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  1. I saw Nick back in the early 80s(with Paul Carrack in his band) opening for Tom Petty. Saw Elvis at a festival with John Prine and Van Morrison in late 90s.
  2. They might be sisters-in-law. I seem to remember hearing that Dwight married a Cowsill. Jan Twilley's maiden name is listed as Jan Allison and John's first wife's was Jan Allison Rose.
  3. Susan and John both played in Dwight Twilley's band for quite a while.
  4. Reminds me of So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star, slowed down a bit.
  5. 1 City On The Edge Of Forever 2 Balance Of Terror(The recent season 1 finale of Strange New Worlds revisited this episode showing how it would have played out if Pike were still Captain of the Enterprise-by far my favorite episode of all the new Trek series). 3 The Trouble With Tribbles 4 Devil In The Dark 5 Wolf In The Fold
  6. Probably since I first heard Tom sing Somewhere Only We Know with Keane in 2005.
  7. Decent cover, but not close to being as good as the original. She's got a better voice that I gave her credit for though.
  8. I f I picked my 10 favorite guitar solos, probably about 9 of them would be Terry Kath.
  9. Even though I grew up in Illinois, Bobby Orr was my favorite player and I loved the Bruins(probably because they were on the TV game of the week a lot). Other players seemed to be going in slow motion compared to Orr.
  10. 1 Rockin' In The Free World-Neil Young 2 Share The Land-The Guess Who 3 Hallelujah-Leonard Cohen 4 Both Sides Now-Joni Mitchell 5 Stand Tall-Burton Cummings 6 Straight From The Heart-Bryan Adams 7 Let It Ride-BTO 8-Sweet Jane-Cowboy Junkies 9 Last American Exit-The Tragically Hip 10 One Week-Barenaked Ladies
  11. Always enjoyed P.J.'s work in Rolling Stone. He did as well as humanely possible to live up to the Gonzo standard established by the legendary Hunter S. Thompson at RS.
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