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  1. Happy Birthday, Chris! May your day be filled with joy and fun and lots of love!
  2. I found a track from the new Peaches and Herb album on YouTube... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGxeHS3a5FU I like it...
  3. While it's the shortest day of the year for you...It will be the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere... Right now...i'm stuck at the radio station waiting for the chief engineer to arrive...We just had a nasty thunderstorm...and now our FM transmitter is intermittently without power...Randomly going on and off the air...ARRRRGGGGHHHH!
  4. Well done, Ira!...you are cool and fearless!
  5. For years Internet Explorer ruled the Internet...But now there are a variety of other browsers you can use to surf the World Wide Web...I use Firefox 3...What do you use?
  6. Have you ever heard of Lake Michigan?...hehehehehe
  7. Thanks missm...I'm working on it.
  8. "When I Left Indiana" i was just a kid but i didn't know it i was just another fool out on the make i thought i knew it all then i took my graceless fall left me pickin' up the pieces headed for the gates it's been a long time since i left indiana been a long time gone ain't never goin' back nearly lost my mind then i left indiana hard to think about it now it seems so far away lived out on the ocean of a thousand whiskey bottles the coast of indiana where the bottles break i thought i had it covered later i discovered a million heartaches later i was just a waste it's been a long time since i left indiana been a long time gone ain't never goin' back nearly lost my mind then i left indiana hard to think about it now it seems so far away could it be so many years that live on unforgotten could it be i'm crazy for thinking of them now it's been a long time since i left indiana been a long time gone ain't never goin' back nearly lost my mind then i left indiana hard to think about it now it seems so far away (2009 db michel) I spent 6 years working on the radio in Indiana...I was thinking about that tonight and thought i'd share my observations with the fine folk here at EC.com.
  9. Bessieboo...Get well soon!...Strep is a nasty thing to get...so i hope you're feeling better in a jiffy.
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pat!...I hope your day is great and full of love.
  11. I always wanted to be mentioned in Vox Jox...But alas...I never made the big time.
  12. Thanks Jay...This is GREAT!...It's a cool way to go back in time.
  13. Actually...I think that the message of safe sex has been taken to heart by many in the USA...Or else we would have millions among all sexual preferences infected with the HIV virus like has happened in certain parts of Africa...Political correctness has been taken to ridiculous extremes...But i don't think political correctness keeps someone from wearing a condom...That's more a denial of the danger...Something that is rampant among straight and gay people everywhere.
  14. This thread is a pleasant surprise...I'm glad i clicked on it...Congratulations on a great family victory!
  15. So far Betsy and Brooks have been totally sweet...They have been known to be very competitive for human attention...But today i've had no squabbles to referee...
  16. I'm housesitting and dogsitting...My entire family is out of town except for me...So i'm ensconced at mom and dad's babysitting their dog Betsy...and my brother's dog Brooks...Just got back from taking the dogs out for a walk...Now enjoying Cards versus Indians on The Game of the Week on an HDTV that is 3 times the size of my lil analog set... ATM it's Cardinals 2 Indians 1 What's going on with you?
  17. Lisa...I hope you have a happy happy birthday!
  18. Happy Birthday Wendy World! i hope that you're a happy girl i wish for you the best of days may lots of good stuff come your way!
  19. Here is the chorus... you could... make me lose control at sunrise i wanna be with you all day i don't want to say goodbye until we both go all the way i wanna hear it from your lips that you'll never have a change of heart it hurts too much, all by myself 'cause this is almost paradise It's too late and i'm too tired to do any verses.
  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mitch!...Party all day!
  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY G-Man!...Do the day well!
  22. I've seen it many times...First at the theater in my hometown during it's original run...Then many times on TV...Several clips of the film can be seen on YouTube... It features some excellent Paul Williams songs...plus his truly evil acting performance as "Swan"...I particularly like the song "Old Souls" sung by Jessica Harper in the movie...But if you listen to it you might be able to imagine Karen Carpenter singing it.
  23. I stand corrected!...I looked for The Homecoming: A Christmas Story on YouTube...and it does not use the Hagood Hardy song as it's theme...I got the my info from DJ information that came with the nostalgia music format we used to use on our AM station...So i've been wrong about that song for years...I must have melded my memory of the movie into the "facts" i was given about the song...Which turned out to be totally wrong. Now i wanna know...Are you the real Trindy?...Or are you some new person named Trindy Dammit?
  24. Happy Birthday Kiwi! I hope you have the bestest day!
  25. Yeah!...I remember...There was a gap between songs like an album...I can't remember what the songs were...But i had at least one such 45. btw...DJ copies of 45's came with one side in stereo...one side in mono back when stereo was first introduced on 45...and they were released to radio like that for many years.
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