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  1. You should do it, Lew! I'm surprised Port Saint Lucie made #5. There isn't much of anything to do there. Property costs & taxes have gotten outrageous. If you plan to travel a lot during retirement, driving 1-1/2 or 2 hours to the closest airport would be a drag. I'm considering becoming a winter bird in West Palm Beach when I retire. I miss getting up early to go to the beach and watch the sunrise.
  2. Lew, thank you so much for this link. I am so sad, and my heart goes out to Kiwi and the family. I wonder who greeted Muzza at the pearly gates... and what he said to them...and how long he will wait before the shenanigans begin. 😉 RIP my friend.
  3. Craig, you would probably really be surprised. Based on the number of people I meet who came from Florida, that number could be pretty high. And then after we go back to Florida, we're reminded why we went to Alaska to begin with, and we just keep going back and forth. It is always good to try and keep those Florida connections, though. Is anyone on here from Key West? I'm in need of some thawing out and might need a sofa to land on if the hotels are sold out.😀
  4. Yes, it was Travelodge. I highly recommend it!
  5. Hey Rhonda, welcome! I stayed overnight in Saskatoon a couple of years ago when I moved from Florida to Alaska and drove through Canada. Nice town. I wasn't planning on overnighting, but it started snowing real heavy and I decided to get off of the road and settle in early. They must have gotten 8 inches of snow by morning, but the roads were all cleared before I got checked out. It was beautiful. I loved the hotel. It had an indoor pool with a huge, very high water slide, and listening to the other guests kids giggling and screaming in there lifted my spirits. The room had a super long and more than knee-high deep soaker tub that was heavenly. The hospitality was exceptional. From your description, it sounds like a must-add travel destination to experience a bit more of what Saskatoon has to offer.
  6. Nice. I hadn't heard this one before. Thanks.
  7. mellie

    Heart Attack

    You're not alone. Happening to me too. I just assumed my screen was too small for the format.
  8. Woah! Check out the sales history on that! Is it haunted?
  9. mellie


    Better late than never... Belated happy birthday, Lew! I hope you had an amazing day.
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