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  1. Congratulations Tony! Wow, your baby is 11 months old already! The last time that I read the message board, you had just announced that you were expecting a baby. So, did you have a boy or a girl? Did you name the baby "Carmen Cartmill"? Best wishes! Jeff
  2. Jeff, it was also the theme song of the television show "Growing Pains". Jeff (aka "Silly Old Bear")
  3. I can still recall the very first time that I heard the song "The Way We Used To Be". At that point in time, I was a sophomore in college and would tape "Days Of Our Lives" on the VCR. The episode that I remember watching of "Days Of Our Lives", where the song "The Way We Used To Be" was first aired, was broadcast in 1984. Pete Jennings & Melissa Horton were in love, but Melissa's father, Mickey, opposed his daughter dating Pete...who he felt was from the wrong side of town. In the midst of Pete & Melissa's brief breakup, Pete became intoxicated and had unprotected sex with "Ivy", a younger sister of Pete's friend ("Speed") and who had a crush on Pete. As it always happens on the soap operas, Ivy became pregnant with Pete's baby. This news just became known to Pete, directly after he & Melissa reunited. Pete & Melissa were discussing the situation, as they were sitting in the restaurant owned by Chris Kositchek. Just as Melissa said to Pete, "What are we going to do?", the beginning of the song, "The Way We Used To Be" began playing. This was the end of the first episode that this song was broadcast on "Days Of Our Lives"...and just as Eric began singing the lyrics "I can remember when we used to be the best of friends", the DOOL credits began running. I immediately recognized Eric's voice and began playing the end of the episode over & over again...just to hear the song.
  4. Barack Obama? That sounds more like the backup musical lyrics of a song than it does the name of the future President of the United States. If Mr. Obama becomes the President, what would the First Lady be called..."Mama Obama"? Oh well, I learned as a young boy never to discuss three things with people...politics, religion and The Great Pumpkin! Good Grief! Jeffurry
  5. Wow, Ericcarmen.com is already celebrating its' 10th anniversary...when I can only imagine that it seemed like just yesterday to Bernie that it became an "Overnight Sensation"! Thank you so much Bernie for all of the love and the time you have put into this amazing web site these many years! You certainly have been "Making It Easy" for those of us Eric Carmen & Raspberries' fans to keep updated on the 'berry best information available on the greatest influence in the world of music. Additionally, my deepest appreciation to Eric Carmen, who has entertained & influenced many of us with his musical poetry for over thirty five years...which has resulted in so many precious & magical memories! It has certainly been awhile since I last posted a message or created a musical parody, but it seems like I picked a perfect time for "Starting Over" with all of you! Jeff
  6. So, would Song #20 be The Chipmunk Christmas Song with the lyrics Christmas time is near? Edit: I was just about to log out, when I noticed that I had the last post on the Message Board, the Community section and the Collector's Corner. Help! Help! Help! I'm caught in a Trifecta time warp, and I'm just trying to find a way out. Let me out! Let me out! Let me out!
  7. In the Holiday spirit of Darlene's I Saw Mommy Kissing The Hollyberries (at the concert meet & greet last night), I have added some other Hollyberries' Christmas songs to the list... Capital Records Executives Roasting On An Open Fire Deck The Concert Hall With The Hollyberries Eric The Snowman The First Encore Hark, The Hollyberries Sing Have A 'Berry Merry Christmas Have Yourself A Hollyberries Christmas The Hollyberries Are Coming To Town Hollyberries We Have Heard On High (Walking In A) Hollyberries Wonderland I'm Dreaming Of A Hollyberries Christmas I Saw Three Overdubs Jim, The Little Drummer Boy Joy To EricSnowman.com! O Come, All Ye Hollyberries Fans Up On The Stage We Three Overdubs We Wish You A Hollyberries Christmas That's a lot of Hollyberries carols to sing this Christmas! Santa Silly Old Bear Edit: Gee, I just noticed that I made three consecutive posts again. I feel like I'm trapped between the Heatmizer and the Freezemizer. Please somebody save me!
  8. Darlene & hungryeyes, thanks for your kind words! I have a lot of fun with these parodies, and I'm glad that others can find enjoyment in them too! Jeff
  9. SugarBabi7, I received your private message. This was a monumental moment, because it was the first private message that I received! In regard to the Trifecta, it was unintentional...and that's the story that I'm sticking with. I post when the ideas and the mood hit me. Hmmm, looking back it appears that I posted four messages in a row. Does that make it a Quadfecta? I think in the Happy Halloween thread I must have made six or seven posts in a row. Would that make them a Hexfecta and a Sepfecta? After decomposing Eric Scaremen and the Ratburied's songs, I think I must have already gone to the dark side of the wood earlier.
  10. TOMMY sounds like he's out of TUNE!
  11. Marvin, I'm glad to hear that your gig was well received. Wow, an audience of 1300 people is pretty comparable to the Raspberries concerts. This must be music to your ears. Congratulations!
  12. Christmas Time Is Here by Vince Guaraldi from A Charlie Brown Christmas television special.
  13. I received a 'berry special gift from my true love, which I will share with you now... Eric Snowman's lyrics to the unofficial... Hollyberries' Twelve Days Of Christmas On the twelfth day of Christmas, Santa gave to me... twelve million fans eleven pitchers of lemonade ten reunions concerts nine official websites eight greatest hits CDs seven hit songs six band members five tired roadies four record albums three Overdubs two vendor workers and a webmaster named Bernie Here's hoping that we receive a dozen encores next year! Jammin' Jeff
  14. Even though I'm not of the Jewish faith, I thought that I would be remiss if I did not mention some of the Unofficial Hollyberries & Eric Snowman Hanukkah songs... Don't Want To Say Oy Vay I Reach For The Menorah Making It Kosher Oil Sensation (8 Day Record) Never Gonna Spin The Dreidel Again Well, that's all Hanukkah songs that I heard about. Are there any others? Catholic Jeff
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