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  1. Always distinctive and elegant. The first few bars and anyone would know in a sec who it was. Thanks for all the good times Eric.
  2. Jesus....when I saw the post, I thought I did something wrong and was in trouble.
  3. Hope he sees this. Not that it will make any difference. What do you think of a guy who for years, every Thursday morning around 4:00AM waits until this comes on ABC, and proceeds to dance around nude all over the house? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bEuUJmZUh8 He thinks doing that is hysterical. Maybe the first time but for years? How can someone who shows so much class with his addiction to the Berries have this side to him?
  4. I'm not making any statement for or against the Fairness Doctrine, but I do understand the basis from which it emulates. The whole idea essentially is that the airwaves belong to the American public. That they are a finite resource, and that is what makes them different from print or cable, and that no one group or ideology should control the distribution. We already have anti-trust laws for everything else, and indeed many newspaper or print mergers have been blocked. The Fairness Doctrine was the law of the land for years and upheld by the courts many times over. IMHO, the situation was not nearly as bad when there were caps on station ownership, but it was still in place even then. I became extremely exasperated when they kept lifting the ownership rules. I wonder how we would feel say, perhaps, if a rich Muslim group from an oil rich country bought up control of radio stations (foreign ownership was also once not allowed-Rupert Murdock originally had a lot of trouble getting control of broadcast facilities because he at the time was not an American citizen and I still am not sure that he has citizenship-he may have)and started broadcasting ideology that was offensive to some? Would we still feel the same? Broadcast licenses are unique They do not belong to Clear Channel or anyone else. They belong to the American people. They are a "public trustee" of an American resource. That, by the way, is how it is in every other country. Try as an American to get a radio license anywhere else in the world. Good luck. Essentially all the Fairness Doctrine means is that one must give other points of view on public owned facilities. Again, not making any political statements, but I would respectfully submit that if stations had to give alternative opinions, it would not harm CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, or Public Radio anywhere near as much as it would Clear Channel or Fox News. That is why they are so adamantly against it.
  5. A little about Clear Channel. Clear Channel is a perfect example of how consolidation in the broadcasting business has been one of, if not THE most, terrible policy decisions ever. They own approximately 1200 radio stations. There was a day in this country when a company was limited to 12 stations - TOTAL in the country. During the golden heyday of broadcasting, you had diversity, almost total local programming, and not the cookie cutter crap you have today. Like Eric once penned....if you can get it in the "A slot". Today your lucky if you ever get it played. You could call up a DJ, and he would play anything you wanted. Not possible for the most part today. Not to make a political statement, but Clear Channel is about as right wing as you can get. They make Limbaugh look liberal. They are owned by a family that are personal friends of the Bush's. Not surprising that in many towns (mine included) you can go up and down the dial and all you get is Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck all day long on at least 4 overlapping channels. Whatever your political persuasion, under no stretch of anyone's imagination, is that healthy for the broadcasting business. There was also a time when you could NEVER own overlapping stations. For those of you who are familiar with the Fairness Doctrine....if they ever re-institute this, that is the end of Clear Channel, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, because that is their business plan....their schtick. They could not exist under a fairness doctrine. I should emphasize that any re-institution of the Fairness Doctrine would primarily affect radio, and not cable, so the "fair and balanced network" would probably avoid it because anything goes on cable. Radio has an entirely different legal application. And, the answer is NO, there is not a freedom of speech question because as it comes to radio, it is entirely over government granted frequencies. This is established case law. Can the government do this? You bet they can. In one humble opinion, years ago broadcasting was a MUCH more civil business. You never had the continual hate and divisiveness you have today. Finally, I would also respectfully submit, that artists would be MUCH, MUCH better off if things were as they use to be, regardless of other problems like file sharing. I know of what I speak.
  6. I always listen to the recoding and then make read what a critic says. Same with a movie. If I like it, I could care less what anyone says. But your right, it is unfortunate that some jerk can ruin a career. Anyway,I remember Russ Meyer. I always enjoyed....how should I say this....well....his work. I could tell a very funny story about this, but it might not go over too well.
  7. Like everyone, I love to see anything Raspberries, but I have a real problem buying anything bootleg. This music belongs to the Eric and the rest of the guys. No one else. It is depriving them of something they wrote, developed, and own. No to mention it is disrespectful . Just my humble opinion.
