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  1. I know Eric could nail it...I know he could add something to it...His classical influences would only help him make a cover of this song that is worthwhile and relevant...So many covers are just covers...Just different...but not really in a significant way artistically...I think it's high time that Eric Carmen take his classical influences all the way...and finally make the record he's been wanting to make all along...His way.
  2. Happy Birthday, Steve!...Party the whole weekend!
  3. Prayers and thoughts sent your way, Shelly...I hope your mom gets better soon.
  4. It's hard to know that these voices of summer are mortal...It was an essential part of my youth hearing the voice of Jack Buck call Cardinals games over KMOX...I wanted him to last forever.
  5. Even in gospel music The Faith Tones knew that you gotta have a lotta hair.
  6. That's why those songs were so great...Short verses...Long majestic and hook filled choruses...Eric Carmen got right to the best stuff without waiting around...and he got his point across lyrically...When you're trying to write a pop hit...I think Eric's way is the best way...Kill 'em with the chorus...If you can get people to sing along...then you've likely got a hit...Not only that...You've got a hit song that will last and be remembered many years later because it was top heavy with the best stuff.
  7. Back in the day it was easier to know everything...We had 45's and albums to play...Now it's all coming out of a hard drive and all the DJ sees is the title and the artist... I learned who was who in songwriting...and who the best producers were by reading the labels on the 45's...It was all right there to be taken in and filed in my memory...These days you can Google the same information...but it's not as spontaneous as just reading stuff right off the 45 or the album cover... Don't get me wrong...Records were a mess to play on the air...with scratches and cue burn...But i learned a lot more than i would have because i didn't jock at a station that used all "carts" until i'd been around a few years... I started young...at 14 years old as a DJ...I've seen so many changes that make things easier and cleaner sounding...Still 34 years after i started i can't say that things are always better now than they were then...I sometimes get nostalgic for those scratchy old 45's with the teeny weenie writing on them.
  8. Keith...I hope everything about your birthday is awesome and fun!
  9. Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY JuliaD!...Make it count...Party all weekend!
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ted! I hope it's full of love and fun!
  11. Happy Birthday, Tony! May the good times last all year!
  12. Happy Birthday, Clayton! I hope your birthday is a great one!
  13. Happy Birthday to Darlene! the sweetest pretty girl that i have never seen!
  14. The stars are gone!...Thanks Bernie!...Now we can go back to regular programming.
  15. Wendy...You are one of the most entertaining writers that i ever get to read on the Internet...or anywhere else for that matter...I admire the way you put things together...the way you bring people together with your wit and wisdom...You're good!...and never less than SuperHot!
  16. A prayer has been sent...I hope for healing and health for your niece.
  17. Both...I play classic rock 6-8am on the FM station morning show...and do a talk show on the AM station 8-9am...Plus write and produce commercials and such. btw...My phone is one of those super cheap TracPhones...It was $28...you pay for your minutes as you go...Non self-portrait pics turn out fairly well for such a cheap phone.
  18. Eric...Sorry i missed it by a mile...But belatedly i send you wishes for a happy and fulfilling year. Dan
  19. Elle...I hope your birthday was grand!
  20. Laura...I hope you had a great birthday!
  21. Me at work...at the radio station August, 2009 I have found it is not easy to take a pic of yourself with a phone.
  22. We are all different...We all think differently and do not all share the same philosophies on religion or politics...There comes a time to remember what this site is all about and the one thing we agree on that got us here...The music of Eric Carmen...At some point you have to take some of the more controversial stuff elsewhere and preach to your own choir...Because we all certainly do not agree on religion or politics...and we are not going to solve those problems or make a difference with them here...We can however alienate and hurt those who's faces we get into when we disagree...
  23. I remember the surprise in realizing when i was a kid that Casey Kasem of AT40 fame was also Shaggy from Scooby Doo...I loved both shows... I used to play the AT40 programs on the air on Saturdays when i was a teenage DJ...Back then the programs came on record albums...and you had to be careful not to play the sides out of sequence...or you would screw up Casey's countdown.
  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pretender!...We know you're the real thing!
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