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  1. This was their opener-as soon as they started they reminded me greatly of The Killers.
  2. We saw Panic! At The Disco last Friday at Eastern Illinois University's Lantz Arena(the site of my very first concert-Chicago in 1975).A good performance, though the acoustics aren't the best in there. first band really since Keane that is both A) Popular and That I like.
  3. Tom Chaplin recording the vocal for his song The Wave: https://www.facebook.com/TomChaplinMusic/?notif_t=notify_me_page
  4. Coming out on the 29th. The new single was co-written by Tim Rice-Oxely of Keane In other Keane news, Tim and Jesse are working on a new Mt. Desolation album and Tom posted on FB yesterday that he was headed to L.A. today to record vocals and put finishing touches on his solo album. Seems like I've been waiting forever.
  5. I'd gladly offer up Bieber and Kanye.
  6. I voted for Cheap Trick.The Cars,Chicago,The Smiths,and The Spinners. http://rockhall.com/voting/2016-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame-nominees-vote/
  7. I'm not a big fan of country-but Henley does it very well here.I really love this album-he's still one of the best songwriters around.I got the Target special edition-it has a cover of Jackson Browne's Here Come Those Tears Again. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/albumreviews/don-henley-cass-county-20150921
  8. pretender


    As some of you may know,I'm a massive fan of British pop band Keane. When they released their Best of Keane,I read an interview with vocalist Tom Chaplin where,when asked what his favorite greatest hits album was,he responded Abba Gold.
  9. Interview with Craig Tiley,who was Kevin's coach his freshman year at Illinois before leaving to become the head of Tennis Australia. http://www.news-gazette.com/sports/illini-sports/recruiting/2015-09-12/sunday-conversation-craig-tiley.html
  10. Unfortunately,Kevin lost to Warinka in the quarters. But he did receive the U.S. Open Sportsmanship award. He always was quiet and respectful on the court.
  11. I love Unguarded Moment-I was a bit surprised they didn't play it this time.It had been the encore the other 2 times i've seen them.
  12. Kevin Anderson became the first former University of Illinois player to reach a Grand Slam quarterfinal with the 4 set win.Kevin won the NCAA doubles title for the Illini in 2007.I was fortunate enough to see him play dozens of matches when he was in Champaign. I'm so happy to see him get this breakthrough win after reaching the Round of 16 in a few slams(and after having a 2 set lead to Novak slip away at Wimbledon.) Andy Murray is the guy I normally root for against anyone else(I'm always for the Scots),but was very glad to see him go down this time. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/08/sports/tennis/andy-murray-us-open-kevin-anderson-stan-wawrinka-donald-young.html?_r=0
  13. Hope you have a great day,Susie.
  14. http://iconicandvintageblog.com/2015/09/01/steve-kilbey-the-bang-tidy-mad-uncle-of-psychedelic-rock/
  15. I saw the show in Urbana Friday night.Both bands were fantastic.Furs were very tight and professional,Butler is very charming and elegant as a frontman. Gina and I actually had our first date in '86 seeing the Furs at the Illinois State Fair(and were married only 21 years later).Sax player Mars Williams was particularly brilliant.The Church,though,were a whole other level.They're one of the best live bands I've ever seen.Even the songs that are kind of laid back and spacey on record catch fire in concert. Steve Kilbey (one of my very favorite singers)still moves like someone half his age and plays a lightning fast bass like a man possessed. And from the first notes of the opener,Reptile,it was clear that new guitarist Ian Haug could more than hold his own replacing Marty Wilson-Piper(although he did lack Marty's stage moves. We got there early enough to get right up against the barrier in front of the stage(it was an outdoor festival show)off to the right side of the stage.The coolest part was when Richard Butler came over to our side of the stage and sang Gina's favorite song,The Ghost In You,pretty much directly to her.By far the best free show I've ever seen. I only wish I could have gone up to Chicago on Saturday where the Church played a headline show and played two full sets,including their entire second album,The Blurred Crusade.
  16. New album-free download http://wilcoworld.net/#!/news/
  17. It's good that some still care about sound quality in this day & age. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/neil-young-pulling-catalog-from-streaming-services-20150715 Of course,this could be seen as a bit self-serving given Neil's involvement with Pono,but I have enough respect for Neil to give him the benefit of the doubt that both actions come from a sincere desire for improved sound quality.
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