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  1. I wonder what avatar picture Eric will use on the board?...
  2. First Class-"Beach Baby" Beach Boys-"The Warmth Of The Sun" and yes...The Raspberries-"Let's Pretend" (with the most beautiful pop chorus ever!)
  3. "Don't Talk" by Larry Lee (of ozark mountain daredevils)
  4. All with first names that begin with the letter "D"...and they died in the alphabetical order of their last names.
  5. i've always heard that the stars die in groups of three...the three we lost the last few days certainly makes you think about that...Don Knotts, Darren McGavin and Dennis Weaver were among my favorites...when did they grow old?...it seems just the other day they were the toast of the town...now they can only be found in memories...and reruns...rest in peace.
  6. i'm too young to remember what part of the year that GO ALL THE WAY charted (i was 11 or 12 at the time)...but if it straddled the end of one year and the beginning of the next...that could lower it's relative chart position...there are some other mega hits on that chart that seemed to be lower than they should be...so it could be that effect.
  7. the next generation in music is usually "punk" to the old timers...having said that...THE SEX PISTOLS punk act looks a little silly coming from now middle aged men...it was the attitude of youth that brought forth punk...that same punk act coming from THE SEX PISTOLS today is not so much revolutionary...but reactionary...i'm talking about their reaction to their HALL OF FAME honors...their music will always be what it is...a breath of fresh air that is still shaking up the rock world.
  8. i write songs and perform them occasionally with a local songwriters group...lyrics are easier for me than melody...but i can do both...i always include a brief sample as my signature...i have blog full of lyrics...they never get a bit of attention in the obscure corner of the internet i blog in...but it entertains me to see them there...just click my profile if you want to find my lyric blog.
  9. I had the DESOLATION BOULEVARD 8 track when i was a teenager...it got alot of play while i was cruising around town... i still admire FOX ON THE RUN as a pop masterpiece...brilliant record!
  10. I must have been eleven when i first heard the Raspberries "Go all the way" on the radio...but the first Raspberries song that really touched me was "Let's pretend"...I was with my church youth group waiting outside of a burger joint...we had stopped there for burgers after going bowling...that's when i first heard one of the most beautiful songs ever written...to me it was a song that explained to me what the older kids were doing...telling me what they themselves couldn't say or maybe even understand...the soaring chorus of "Let's pretend" is one of the all time high points of pop music...i was just 12 years old at the time...but i never forgot that moment...and the feeling i felt when i first heard that song.
  11. For those of us too far away...or who couldn't afford to travel to see the band live...A RASPBERRIES live album is just the ticket...I hope this is all true and that i can have the CD playing in my CD player soon.
  12. i can tell you what song will be a hit without any help from my friends...(that doesn't mean that i like it) but like most on this board, i listen harder, more deeply, to the music that i hear...i just can't like a song because my friends like it...just doesn't work that way.
  13. The performance was good...but the audio mix for TV was bad...Mick's vocal sounded like it was coming out of a karaoke machine.
  14. The audio mix for TV was pretty rough...Mick's vocal was way too upfront...like some karoake is...But it was amazing to see him dancing around just like he did 40 years ago on SATISFACTION.
  15. that song is fine poetry...the kind i really like...i'm going to have to check out Kyle Vincent.
  16. Somewhere in my cluttered pile of a house...i have a Madacy CD of BJ Thomas...singing some of his greatest hits...and yes...it is interesting to hear an artists recorded take on a song they've had time to sing thousands of times since the original recording...although they try to be true to the original...there is a difference in the voice...and every take is different...often times the artist hasn't even memorized the words when they record the hit version of a song...so interpretation of that song years down the line can be much more interesting.
  17. the Madacy label specializes in re-recorded versions of songs that were hits years earlier...listen to it to determine if that's the case with this album...sometimes in between re-makes are songs that are the original hit recordings...it would be interesting to hear if the GATW and ALL BY MYSELF on that CD are the original cuts....i've never heard that ERIC CARMEN ever re-recorded his hits...but the RASPBERRIES that remained after he left might have.
  18. the thing about Dickey Lee...all through his career...he kept coming back to the same theme...death...even in the twilight of his hitmaking career he was still mining that vein successfully...two of his hits from the mid 70's continued his string of love songs and death...ROCKY and ANGELS, ROSES AND RAIN...after playing them, i later found PATCHES...recorded years earlier...with the same tragic theme.
  19. Dickey Lee!...one of my favorite country singers!..."9,999,999 tears" was a great song!...so was "angels, roses and rain"...played 'em when i was a teenage disc jockey.
  20. The Eagles-"Desperado" Raspberries-"Starting Over" Christopher Cross-"Think of Laura" Kansas-"People of the south wind" The Hollies-"He ain't heavy, he's my brother" The Eagles-"The sad cafe" Gin Blossoms-"'Til i hear it from you" Toad the wet sprocket-"All i want" Eric Carmen-"Never gonna fall in love again" First Class-"Beach baby" The Beach Boys-"The warmth of the sun" Journey-"Still they ride" that's the short list...i could go on and on.
  21. those who feel insecure with the voice they have are often driven to do the most with it...as Eric obviously has...whatever he started with, developed into one of the best pop voices ever.
  22. it's a sad valentine...but one that holds out a last hope for love at the end...my fave would have to be "boats against the current"...love isn't always easy...sometimes it gets lost on the way...but sometimes it can be found again...that's why love on the brink is such a powerful lyrical theme.
  23. this is the first day of the next chapter of your life...better to spend this time contemplating the future...you can't ignore the past and it's lessons...but the future is where you'll living...tomorrow...then next week...then next year...everything you have been through up 'til now has brought you to this place...i hope from here a better path will reveal itself...
  24. Like many teenagers in the mid 70's the first LOU RAWLS song i remember was "you'll never find another love like mine"...later i worked at an oldies station...then i got the joy of hearing his powerful voice sing "willow weep for me"...there was a singer!
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