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  1. Getting this checked out is the right thing to do...It may turn out to be nothing at all...Or you might be saving yourself...just in time.
  2. Happy Birthday, Muzza! if there were ever someone nicer then i wonder who it wuzza!
  3. Happy Birthday, Bessieboo! i hope it's filled good stuff just for you!
  4. Happy Birthday, Paul!...Make it great!
  5. You'll make it...Just remember these are the greatest days of your life!
  6. Thinking of you, Jay...On this difficult day...My condolences to you and your family.
  7. Happy Birthday, John! party time is on! so take the best and leave the rest 'cause soon it will be gone!
  8. Happy Birthday, Kathie Lee!...I hope it's the best one ever!
  9. Happy Birthday, Annie!...All the best for you on your birthday!
  10. Tony...I sent a prayer for your mom...I hope it is her time to get well and be home soon.
  11. This is for real...The man even has a Wikipedia entry.
  12. Jay...I have sent a prayer for your mother and for you...I hope she comes through this and is back to good health soon.
  13. I've been thinking that "Reason To Try" reminded me of a commercial campaign...And i found what i was thinking of...Listen to the backing music and Kenny Rogers in this "The Pride is Back" commercial for Plymouth...
  14. The Hershey bar is now a dollar...and painfully thin...Can we please go back to yesterday's Hershey again?
  15. On "When I'm Gone" the vocals are over-produced with efx...making them sound distant and draining the emotion out of them...which is a shame 'cause vocally these tracks are damn good...The recording of "Go Chase Yourself" is tinny all the way through...Other than these technical issues i can't complain because you two seem to have a pretty good sense of pop. You guys sound more than a little bit like The Rembrandts.
  16. Chris...I'm impressed...You guys have a real good sound...I like your songs too...You shouldn't keep this hidden!
  17. 30 days is a difficult thing to contemplate...A long time to think about things...I guess that's the best you can do...Use this time to think about how to make your life better...So you never have to so through this again.
  18. The St. Louis Blues are back in the playoffs after an absence of 3 years!
  19. Chris...It's the hardest thing to do...but you did for Mandy what was right...and you did it because you loved her.
  20. I am amazed at the people who write computer programs...How do they make magic out of all those ones and zeros?
  21. "Yesterday's Smile" time passes by but it stays on our faces leaving the traces of yesterday's smile i look at you and the difference erases all of the changes all of the miles and if we were a rock never changing what good could we do in this world? if there is no weather or aging how do we define the passage of time if not on our face or the width of our waist we then will be who we are yesterday's love yesterday's star however she seems to be she still looks like Kathleen to me (2009 db michel)
  22. Happy Birthday, Kathryn! I hope your day is full of love and happiness!
  23. I think the stage manager sounded a little nervous...Like she didn't think they were going to stop.
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