contracts. With t.v., radio, and print ads out now, I'll bet the Cleveland folks get out and show 'em proud again!
  9. I would love to have a 24"x24" frameable print of the cover art to the Live On Sunset Strip CD. Is there any chance that might be added to the merchandise selection?
  10. In general, there are a lot of people in customer service oriented jobs who don't belong there. Some people have to take it out on the world when they get passed up for a transfer or promotion, someone ate their doughnut, or they find out their boyfriend is gay. God help the rest of us if they're also manic or get PMS! I don't recall ever having crabby attendants on-board the flight, but I've had a lot of counter agents who seemed to believe they were superior to the rest of the world and passengers were the lowest form of life. There's one airline that has the most pleasant ground and flight crews, and now that I've moved back to the Lower 48, I never get to fly with them anymore.
  11. JuliaAllByMyself is looking for two. Being on a different time zone, she missed out the first go-round.
  12. mellie


    I wasn't a winner (you have to enter to win!) The other winning names were "Raspberries Jam", "Raspberries: Berry Pickin' Time", "Raspberries: Just Picked", and "Raspberries: Fresh Out". I'll get that copy right to you.
  13. mellie


    Oh, so you're the Sue from Bronx, NY who chose "Raspberries: Naturally Sweetened"!!! I think that was for Fresh. Do you still have a copy of the winners announcement? Cuz... If you don't, I know someone who can send it to you.
  14. hmmm.. imagine that. A visually oriented man.
  15. I'm not addicted at all. I can quit anytime I want. I'm in complete control. (So, it's 12:20 a.m. and I'm sucking down a triple venti something or other. It's only my fifth one today.) Do I roast my own beans? Um.. that sounds awfully domesticated, IMO.
  16. Aw shucks, Eric. You know he's the leading expert on maturity and what being grown up is about!
  17. What was the point of spewing that rubbish? I was expecting a review of the CD/DVD, but he doesn't even mention the songs. How can anyone take Cleveland Scene seriously and why would any journalist worth their salt want to be associated with such a rag? Farrar, a self-proclaimed "music critic", obviously took his Creative Writing class to heart and missed the Journalism 101 class about credibility.
  18. Watergate, eh? And just what scandalous stories do you have to share from there?????
  19. After getting home from WAB yesterday afternoon, my mother rode with me as I ran my errands. The deluxe CD was playing, so I left the stereo running while I got out to get my mail, picked up my laundry, etc. At one point, my mother commented "this music is really easy to listen to. The melodies are catchy and I like the harmonies." By the time we returned home, she had said that most of today's recording artists should take notes, because from what she has heard, a lot of them don't know the difference between noise and music, and this (Raspberries) is real music. I gave her the 13-song CD to listen to on her drive home to K.C. She was thrilled!
  20. The limited edition is signed and numbered, but the special edition is not. Beyond that, they are the same product.
  21. Mark, your magic touch has made Live on Sunset Strip the best live music recording ever produced. There couldn't have been a better legacy for the band that started power pop and I can't think of four guys who deserve this more than the Raspberries! If I had any connections, I would be lobbying for an AMA nomination. You have really outdone yourself. Thank you very much.
  22. Kathy, has your heart stopped racing yet??? That party was so much fun! It shouldn't take much arm twisting to get Susana to join me next year for long drive to WAB 6. It could be our own version of Thelma and Louise.
  23. Just curious (Al?) - any idea how many copies have actually left Rykodisc warehouse up to and through the first seven days? Do they even release that info?
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