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  1. Here's additional info on the magazines: "Strange Days" (2007 June issue/No.93) costs Yen 980 ($8.20) and Yen 700 ($5.80) for "Record Collectors"(2007 May issue/Vol. 26 No.5). Although, I've not read through the articles, it seems that one of the writers mentions to Eric's upcoming new album in the aricle. Is this true? Or just the writer is wrong? I will come back here again with the summary of the articles when I may have enough free time to do so. To those who live in the big cities: You may find the magazines at Kinokuniya bookstores in the US. http://www.kinokuniya.co.jp/english/contents/network04.html Masaki
  2. Hi, everyone. A live report from Japan. It's about 21:00 of April 25, 2007 (JST) here in Japan and the Japanese Reissued 8 CDs are in front of me. I've just finished listening to "Starting Over" album and it sounds great w/ 24 bit remaster quality. They also look great! Some disks contain bonus tracks. "Eric Carmen" albun; "All By Myself" (single version 4:33) and "All By Myself" (alternative version 4:54) "Boats" albun; "Boats" (altermative Version - female chorus) "Tonight You're Mine" albun; "Hungry Eyes", "Make Me Lose Control", "Reason To Try", "My Heart Stops", "As Long As We've Got Each Other", "Make Me Lose Control (live)", "Almost Paradise (live) w/ M. Clayton" and "Hungry Eyes (live)" 8 bonus tracks in one CD !!! Rz's albums contain no bonus tracks, but with "fragrance sticker" for the first album. I found the special articles regarding Eric and the Raspberries in two major Japanese music magazines. One is in the "Strange Days" magazine totaling in 9 pages about the Raspberries. Another one is in the "Record Collectors" magazine totaling in 8 pages about Eric. These articles are published incident to the reissue. I hope many young people in Japan would have a chance to listen to masterpieces of Eric and Rz incident to the reissue this time. I need to go off for preparation of the business trip tomorrow, but I can tell you that the reissued CDs are worth buying. Masaki
  3. Everyone, Thank you so much for your kind words. Kazumi told me a lot about how nice the fans gathering here are. She is absolutely right. To those whom I could meet in NY, let me say again that it was my great pleasure to see you all. To those whom I couldn't see there, I look forward to seeing you and sharing our love to the Raspberries somewhere in the near future. Thank you all. Masaki
  4. I just want to say "THANK YOU" to all the Raspberries fans I met in NY. You were all so nice and kind. I could feel comfortable. Among all, special thanks to Bernie and Ken for their effort to make my dream come true. I could finally see my greatest heroes and have some words with them!!! Also special thanks to Kazumi for "a midnight date in Starbucks" after the show. I really enjoyed talking with you in Japanese. Now, I know how and why you are loved by all the fans there. The performance on Sunday was fantastic and unforgettable. It surely was the best performance I have ever seen in my life. Yes, the Raspberries truly knocked me out at that night. I was so excited after the show that I forgot to ask the band to come to Japan in the near future. Now, I'm back in Japan. So, I wish, with other Japanese fans, that such dream will come true. All things hapened to me in NY and all the Raspberries fans I met there made my 4-day trip to the US (only 2-day stay there) so special and unforgettable. Although all people around me (except Japanese Raspberries fans) said I was crazy to make such a trip, it surely was worth doing to me. I'm proud of having being the Raspberries fan and having made such a crazy trip. With many, many thanks to the Raspberries for everything. Masaki from Chiba/Japan P.S. Although the Typhoon #7 was attacking Tokyo area, my flight back to Japan could land on Tokyo Airport as scheduled. We want no more typhoons here in Japan, but long for the Raspberries Typhoon to come.
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