  8. Congratulations to Clayton and you and Susan!!!! As far as melancholy Russians Eric....word has it that they know how to rock-n-roll with the best of them too. My mother was Russian, and I grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania where there is a rather large contingent of Russians. I might also say that you have always had a nice fan base there based upon my experience in the broadcasting business. You will still find your extensive catalog played there on a steady basis. Having a mother who was Russian, and familiar with the culture, I married a Russian girl. Always did like pirogies, kielbasas, borscht, and salt fish. In any event, I can close my eyes and hear it now on the television in a few years....'Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Clayton Carmen!!!!
  9. I also think McD's and Dunkin D have better coffee, yet I force myself to drink it only because I heard the CEO tell a story of his fathers medical problem and how they had no health insurance and that is why Starbucks offers health insurance to their workers. Sounds like a guy who gets it. But more important....I think we should all go to our local Starbucks and tell them a Raspberries Cd would be nice to carry, and then each of us write a letter and send a CD to their corporate headquarters. Duplicates and all. Then....make up a t-shirt that says "Have Some Raspberries with your Starbucks Today", and hand them out outside Starbucks corporate headquarters. I know.... I know....I'm a sick ticket.
  10. Great post Ira. Like a lot of folks, I like many bands and styles of music, but there were two groups who played a big part in my life and they were The Dave Clark Five and, of course, The Raspberries. I also draw a lot of comparisons between the two. I had to pause when I read John's statement of regretting not waiting around after BB kings. I made that same mistake too. I should have known better, because Mike Smith was as kind to people in 2003 as he was in the 60's. This was a guy who was never too busy for a smile and a chat. Be rest assured I did not make the same mistake in Rochester, Merrellville, Chicago, Dubuque or the other appearances Mike made during that year. If I can tell one little story on the Chicago concert. This was shortly after Mike's son Jamie passed away in a diving accident. The day of the concert was a beautiful sunny day, and I decided to go over to the club where the concert was being held early for something to eat. When you walked in, the dining room was to the left and the stage area was to the right. As I placed my hand on the door to the dining area, I heard what would be instantly identifiable to any DC5er coming from the stage area. I stopped in my tracks, and peaked into the other door. There was Mike and his band doing sound checks. Like a schoolboy, I edged on in and leaned up against the back of the wall and watched, waiting to be told to leave. As soon as a leaned back, I heard Mike tell the sound man "Do You Love Me from the top please". Then began that drum roll and that infamous refrain that has rocked the world for years.... I don't know what heaven is like, but I think I came pretty close to it that day. I thinking, 'Jesus, I don't believe this, a private concert from Mike Smith" After someone came over and saw this MSRE (Mike Smith's Rock Engine) license plate I had and said ..."come on over, you have to show this to Mike" Told him I didn't want to bother him. The roadie said 'What are you nuts? He don't care". Asked him if he would sign it later, and he said "Ill be happy to sign it now", and asked me a bunch of questions about myself. I knew his son had just passed away and I thought it best to give him his space. Thanked him and left and waited for the show later on. They were taping segments of the tour to put together a video, and during the show I was standing right in back of the camera man. I remember at one point I could see through this large viewfinder him taping Mike. Do you know how in movies sometimes they stop the sound and the scene drifts back to another time? I could see Mike in the famous pose, standing by the organ. It was like all those television appearances so long ago. Words seem not able to describe the sorrow of Mike and Denny's passing. I don't know how many saw the induction of the DC5, but it was truly a pleasure to watch. In a time when profanity and anger seems to accompany award ceremonies, their induction was a breath of fresh spring air. Not that anyone should be surprised. Both Lenny and Dave had nice things to say about America, and that there would be no "British Invasion" were it not for American artists, and they thanked America for all the kindness shown to them. When is the last time anyone thanked "America"? They were and always will be a class act.
  11. it is a very, very sad day. He was a great musician and a very nice person. Thank you Mike for all the good times. Rest in Peace my friend.
  12. I don't know anything about Dave having a problem, but here is a picture of Dave and Mike at a Bruce Springsteen show in London right before Christmas.
  13. There has been a lot written over the years about Dave holding back the catalogue.
  14. Wolfie....I will say a prayer for you.
  15. I got my pass for this event and I wouldn't miss it for the world. In one humble opinion....the induction of the DC5 has been long overdue. Whatever your feelings are, they were one class act. On Ed Sullivan 18 times, more than any other group. As you may or may not know, their lead singer Mike Smith had a terrible accident a few years back which has left him in a bad way, yet he plans on being there, along with Dave, Rick, and Lenny. Denny passed away a few years ago. Before his accident, Mike had gone back on tour again after almost a thirty year period. Had the good fortune to see him in about five of the shows, and it brought back a very happy time in my life. Here's a few of their most memorable works. When Mike did "Because" in Chicago, there was not a dry female eye in the place.
