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  1. kinda the idea of the harem, isn't it?
  2. Hey, Robb. Take my advice and you'll never have to worry about that!
  3. Oh, yes - thank you for reminding me, Marvin. If you want to avoid marriage, go to church. Churches are full of married people. The more time you spend with married people (especially ones who have kids), the less chance there will be of meeting single people to date. This is almost a GUARANTEED way to solidify anyone's commitment to avoid commitment.
  4. Considering that I have never been married, I'm going to share what I think it takes to successfully avoid marriage. 1. Always keep your options open. 2. Make a BIG deal about small things. 3. Never say anything that reveals your inner-most feelings. 4. Keep him (or her) on their toes by letting them think there might be someone else. 5. Remember to keep your options open. If things start getting too serious, buy a book on pre-nups and leave it on the coffee table next to the remote controls. There you have it! Words for the single person to live by!
  5. Oh, the Geffen album. I haven't heard it yet. Is "I'm Through With Love" as liberating and life-affirming as I imagine? It might be my personal theme song.
  6. I have never named any of my cars, but my brother used to ride around in his best friends WORM - an ancient, ugly, greenish-brown station wagon.
  7. Anne - check out Stu\'s Comic Strip Connection .
  8. Harry - I haven't bought a paper newspaper since I got Diva and Sassy trained to go outside! I still read the strips online... 1. Brenda Starr 2. Dick Tracy 3. Doonesbury
  9. I think it is interesting to see the musical progression of Eric's writing through the years. From "Waiting" to "Sparrow" to "I Can Remember" to "It Hurts Too Much" to "Almost Paradise" to "Cartoon World". Naturally, there are distinct similarities in composition styles, but it would be real interesting to see a technical study of all of the songs in the actual order they were written. (Good book idea?) Does a chronological date-order list of Eric's songs exist?
  10. ummm... I think you're a day early. You'll have to stay up late again tonight!!!
  11. MJ - you get winter for what? A week? And you buy a winter coat????
  12. Just curious - why do you think that? I would think it could be easier to find mutual "open" dates in their calendars five months ahead instead of two months?
  13. Then again, Bon Jovi's tickets are not selling out in the first four to eight weeks of announcing his concerts. He announces his shows six months in advance and it takes most of them four or five months to sell out. With longer time to get the word out and more advance notice before people fill their calendars with other activities, I'd bet the Raspberries could profit well just about anywhere they wanted to play. I know a lot of folks who have to request time off from work three months in advance, and without an extra travel day, they just can't get to the shows.
  14. Well Anne, as long as it doesn't involve road kill... for some reason I'm envisioning Gene going out for a leisurely walk in the woods to take a few nature shots. He happens upon a possum sleeping in his path, reaches into his pocket and pulls out his trusty little sling-shot - no, b-b gun. Intending to fire off a warning shot to scare it off, he hits the darned thing. He wonders - is this good eating? The rest is history? Or something like that. :p
  15. Well, let's see. There was a LOT of food. Prime rib, Alaskan king crab legs with drawn butter, corn casserole, creamed onions, candied sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, scalloped potatoes, romaine salad with walnuts, grapes and bleu cheese... that doesn't count the hors d'oeurves. I'm told there's a pumpkin pie somewhere, but thank goodness I haven't seen it! I think I've had enough for one day. Sure was good, though.
  16. Haven't started shopping yet... Haven't made any cookies yet... I finished five or six cards. I'm still thinking about putting up a tree. There's always next year!
  17. If you make it a little bigger, Helen Keller could read it! Okay, you know I'm kidding. It was funny when Luvthemraspberries took a picture of the setlist as seen from the mezz, and zoom-zoom! Every word was legible.
  18. I don't think it should matter how world-reknowned or even nationlly reknowned anyone is. If anyone can fill approx. 2,500 seats for a single performance at Cleveland's State Theatre, that's entertainment news for Cleveland. I don't know what standards have to be met to pass muster at The Plain Dealer, but Laura DeMarco should feel remiss about not getting review coverage of the show. Maybe if she receives enough complaints, it will not happen again. I'm glad John Soeder wrote such a nice preview. He got answers to some questions a lot of us have had and hopefully helped sell a few more of those seats. It was also a banner night for the merchandise table. We were all blown away by the greatest performance many of us have ever seen or heard. If you need a review for a momento, print off all the heartfelt memories posted on here. The music, emotions, the love, and the thrill of that night is far more exciting than anything a reviewer could have penned.
  19. Just out of curiosity (or maybe to just open a can of worms ), have any of you seen this? The Best Kept Secrets of the IRS A friend of mine is an IRS auditor, so I asked him about it. He said "Technically, it's all true..." I haven't checked any other sources.
  20. I haven't seen any yet. I e-mailed John Soeder, who wrote the preview/interview in last week's The Plain Dealer and he replied they didn't have anyone covering the show. Maybe we should write one to submit and see if they'll print it. I'm sure we could be completely unbiased.
  21. Marlene said exactly what I was thinking. I knew this was going to be the show of all shows. Every time I see them, I am amazed at how much better Raspberries sound live than on recordings and State Theatre was the perfect place to showcase that talent. Of the five Raspberries concerts I have been to, Cleveland outshines them all. I have never seen another band perform with such heart. No matter how many times Eric, Dave, Wally and Jim have played the songs before, they always look like they're having a lot of fun and not just putting on a show. I liked the addition of "That's Rock and Roll". That feels like a Raspberries song. Over the lonnnggg drive home, I was thinking - they played State Theatre and nailed every song the way they did at Carnegie Hall. These larger venues suit the band well. Maybe booking all the smaller clubs isn't thinking big enough. It seems odd to sit through a rock concert, but it sure makes the standing ovation a lot more exciting! Nobody ever deserved it more. Thank you Eric, Dave, Wally, Jim and the Overdubs!!!! You all are THE BEST!!!
  22. Maybe they played faster, so it seemed shorter.
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