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  1. Nice. I hadn't heard this one before. Thanks.
  2. mellie

    Heart Attack

    You're not alone. Happening to me too. I just assumed my screen was too small for the format.
  3. Woah! Check out the sales history on that! Is it haunted?
  4. mellie


    Better late than never... Belated happy birthday, Lew! I hope you had an amazing day.
  5. I'm thinking it would be a good ringtone ... Imagine being out on a bad date. You act like you're checking a message, but set this as your default ringtone. Turn the volume up and leave the phone on the table when you go to the restroom, but stop on the way to have the hostess call your number.... (nah, I'm not at all passive aggressive)
  6. I think my whole apartment might fit in that master bathroom!
  7. Hey all. I'm vacationing in Florida and picking up my niece at the West Palm airport this evening. Where is a good place for us to grab some supper in WPB before we head up to Port St. Lucie? I haven't been here in 20 years and don't have a clue where to go anymore. My niece likes anything that goes with beer. Off to the mall in Melbourne right now to assist my other niece in picking up her wedding dress. Have a fun day everyone and thanks in advance for any advice you can give on restaurants!!!
  8. This is hilarious. I don't see how it is that he had to use any resources to "track her down", unless she lied when he looked at her drivers license and asked if that was her current address . . . which he then wrote on the ticket because that's what they do. I also think it was a rather passive approach to leave the note on her car instead of right on her front door. If she was really afraid, her attorney would have had her file a complaint with internal affairs so they could look into it.
  9. I don't know how much you all have seen of the Joplin tornado destruction across the country and around the world. It has pretty much consumed the local news in Missouri. I want to share a little of what I've seen. I just spent the weekend raking yards, picking up debris, and helping folks in Joplin regain some semblance of order at their homes. I am still stunned over the destruction. I joined a couple of families who went to a memorial gathering Sunday at 5:30 p.m. at Cunningham Park, across the street from St. John's Hospital, and I parked on the southwest corner of 23rd Street and Harlem, in front of a crooked house pushed off the foundation. A loveseat was jammed up into the ceiling and hanging down in front of the living room window. Driving six miles down 20th street at the end of each day was surreal. There are few identifying markers to hint what businesses or homes were previously there. Throughout the damage area, more than 8000 homes and businesses were destroyed or severely damaged, most damaged to the point of being leveled into a stack of sticks. It is much more than 10 times worse than the destruction in any war movie that I have seen. Media have described it as "apocolyptic", and that is what really comes to mind. Imagine driving through your own town with literally 1/3rd crumbled to sticks and large cardboard signs propped up on the sidewalk to mark names of upcoming intersections - for six miles! It is overwhelming and to take it all in, and it took my breath away. My heart hurts for everyone there. Most of the people I talked to had a lot to say about how blessed they feel. Every one of them expressed that they do not understand why they were spared, but their life and their outlook on life changed on May 22nd. They all are very thankful for every bit of support that Joplin receives to help them overcome the obstacles that the entire community is going through. Many who still have homes no longer have a job because the storefront or office is gone. Many no longer have a home, a place to go to work, or a car to drive to get where they need to go to pick up supplies or get help. If you know of church groups or organizations who actively look for rebuild type projects they can help with, they can call their local Salvation Army to coordinate a future project to help with rebuilding Joplin. The cleanup and rebuilding process is going to take a long, long time. Please keep Les R and his family (oh, those scared little girls!) and the entire community in your thoughts and prayers. There are few places they can go to get away from the devastation. For most of the people I talked with, they relive the frightening ordeal over and over in their mind every time they go anywhere. The destruction is a constant daily reminder of the fear they felt as the tornado ripped through there. To pass on some advice given to me numerous times over the last three days "Remember to tell the people you love that you love them."
  10. Thanks for the update, Les. It's a relief to know you and your family were spared from the accident and the twister. My boss has given approval for me to come over and help out any way I can. Is the Starbucks at Rangeline and 7th still there, or should I bring my own brew?
  11. Welcome back, Gail. I hope you and your step-brother are enjoying your visit and find a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
  12. Happy birthday John! I hope you're having a great day.
  13. Doesn't eBay start and end auctions based on PST? Or is it always the seller's time zone?
  14. I think it's about time! What took so long? You and Brad have some good stuff on your MySpace. I put your CD on my Christmas wish list. Thanks for sharing your talent, Chris!
  15. Happy birthday Sue! Hope you take some time off and celebrate. Sassy says "Where's the party?" (She wants cake.) Diva just smiled and said you'll always be older than us. I didn't teach her that! Have a happy. mel, Diva, & Sassy
  16. mellie

    "Spreadin' Hate"

    Ahhhh... they just cut off the ending - "عش من بابل! إنه ليل الجمعة" translation: "Live from Babylon! It's Friday night!" [insert laugh track and applause]
  17. James - your post needs this song as background music. :p
  18. I have to agree with you, Lisa... There are also a lot of people who think the election is going to be so close that recounts will last into the new year and may even delay the inauguration. I sure hope not! I just can't wait for it to be over and done with.
  19. But then, OOPS like this don\'t exactly help him.
  20. Sean Hannity is presenting a documentary about Barack Obama on FOX News tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST, and he's saying that he's going to present information and evidence that no one else in the news media was willing to report. Hannity was one of the media talk hosts interviewed in Jerome Corsi's book "The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality". The book has been largely challenged as being mostly misleading or false. I thought Hannity had been pretty harsh with McCain/Palin since the RNC. Is he just trying to redeem himself as a serious media person willing to present all the facts at hand, or does he have another agenda?
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