  16. Hi Eric. Just something I heard....Did you know Rush Limbaugh has used the intro to Go All The Way on his show quite a bit? I am not a Limbaugh fan, but with the unfortunate concentration of radio stations into increasingly fewer hands (i.e. Clear Channel, another topic- another day), it is hard to turn the dial and not hear him. In any event....I hope your getting compensated for this. I do know that he was also using John Fogerty's work, and that was brought to a fast halt. Thanks for all the good times!!!!
  17. "Well...its nice to see EC's name in print, but Hungry Eyes has to be one of my most hated singles of all time...even more than "Don't Worry , be Happy". I turn it off whne I hear it on the radio..." You are joking right? Or am I just a little slow on the uptake? If you do a Google on it you will find some incredible statistics on this song. One thing on the Hollies....I always use to love them, thought they were great, but I am sure I remember Eric saying that the Raspberries were on before them one time and the Hollies got mad because the guys got the crowd jumping. I don't know, I always think of that when I hear a Hollies song. Maybe I got it wrong. Anyway....
  18. Julie hope your Mom is ok. I lost my mother at an early age (64), and I would crawl on my stomach for one more day with her. This is for your mother Julie and everyone's mom. It was a mothers poem to her son: My body fed your body son but birth's a swift thing Compared to one and twenty years of feeding you with spirits tears I could not make your mind and soul but my glad hands have kept you whole Your groping hands bound me to life with ruthless bands And all my living became a prayer while all my days built up a stare For your young feet that trod behind that you in aspiring way should find Think you that life can give you pain which does not stab in me again? Think you that life can give you shame which does not make my pride go lame? For you can do no evil thing which sears me not with poison sting Because of all that I have done remember me in life oh son Keep that proud body fine and fair my life is monumented there For my life make no woman weep For my life hold no woman cheap And see you give no woman scorn For that dark night when you were born. My mother once told me that once you lose your mother you have lost your best friend in life. How right she was.
  19. I don't know if this will get me flagged from the board but.... One way to keep things "happy" is to do the daily ritual to "Go All The Way" Remember boys and girls ...that's a "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.....boom-boom-boom.....BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.... boom-boom-boom....Oh my my my baby!!!! (remember....don't forget the Oh Baby cause that might really get her annoyed)
  20. "When "All By Myself" came over the sounds system, I wanted to crawl in a hole. " Im sure she is very proud of you Eric.
  21. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but maybe worth repeating. Naturally the music is how most artists and groups are judged, but always thought that style of delivery or stage presence was as much a part of the the experience as the music, or at least, added to the enjoyment of it. Like an actor....the script can be great, but only certain actors can make it come alive. There are very few groups or solo artists that have that extra something....that pizazz....that polish....to do that. No question Eric has it. I would venture to say that if you saw a silhouette of Eric, you would know who it was performing. Who else do you think has stage presence?
  22. "In "Eric's World" , Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Bremer would all be spending the rest of their lives in Iraq, with their families, using every last dollar of their personal fortunes to try and straighten out the horrific mess their arrogance, greed and stupidity got us into. ec" You got that right. When I see stuff on those young people who got seriously hurt over there my heart aches for them. The thing that gets me is that Cheney told the Washington Post when asked why he didn't go to Vietnam, that he had "other priorities" back then. I hate politics. Get me a cheeseburger, turn the radio on, and lets go chase some girls.
  23. Eric has to be one of the foremost writers/lyricists of our time. What else can you say?
  24. I agree. Just another example of the garbage an artist takes. Another minute was too much for the show?
  25. Well....I'm from Scranton and I also believe it was in April of 75. I know Eric was there on June 2, 1974 and played at West Scranton High auditorium, and was very well received to a fairly packed house. This is a pretty large venue (3,000 plus seats). The Raspberries were played regularly on the NE PA stations, and had a large fan base there. I also know that Raspberries records sold fairly well there as I knew the guy who at that time had the largest record store and I still remember him telling me they "moved a lot of vinyl". Scott McCarl was there also.
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