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  1. It's a good song...But the arrangement is real draggy...and kind of monotonous...it would wear me out to hear that song as it is now more than a few times.
  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Valorie...I hope that she is back to health soon.
  3. He was one of the best...I love his pop music with John Ford Coley...And his solo country work...What a voice.
  4. Dan Seals had one of the great pop and country voices...I'm a fan of his music in both genres.
  5. WLS-FM is definitely designed with the legacy of former Musicradio AM89 WLS in mind...Some of the old AM jocks are there as well as a variety of classic AM radio era rockin' oldies.
  6. There's nothing like going for a ride in the car with a favorite CD and singing along with every song...It usually clears my head and changes my attitude.
  7. Happy Birthday, Steve!...I hope this is your best year ever.
  8. If i'm feeling down i often just start writing things down...sometimes they turn out good...sometime ridiculous...like this little thing i just wrote for fun. "Pizza Pie" sittin' on top of a pizza trapped upon the pie waitin' here for rescue the hours slide on by lookin' at the pepperoni wanting to ask it why why do i not feel high on top of this pizza pie?
  9. danmichel


    Thanks Darlene!...That one was really meant as a short poem...rather than a lyric...because i compressed it so much...Going so fast from premise to payoff...If i decide to make a song out of it i'll have to expand it to explain more of the why things turned out that way part of it...Of course that would require me to spend more than 10 minutes writing time that i did in doing the first part!
  10. Bahoo knows what's good...Del Amitri has some great songs...I'm on YouTube listening to some of them now.
  11. danmichel


    No revision Timid Tony... If i had said "we were friends only because we needed to be...i could see your point...But as it stands it means what i want it to me (but is of course open for interpretation)... As for the rhyme...I am not one to go for strict rhyming schemes...I have songwriting friends who do...and they sometimes come up with some really bizarre lines just to keep the rhyming scheme perfect...In this case for continuities sake...I cheat!
  12. danmichel


    "Friends" how did we find each other? what made us such good friends? why did we learn to lean on each other? shoulder to shoulder...again and again those precious days behind us time passes and we've grown apart still i know i would have been much less without your friendship in my heart when i think about you these days i think about a time so sweet when the only thing we had to know we were friends because we needed to be (2009 db michel)
  13. An Ode to the lost Lew: "Without Lew" what do we do without Lew? now that he's gone how do we cheer the ladies? how do we carry on? emptiness fills the places hither and yon what do we do without Lew? now that's he's gone and the divers keep on searchin' in the river lookin' for clues...lookin' for Lew every single dive...lookin' a little less alive we're all doing...whatever we can do how do we live without Lew? now that he's passed how do we greet the morning? the party went by too fast grim little faces peering over the glass how do we live without Lew? now that he's passed and the divers keep on searchin' in the river lookin' for clues...lookin' for Lew every single dive...lookin' a little less alive we're all doing...whatever we can do (db michel)
  14. It has taken me nearly 4 years to amass my pitiful post count...If the top posters stopped posting to let me catch up...it would take more than a decade for me to do it...More like 2 decades...Plus it would get pretty boring without the most prolific posters posting.
  15. I send belated greetings in remembrance of the day you landed on this planet from your mother's innerspace i hope you had a good one all filled with friends and cake and all the other goodies that you want to come your way
  16. Happy Happy Birthday i hope that it was great i'm feeling pretty stupid because this post is late so here is to your birthday and when it comes next year i'll try to be more punctual when i send you birthday cheer
  17. danmichel


    Money is not the end of ways to make a difference...Sometimes a kind word at just the right time can make all the difference when it is spoken to a person who is close to giving up on something...You may never know how much of a difference you have made by something you have said or written to someone...It is so easy to hurt with words...But it is also easy to help with words...You don't need a script or a plan...You just need to remember to speak goodness from your heart when you sense someone has a need. You can make the world a better place one heart at a time...Share your heart...share your love...And you can send ripples of goodness all around the world. You may never know what good resulted because someone kept on trying when they were about to give up...It's not always that dramatic...But you never know when it's your time to save something...save someone...save the world...With words that bring hope to a failing life... With enough words of doom and despair we can drag this world straight down to hell...I've been hearing a lot of those kind of words lately...Sometimes the cold hard painful truth has to be said...Sometimes it makes more sense to try building up something good...Rather than simply tearing something down that you don't like ...maybe you can propose a better solution...Maybe you'll never get credit for it...But saving our world is priceless...We can destroy it with words that can lead to war that has no end...Or we can build it back up with words that can lead to something better...We can make a difference every day...It's up to us whether that difference is a good thing...or a bad thing.
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you MJ!...When it comes to fun...take it all the way!
  19. On Eric Carmen and country music...I think Eric could sit down and write a country song any time he wanted...If that's what he wanted to do...He really is that good... But if he wanted to push an old song to the youngsters in Nashville...I'd suggest Let's Pretend...Done by a female artist...I think that song could be very hot all over again.
  20. Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Billy Let your hair down... don't be afraid to be silly... Lie about your age... 'cause they won't know...really you can do what you want 'cause it's your birthday Billy
  21. Chickenman was a product of the creative and twisted mind of Dick Orkin when he was at WCFL Chicago...It was later syndicated all over the country...I first heard Chickenman on KXOK St. Louis. Dick Orkin is the voice and writer and all around creative genius behind some of the best commercials ever made.
  22. I'm sure it was sometime last week...His news shows were recorded the day they were aired...His commercials played on Paul Harvey News And Comment even when one of his his subs was standing in for him.
  23. I got most of my radio education from listening to WLS...John (Records) Landecker played the soundtrack of my weekend nights...The music was great and spanned more than a decade...You could hear current songs (from the late 70's)...and oldies mixed in from as early as the mid 60's!...And of course there was his famous "Boogie Check"... A bunch of WLS alums got together recently for a special all day tribute...Here is a YouTube video with some of the highlights... Big 89 Rewind
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