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  1. both Righteous Brothers Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley...Roberta Flack...Mickey Thomas (Elvin Bishop, Jefferson Starship)
  2. Jay Black of Jay and the Americans...check out his vocal performance on "Cara Mia"
  3. you got that right...we'll be paying for that white sox world series win for the next 3 years!
  4. when i first heard "SKY HIGH" by JIGSAW...i thought it was ERIC CARMEN...but i was just 15 at the time and didn't know any better...but still...i can't help but imagine a Raspberries take on it.
  5. where all those White Sox fans during the regular season?...the Cubs led the Sox in attendance by a rather large margin.
  6. Albert Pujols 3 run home with 2 outs in the ninth was one of the best partykillers i've ever seen...the Houston Astros and their fans had already moved on to the world series...only to have the rug pulled out from under them in a most dramatic way...stunning!...and yes...sitting 6o miles away from St. Louis was me...with a great big smile.
  7. the CARDINALS have made it in to the second round of the playoffs...this time of year...as always, i send my sympathies to all my friends who are CUB fans...and their are a few of 'em in my town...it's gotta be tough to see the WHITE SOX doing so well.
  8. i think DWSG is a great song...with so many dramatic musical possibilities...i bet it sounds better now live, than the original studio version did...i hope the RASPBERRIES make a stop in the ST. LOUIS area sometime...i really envy you who have a chance to see them live.
  9. As a Cardinals fan i will shed no tears at the fate of the long lost Cubbies...
  10. if they really want to remake something very few have heard...something that might make some noise on the charts...maybe they could do a RASPBERRIES take on the "lost" ERIC CARMEN song..."never say die".
  11. this Eric Carmen lyric grabbed me from this very first line: no use pretending things can still be right there's really nothing more to say i'll get along without your kiss goodnight just close the door and walk away
  12. in the news story i read, new year's eve was the only public appearance mentioned...Dick is still rehabbing his "speech" skills...i would not be surprised if he cancels out at the last moment if he is not pleased with the way he looks or sounds.
  13. in the news story i read, new year's eve was the only public appearance mentioned...Dick is still rehabbing his "speech" skills...i would not be surprised if he cancels out at the last moment if he is not pleased with the way he looks or sounds.
  14. it would be so cool if eric would've gotten the chance to sing: "where, where, are you tonight...why did you leave me...here all alone...i searched the world over...and i thought i found true love...but you met another...and ppsssbbb!...you were gone.
  15. that is so cool to hear!...thanks for sharing that bernie.
  16. i can almost hear the roar of the crowd as the the first few notes of "STARTING OVER" leave the stage...it really is a song that needs to be played again...they could release that song again to an unsuspecting public...and it would be much bigger this time around...one of the most underappreciated pop gems of all time...i think it's time to let it shine again.
  17. Raspberry beer would just have to be good for you...after all...i've heard Raspberries are good for your brain and your heart...so drink up!
  18. but i would if could...i want all my presents now!
  19. that was a classic tease...and yes...it worked.
  20. Happy Birthday Eric...and thanks for the music...with your music...you gave voice to many of the thoughts and concerns i had in life in my teenage years...your music went far beyond the current music of the mid to late 70's...and made me expect more from a pop song...now...far from the teenage angst that first led me to love "all by myself" and "never gonna fall in love again"...i can still enjoy those songs...because they speak to people of all ages...they were produced in such a manner that now...many years later...they still sound fresh...and current...you built those songs to last...and they have...i can't wait to see what is coming next from you...i know it's gonna end up being bigger than you think...go for it!
  21. the homepage looks great bernie...i think it's gonna get alot of hits from the re-energized RASPBERRIES fans who are excited about the tour.
  22. thanks Bernie...for building this place...i enjoy this website immensely...i wish i could get away to see the RASPBERRIES live...but for now the stories and pictures from those who have been to a RASPBERRIES concert will have to do.
  23. hey pat...thanks for posting the playlist and the interview transcript...i really enjoyed reading the interview...and seeing the playlist...looks like you have a great show...rock on!
  24. yeah...count me with those who want to read the transcript of your interview...that's one of those career type memories...the very best kind of surprise.
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