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  1. Another more recent(2005) favorite of mini is Wilco's Kicking Television Live In Chicago
  2. I love several of those mentioned, including the UFO REO, Head East, Live At Leeds, Pop Art, and Here And There. Also love Ramones Live and Springsteen's Live 1975-1985. But my all-time favorites are Cheap Trick At Budokan and U2 at Red Rocks.
  3. Sparks are still great. Loved their album a few years back with Franz Ferdinand, FFS.
  4. My top three would be be Roll With The Changes, Riding The Storm Out, and Someone Tonight( I always thought Someone Tonight sounded like a Raspberries song). Agree that the live album is great.
  5. A local band(Champaign, Il) I used to go see all the time, the Elvis Brothers, were approached about playing the New Monkees but turned it down. They did use one of theirs songs though.
  6. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/the-jaded-hearts-club-interview-matt-bellamy-b515732.html
  7. 5. International Geophysical Year
  8. Elton hit U.K. No. 1 on singles list for first time in 16 years. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/oct/15/elton-john-scores-first-no-1-single-in-16-years-ending-15-week-ed-sheeran-run
  9. Love They Don't Know, but I prefer the original by Kirsty MacColl.
  10. He was the best Weekend Update host ever.
  11. My favorite new artist to come along in the last 15 years or so. Gives me some hope(along with Inhaler, Bono's son's band) that rock will once again rule.
  12. He was my favorite singer when I was about 12. Greatest Hits, Vol 2 was the second album I ever bought after Chicago II.
  13. I saw them at the Illinois State Fair, I believe it was 1977. It had rained so the track was closed so all fans were in the grandstand seats, far away from the stage. Plywood was put down so Les was able to go out onto the muddy track and be closer to the fans
  14. Stay on, stay, don't you stray I know, I know the time goes by With a bleary blink of an eye But I see, I do, for me and you Living ends coming TRUE Stay On-BoDeans
  15. I saw him early 80s at the Illinois State Fair. He does put on a great show.
  16. I'm finally going to give up and cheat a bit and go with the singular version: WOMAN don't Want To Love Me Says I make her CRY Woman Don't Want To Love Me-Chicago
  17. I like everything on your list James, but I'd have to include 2 of my favorites, Between Seventeen And Twenty(even though it's not one of Bernie's stronger lyrics I still love the melody) and Cage The Songbird.
  18. I haven't really listened to these albums in about 40 years or so, but I remember loving Miles Away and Come Back, as well as Where Have You Been All My Life. Make It Look Like An Accident also had a certain appeal.
  19. He also played Cyrus Longworth/John Yaeger, Sebastian Shaw, and Gabriel Collins
  20. I could never understand why World Party wasn't hugely popular. Karl's songs are great, exquisitely done, and also seemed very commercial. I never expected The Waterboys to be massively successful after Karl left and Mike switched to much less commercial styles(starting with the Celtic rock of Fisherman's Blues). But for a while after the release of This Is The Sea they were being hyped as the next U2.
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