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  1. I remember Peter Zezel from his time with the St. Louis Blues...He was a good hockey player and a great person.
  2. I was never really a fan of Veronica...Betty is more my style...My prediction...Archie is doomed!
  3. i've been away awhile it was no place like home not the kind of place i would ever pay to go i spent my time all alone with myself everything i loved was out there in somewhere else now i'm headed for the door i ain't stayin' here no more i got the feelin' and home is on my mind hey, i got the feelin' i'm gonna get back to mine i paid my living dues you can read it in the news i got the feelin' and it's mighty fine i did you wrong back then it was my fault all along i wasn't thinkin' clearly then it was like my mind was gone i'm hoping you have forgiveness in your heart please tell me baby that you want a brand new start i was out there all alone now i wanna get back home i got the feelin' and home is on my mind hey, i got the feelin' i'm gonna get back to mine i paid my living dues you can read it in the news i got the feelin' and it's mighty fine (2009 db michel) Just a lyric...
  4. Welcome home, Eric!...It's good to know that you are back with the ones you love.
  5. I was 11 years old when The Homecoming originally aired...And although i knew very little about how network TV worked...i predicted it would become a hit TV series...Yeah...I loved the movie that much!...I related to John Boy in the movie back then...and still do to this day. The Homecoming is a beautiful song which can still take me back to the way i felt the first time i saw that movie...The power of music can be that strong.
  6. The truth about Memorial Day has haunted me since i was a little kid...when i realized the death tolls listed on the bottom of the screen on the evening news were more than just numbers...Those numbers represented real people who would not be coming home alive from the Vietnam War...After that i could no longer enjoy playing Army with plastic soldier figures...And could see no fun in GI Joe toys...It was too late...Real people were dying and it burned a sadness in my heart...I guess it's pretty clear that i've never played a video game based on war...Because in my mind...and i think in most people's minds (once they think about it)....War is no fun... I hope more people take a moment and remember our soldiers who gave their lives fighting for us...And also remember those who survived the battles of war...scarred forever by the experience. Remember....
  7. Actually The Homecoming comes from the 1971 TV movie that led up to the TV series The Waltons in 1972...The Hagood Hardy song served as the opening theme. Other than some fine piano playing...i don't hear a big similarity...except that perhaps Hagood Hardy was influenced by the same great composer that Eric Carmen was...in albeit a less direct way.
  8. Happy Birthday, Tommy (Mamacote)!
  9. Hey...Hey...Hey...Happy Birthday Andiemay!
  10. Whatever was going on last night that made load times so slow has been fixed...Hallelujah! This morning i got in here in the usual speedy fashion.
  11. I had gotten my first perm...and i was not expecting this.
  12. I've always wanted to visit Canada...The closest i ever got to Canada was Detroit...I've got plenty of relatives in Michigan...But it's not quite Canada...I've met plenty of nice people via the internets from Canada...So it's an enticing destination.
  13. I can understand...You've been on quite a trip! Thanks for remembering me...and giving me a good reason to make my 2,000th post.
  14. Thanks again to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday...It was sweet hearing from you all!
  15. Thank you Shelly and Darlene!...I was in a Chopped Liver Sandwich mood this morning...So that's what comes out.
  16. As a Blues fan...I'm not usually able to consider rooting for the Black Hawks...But since they are playing the Red Wings...i feel free to say...GO BLACK HAWKS!
  17. For your approval or dismissal...an ode to a sandwich. "Chopped Liver Sandwich" i feel like a chopped liver sandwich on a peppercorn bun covered in mustard...lettuce and...onions whoever would want me has no sense of smell if they ate such a sandwich they would be stinky as well who will spend their dream with this sandwich? who would trade the happy life to munch on me? who would lose their friends? to gain a smell that has no end is there someone who's hungry? is there someone who's hungry? is there someone hungry enough...for me? (2009 db michel)
  18. Happy Birthday Paul!...May 13th is a great day to have a birthday.
  19. Thank you everyone!...I really appreciate hearing from you!
  20. Sorry, I'm late...Hope your birthday was great!
  21. Good Luck, Shelly!...Don't be nervous...you know the stuff...just relax and kick butt!
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