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    The Alien

    "The Alien" (Verse 1) he comes to save us he comes to win he's out there waiting to do it all again there is something he means to change something better but it's all the same (chorus) and you can call him the alien 'cause of what he's done you can call him the wind you can call him whatever you want he'll come calling again (verse 2) he lives the nightlife he sleeps by day he's looking for light in everything he's a dreamer can't find his dream you can see him in everything he's been (chorus) and you can call him the alien 'cause of what he's done you can call him the wind you can call him whatever you want he'll come calling again (bridge) from the billion points of light scattered in the darkened sky he is far from home he is missing them tonight (chorus) and you can call him the alien 'cause of what he's done you can call him the wind you can call him whatever you want he'll come calling again (2009 db michel)
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    I caught that part...totally in character that "Smile" would be his favorite song...I've always been rather fond of that song too...It wasn't until about 15 years ago that it was Charlie Chaplin's song.
  3. Betsy as a baby...Her first Christmas 2006.
  4. That's what it's all about!...Thanks for posting!
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!...toast and jam...to a poster known 'round here as MAM!
  6. Happy Birthday to sweet, sweet, Beth...I hope your birthday is the BEST!
  7. Congratulations!...Enjoy your time in the spotlight.
  8. I'm kinda sad...I never had a real Walkman...I was much too poor in those days...I bought a cheap knockoff at K-Mart. But Happy Birthday to the Birthday present i wanted but never got!
  9. Finally...they have a plan... http://www.showbiz411.com/michael-jackson-funeral-date-set-at-staples-center
  10. I haven't had my TV hooked up for over a year and a half...So amazingly...I had to go to YouTube to see who he was...And after seeing his videos there i do remember him...It's a testament to the effectiveness of his work that his death has received so much attention...His informercials have been that much a part of the television experience. Maybe now there's room on TV for me as a manic pitch man.
  11. He started so young...then his career got bigger than anybody else's...with the possible exception of Elvis...and we know what happened to him...We can't see what goes on in that bubble of superstardom...where the only people around are the people who will tell you that you never do wrong...We would surely be shocked by the surreality of it all. He made some awesome music...and i'll miss him...I was just hoping that somehow he could find a way out of the strange golden prison that he was living in...I guess he got out the only way that he could... RIP Michael Jackson
  12. Ira...You have a natural way about you...I think you would be a great talk show guest...The unspoken joke would be...You've never been in a movie or a TV series...But it's never mentioned...You just appear on the show and start talking...leaving the audience to try to figure out where they know you from.
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!...I wish you the best of times!
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANNY!...I hope your day is magic!
  15. Me in the summer of '80...Not happy to have to hold still for this picture.
  16. Happy Birthday Ira!...You are one of brightest lights of this board...You deserve only the best!
  17. Happy Birthday Anna!...I hope your day is great!
  18. That's what it's all about...The Illinois legislature must decide what it's priorities are...And then live with the results of their decision...Cutting programs is all well and good...as long as it's in someone else's neighborhood...That is the challenge the Illinois legislature faces...They want to find a resolution that won't get them kicked out of office...Either by voters angry about a tax increase...or by voters who were negatively affected by the draconian cuts in spending...Either choice could burn them politically.
  19. Illinois has major budget problems...During the Blagojevich administration many great programs were initiated...Unfortunately they were funded by smoke and mirrors...Using creative but inadequate sources of "new revenue" like "sweeping" the accounts of state agencies with a surplus of funds to fund new programs...Selling the state lottery (which has still not happened)...and raising fees...No matter how much a program costs...Blago insisted there would be no tax increases on his watch...That was one promise that he kept...But the shaky finances of the state could not really support all the programs he created with the real revenue that was coming in...When the US economy crashed...so did Blago's house of cards...He followed the "Spend and don't tax" mantra right into ruin...for himself...and for the state of Illinois...Now many people have come to depend upon the programs he created and then pushed through the legislature...without enough real world funding to last in the long run... Governor Quinn is trying to force the legislature to get serious about creating a real state budget...One that can be enacted...and paid for...So he brings these threats of draconian cuts...But the fact remains...Either revenues increases...or there will have to be MAJOR cuts in state spending...It comes down to what the legislature thinks is more important...Saving these programs...or being able to say that once again they did not raise taxes...Something has to got to give or nothing will get done at all. In my hometown there is a program called Fayco Enterprises which was developed to provide the experience, training, and opportunity for people with a disability to take their own productive place in their community...Without funding from the state this private...not for profit corporation will have to shut down almost all of it's services...I've seen what they do...I've seen how they help people learn to live independently and be self-sufficient...when in the past such people would spend their lives shut in at home...or locked away in some care giving institution because they have no one who can care for them. So i hope that the State of Illinois comes up with a "real world" solution to the budget crisis...But i am afraid that those in power lack the courage to go beyond the empty promises that we have been offered for the past few years...
  20. Frank Chacksfield is an "easy listening" music legend...I played a lot of his stuff...or i should say the automation system did...when worked at an easy listening station...Adult Mature Radio...Stereo 97...WLBH...Mattoon.
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